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hitler and the new world order
An excerpt from Chapter 32/Volume 4 Where Were You Before The Tree of
– Adolph Hitler and The Nazi Branch

. . . The dramatic change that occurs in Hitler\'s life from his
early days to the `madman\' who leads the Third Reich to power is
obvious when one takes a look at a good biographical documentary of
his life. The `walk-in\' occurred in 1931, and from that point onward
we see a much more self-confident and charismatic Hitler steering the
Nazi Party to power. Hitler was then appointed supreme chancellor of
Germany in 1932. . . . This change in Hitler is not unusual given
that magicians, whether white or black, believe in a sacred rite
which involves the changing of their identities. This is what the
10th Degree of the Order Templi Orientis is all about. One
relinquishes a former identity and assumes a new one. The Nazi
leadership all had a deep resonance with the occult. All of them
claiming to embrace the ideals and power of ancient Babylon, and this
meant building a Utopia on Earth in the name of the German people
that would be a direct bridge to the Creator.

We have already touched on the history of the Aryans and their home
planet in our first volume, however it is important to understand
their `attitudes\' and how these affected events here on the planet
since their arrival.

Peter Moon, who has researched the Nazi connection with relation to
Montauk and the experiments in time travel which took place there,
claims that when Rudolph Hess left Hitler\'s Germany in 1941 for
Scotland, it was in order to participate in a magical ritual
involving time travel [More in truth it was to meet the group of
British and American funders of the Hitler regime --members of The
Order and of The Group. . see info on Skull and Bones]. The control
group involved \"were waiting for an Aryan planet, known as Marduk, to
come into resonant orbit with that of Mars. This would enable a shift
in time to take place.\" Moon\'s source boasted of the event as if it
had been successful. The date chosen for this event did happen to
occur at a time when six planets were aligned with the full moon, and
it is during such alignments that great interdimensional portals open—
pathways to other dimensions and other areas of the galaxy and beyond.
If this were true, it would help substantiate the fact that the
Nazi\'s knew about the interplanetary origins of their Aryan race, and
suggest that they were also aware of the system of utilizing portals
for travel both through space and the Universe, and even beyond time

Moon\'s sources embraced the same occult philosophy as those who
surrounded Hitler. Their belief was that, as Aryans, their genetic
lines predated ancient Sumeria, and thus the Annunaki.

Identified with the Sumerian Brotherhood of the Snake or the Vril,
these people were once said to be an \"enlightened and positive\"
people. Due to greed, however, they became corrupt and convoluted in
their ideology. Through the years they infiltrated the Knights
Templar, the Illuminati, the top degree Masons, and every other
organization they could penetrate. One of Moon\'s sources refers to
these misguided souls as \"the Controllers\" and states that this
elitist group has changed the very nature of time.

According to Moon\'s source, these Controllers believed that by
harnessing the energy of the goddess Inanna (again the Birth mother
or goddess --incarnated now in the form of Hillary Clinton . . . see
Vol 6), they could gain power. Consequently, many females were
incarnated to be this goddess, all under the direction of the
Controllers. While this might perhaps seem a little far-fetched, this
idea of a controlling group overseeing the entire plot to form a New
World Order fits in with everything known about the secret societies
and religious groups participating in this overall scenario. The fact
that Lucifer wants to control the power of the Mother for his
Creative process is also an essential understanding for what is going
on in the Universe at the present time. The Control group\'s
understanding of the mother principle may very well have been
centered on Inanna.

Moon\'s information is that this Brotherhood of the Snake operated
through groups we have already spoken of such as both the Assassins
and the Essenes. One of their primary missions being to keep the
lineage of the Aryan bloodline pure, keeping the genetic line
unpolluted so as to establish and maintain the New World Order—the
desired population of course being Aryans. This would make sense of
the serpent portrayed winding itself around the Cosmic Egg in so many
paintings, or even the serpent coiling itself through the Kabbalistic
Tree of Life in others. Ultimately, it always, however, returns to
Lucifer in the end.

