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Healing One's Self and Reptilian DNA
Dear One

Double Coiled DNA is very different from Triple coiled reptilian
DNA. Its strands are made of a 'metal' that wasn't used in
creational activity for thousands of years, and thus became a less
active type of element. It's called Carbon.

The metal called Copper is used on the triple coil of Reptilians,
and it was experimented and mixed up with the blood of primates
until a more advanced than primate, yet more limited than reptile,
Being was created.

In order to enhance the availability of this new race to ascend
beyond the realm of 3D, there was external help from other different
races that are superior to the reptiles in terms of technology. They
en-lighten-ed the DNA with the ability to grow beyond its boundries
stablished by the reptilians.

Yet, the resulting race was again taken and crippled by the reptiles
in order to make it easier to handle and more useable as a slave

The process of reactivating DNA has been taking place over the last
few thousands of years on Earth, yet it is not enough that men stand
there. There is need of the man to open himself up consciously to
the process of achieving unlimited state of consciousness.

He needs to apply his Will into bringing about the Divine Primer
molecule that incorporates the missing strands into his DNA chain.
The link is far more than a will to grow. It is the surrendering of
Will that ceases all resistance to the incorporation of these
strands. The strands come from the individual's Soul and develop in
reality the regeneration of the damage caused by the removal of the

There is no damage that cannot be repaired when there is the will to
heal. The manner in which a man carries his intent is what
determines his next encounters in life.

The same applies to the evolution of a race, or to its self