In his book The Gods of Eden, William Bramley links the unseen German
influence in the House of Orange to the secret brotherhood he calls
the Brotherhood of the Snake, although he links its origins to the
ancient gods of Sumeria, the Annunaki.

According to famed psychic Madame Blavatsky\'s vision of the world,
the blue race (or race of blue bloods which the Aryans claimed to be)
would fit into the tail end of the Third Root Race. This is the white
race often called the Aryan race who history cites as having come out
of the northland and spread throughout the whole of Asia, India,
Europe, and even some of Africa. The god Krishna was depicted with
blue skin which Moon suggests is an attempt by these Aryan
descendants to identify him with their lineage. There have also been
various examples of the descendants of this ancient race painting
themselves blue so as to emulate their ancestors or associated
deities. Witness the blue war-paint of the Celtic tribes of Scotland
in the movie Braveheart. The French oath \"sacre bleu\" means \"sacred

Evidence of this relationship to an alien Aryan ancestry is even
visible in the blood. Rh negative means there is no rhesus monkey
factor in the genes, and there is strong reason to believe that this
blood type did not originate on this planet. Rh negative blood is
identified with the prototype for the original human. This is
sometimes called the Adom Kadmon or the original human intelligence.
Rh negative babies lack the normal amount of iron in their blood
compared to normal `Earth\' babies, iron being the central crystal
core of the planet Earth. Instead they have higher amount of copper.
When copper oxidizes it turns blue. When iron oxidizes in the blood,
it turns red. Notice how many times in our history we have spoken
of `men made of copper\' by some form of nigromancy or by artificial

Scientific evidence says that copper-based blood can turn blue in the
presence of oxygen since there is also a substance in the blood of
some life forms called hemocyanin, a blue, oxygen-carrying pigment
which contains copper. This is primarily found in crustaceans,
mollusks and insects. A more precise scientific definition indicates
that hemocyanin is actually a colorless copper solution containing
pigment that is converted by oxygen into blue oxyhemocyanin.
It is Moon who suggests that Rh negative babies born on Earth find
themselves in an oxygen rich world that is not indigenous to their
personal biochemistry, and often have problems because of this fact.
The belief by the Nazi Aryans that they were the original race on the
planet is an understandable error when one takes a look at their
history here, on Maldek, and on their home planet as well. It also
helps to explain why they might have felt such a need to keep their
bloodline pure, why they termed themselves the Master Race, and also
why they often called the Jewish people \"monkeys.\" The Aryans were
not a part of the original experiment by the Twenty-Four, and thus
did not interbreed as such with the `earth-spawned\' Ab-originals.
They were another `fly in the ointment\' of the overall experiment.
Just as their has been a movement by various races to redefine their
cultural roots in the past forty years, so too has there always been
an inherent desire for the various planetary races to maintain their
planetary identity as well. This is where the grand experiment of
planet Earth was flawed from the beginning and destined eventually to
break down. This desire to maintain the planetary integrity of the
Aryan race is not that different from the Jewish desire to also
maintain the purity of their own Hoovid race as the `chosen people\'.
This does not in any way excuse what happened during World War II or
the attempted extermination of the Jewish people by Hitler. The
overall picture must be kept in mind, however, when dealing with this
area of history. Any time we do not see our first affiliation as
being that of Soul, we are doomed to set ourselves apart from the
FATHER and from others as well.

Karl Haushofer, a mentor of Hitler through his doctrine known as
Lebensraum, or living space, taught that the Aryan people had a need
for space, and this justified their right to acquire as much
territory as they needed. Much of his work, however, as is often done
with theoretical concepts, was taken out of context. Haushofer\'s
theories were primarily concerned with acquiring key areas necessary
for survival and propagation of the species. The language he offered
for public consumption was really a veiled way of discussing how to
control the key points of the earth\'s grid system. This is not any
different from what we have seen the Templars and others attempt do
in building their cathedrals on sacred earth energy sites to control
the morphogenetic grid of the planet, and by this method, the
consciousness of the people on it. Haushofer was a `mysteries\' writer
representing various mystery schools, and his writing was layered as
are all mystery writings, to appeal to different levels of
understanding. According to Moon, he was also a member of the Yellow
Hats, known as the Dugphas in Tibet.

Secret Societies at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Secret societies and mystical orders were a ubiquitous element of
elite society in Europe at the turn of the twentieth century. Germany
was no different. In fact it had a central role to play in many of
the groups of that time. This is a role which it still maintains on
an even greater basis today. These secret societies and mystical
groups played a formative role in producing Hitler\'s regime. Louis
Pauwels and Jacques Bergier best selling book, The Morning of the
Magicians, deals in detail with the Nazis and their involvement with
the occult.

According to these them, the \"scientific\" theories and \"religious\"
conceptions on which Nazism was originally based, and in which Hitler
and the members of his group believed—were theories which to a large
extent have dominated social and political trends throughout recent
history. In particular, the theory they cite as most common is that
Man as a whole is not finished, rather he is on the brink of a
formidable mutation which will confer on him the powers which the
ancients attributed to their gods (entry into the 5th dimension). A
few of these specimens of the New Man already exist in the world
today, they say, beings who have perhaps come here from beyond the
frontiers of space and time.

Shortly before the Nazis came to power, there was a small but secret
spiritual community that was founded, literally, on Bulwer-Lytton\'s
novel The Coming Race, which expounded upon this very theory. The
book describes a race of men physically far in advance of ours who
have acquired powers over themselves and over things that make them
almost godlike. For the moment they are in hiding, living in caves in
the center of the Earth, but soon they will emerge to reign over us

The disciples of this community, again, believed that they had secret
knowledge that would enable them to change their race and become the
equals of men hidden in the bowels of the Earth. These included
methods of concentration, and a whole system of internal gymnastics
by which they would be transformed. They began their exercises by
staring fixedly at an apple cut in half, nowadays a common form of
beginning meditation or concentration in which the goal is to `get
out of the body\' and astral travel. This Berlin group called itself
The Luminous Lodge, or The Vril Society. The vril is the enormous
life energy of which we only use a minute proportion in our daily
life. It is the nerve-center of our potential divinity. It is said
that whoever becomes master of the vril will be master of himself, of
others around him, and of the world.

In its origin, Vril is a Tibetan word with an accompanying glyph. In
simple terms it means chi, kundalini, or life force, but it can also
be identified with vibration. It is a unified field from which all
creation emanates. The Vril obviously suggests a state of creation
that exists prior to matter (from which matter is created, also
called `orgone energy\'). Practitioners of the Vril are able to
influence an individual so that he absorbs knowledge through the
subconscious (like any true master should be able to do anyway).
In Bulwer-Lytton\'s The Coming Race, the people, the Vril-ya, speak a
non-polluted language based on monosyllables which emanate from tonal
vibrations (very much as discussed in an earlier chapter in relation
to the original Universal language). The narrator offers chimes as a
splendid example along these exact same lines.

The language of Vril is said to be an even more basic language than
Enochian, the language of the angels. Before humans evolved the
organs of speech, they activated their intention through a vestigial
organ in the body located midway between the heart and throat known
as the thymus. This organ is akin to animal mesmerism and is a direct
tie to the etheric properties of the spirit. Our ancestors once
activated their will through this organ by the principles of
vibration, through chanting and sacred songs. The isolated
communication system which now developed into language was actually a
de-evolvement from a state of unified consciousness. If one gently
massages the `Vril spot\' and focuses upon one\'s true will, it will
activate that higher aspect of one\'s self and aid in manifesting
one\'s true and highest spiritual goals.

When we consider Vril as a speaking mechanism, it is truly the
ancient language of creation. Vril is composed of 72 tonal signatures
deriving from a single monochord. This number also equates to the 72
Keys of Enoch or the 72 Keys of Solomon. Through the principle of the
Vril, the Nazis were trying to harness the very power of Creation,
just like Lucifer, their true master, also does.

To the original disciples of the Luminous Lodge or Vril Society, self-
mastery of this energy should be the only object of our desires, and
all our efforts should be directed to that end. All the rest that
belongs to official psychology, morality, and religions, in their
eyes, was worthless. Their idea was that the world will change and
these Lords will emerge from the center of the Earth. Unless we have
made an alliance with them and become Lords ourselves, we shall find
ourselves among the slaves, on the dung-heap that will nourish the
roots of the new cities that will arise.

The Luminous Lodge had associations with both the Theosophical and
Rosicrucian groups of the time. According to Jack Fishman, author of
a book The Seven Men of Spandau, Karl Haushofer was also member of
this lodge.

If Bulwer-Lytton were not a Mason or a Rosicrucian, it would be a
surprise. It is certainly true that he considered himself an Initiate
of some kind, and his books are sold through various Masonic sources.
Through his romantic works of fiction he expressed the conviction
which has become a central theme of all the secret societies that
there are a race of elite beings endowed with superhuman powers, and
these beings will supplant us to bring about a formidable mutation in
the elect of the human race. This notion of the \"Unknown Supermen,\"
according to Pauwels and Bergier, is something we should all beware
of since it is found in all the \"black\" mystical writings from both
the East and the West.

\"Whether they live under the Earth or came from other planets,
whether in the form of giants like those which are said to lie
encased in cloth of gold in the crypts of Tibetan monasteries, or of
hapless and terrifying beings such as Lovecraft describes, do
these \"Unknown Supermen,\" evoked in pagan and Satanic rites, actually
exist? When Machen speaks of the World of Evil, \"full of caverns and
crepuscular beings dwelling therein,\" he is referring, as an adept of
the Golden Dawn, to that other world in which man comes into contact
with the \"Unknown Supermen.\" It seems certain that Hitler shared this
belief, and even claimed to have been in touch with these very
same \"supermen.\"\"

Hitler, . . . obviously believed in these supermen. It is not widely
known that he, himself, was more than just an initiate—he was a
master in his knowledge of the occult and in his mystical connections
to the Dark forces which he commanded. As a walk-in rather than
having been born into a human body . . . [he] did not need to learn
so much as he grew, but came in with an incredible amount of his
knowledge still intact. His decision to lose the war was planned to
allow for people to feel there was still some chance for good to
overcome evil, as we might put it, to further be enslaved by the
changes in society that would come, and to be completely dominated by
the time \"the Second Coming\" would occur. As we have seen in the
importance of the secret societies following the grand timetable, it
was not yet time for Lucifer to make his move. . . . Hitler did not
die in the bunker in German as has been written, and this is common
knowledge among the leadership of many of the allied countries who
fought him. He did in fact escape to South America, where he lived on
for a short time . . .

Hitler\'s mythical death in the bunker in Berlin was said to,
coincidentally, have taken place on April 30, 1945—Walpurgis nacht or
Walpurgis night. This is the night preceding May Day or May 1st. It
was an early pagan festival marking the beginning of summer.
According to ancient beliefs popular among the Germans, on this night
witches rode on broomsticks and he-goats to the witch hills, the
places of the old pagan sacrifices, and there met with their master,
the devil. The name Walpurgis Night is taken from Saint Walpurgis (or
Walburga), whose feast is celebrated in Germany on May 1 and who is
regarded as the protector against magical arts.

It is interesting to note that Pauwels and Bergier see the threads of
the secret societies pervading the whole history of mankind, but
express their unwillingness to attempt to trace these threads, as we
have attempted to do in this book:

\"We are not so foolish as to try to explain history in the light of
secret societies. What we shall see, curiously enough, is that it
all \"ties up,\" and that with the coming of Nazism it was the \"other
world\" which ruled over us for a number of years. That world has been
defeated, but it is not dead, either on the Rhine or elsewhere. And
there is nothing alarming about it: only our ignorance is alarming.\"
Samuel Mathers, founder of the Order of the Golden Dawn, an occult
secret society, spoke of this race of supermen in a manifesto in 1896
addressed to \"members of the Second Order\":

\"As to the Secret Chiefs with whom I am in touch and from whom I have
received the wisdom of the Second Order which I have communicated to
you, I can tell you nothing. I do not even know their Earthly names,
and I have very seldom seen them in their physical bodies . . . They
used to meet me physically at a time and place fixed in advance. For
my part, I believe they are human beings living on this Earth, but
possessed of terrible and superhuman powers . . . My physical
encounters with them have shown me how difficult it is for a mortal,
however `advanced,\' to support their presence . . . I do not mean
that during my rare meetings with them I experienced the same
feelings of intense physical depression that accompanies the loss of
magnetism. On the contrary, I felt I was in contact with a force so
terrible that I can only compare it to the shock one would receive
from being near a flash of lightning during a great thunder-storm,
experiencing at the same time great difficulty in breathing . . . The
nervous prostration I spoke of was accompanied by cold sweats and
bleeding from the nose, mouth and sometimes the ears.\"

Hitler was talking to Rauschning, the Governor of Danzig, one day
about the problem of a mutation of the human race. His remarks are
significant when seen as coming from Hitler, but are even more to the
point when taken as coming from Lucifer. Sounding like a stock-
breeder, Hitler comments that \"all you can do is to assist Nature and
shorten the road to be followed! It is Nature herself who must create
for you a new species. Up till now the breeder has only rarely
succeeded in developing mutations (the purpose of the Earth
experiment) in animals—that is to say, creating new characteristics.\"
\"The new man is living amongst us now! He is here!\" exclaimed
Hitler, triumphantly. \"isn\'t that enough for you? I will tell you a
secret. I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel, I was
afraid of him.\"
\"In uttering these words,\" added Rauschning, \"Hitler was trembling in
a kind of ecstasy.\"

These words reflect a very important aspect of what it is Lucifer is
trying to do with the Universe in destroying the experiment of planet
Earth. Anything Lucifer cannot control in this Universe and anyone he
cannot control, he wishes to destroy. His words about \"the breeder
only rarely succeeding in developing mutations\" is a direct comment
on the failure of the Earth experiment. It also hints at the reason
for his anger at the Jewish people, even though they are supposed to
be his Chosen People, as Yahweh, this because they refuse to always

Jan van Helsig, author of Secret Societies and their Power in the
20th Century, speaks of a group called The Black Knights, who trace
their origins back to the original Knights Templar. According to his
research, the Black Knights are the legitimate heirs of three Knights
Templar who were burned at the stake, and through them the Nazis
acquired an ancient manuscript that had actually belonged to the
Templars. Before that, it had belonged to the scribes of Israel. The
precious secret contained in this manuscript was that the Hebrew
scribes identified their God as El Shaddai, the outcast angel or

The document also refers to Jesus speaking to the Teutons serving in
the Roman legion, and telling them quite specifically that it was
their people he had chosen to be his own. The etymology of the word
Teuton or Teutonic are both derived from the base word \'teuta\'
(pronounced tay-oo-tay), precisely the same origin as the Egyptian
scribe of the Gods, Tahuti, who is known as Thoth by the Greeks, or
also as we have seen—Hermes Trimistegus. Tahuti is known in Egyptian
mythology and history as the builder of the Great Pyramid, or at
least to have been the inspiration for the building (It is now a
central portal to assist in Lucifer\'s coming return).

The occasion of another mention of this ancient manuscript gives its
existence credence. Its contents also make sense in terms of
identifying Yahweh with El Shaddai and Lucifer, as we have already
discovered. It also makes sense in terms of Jesus\' own words that he
came to pit brother against brother, for Lucifer\'s major tool as
evidenced by history (his-story) has always been to divide Man and
thus to conquer Him.

It was Governor Rauschning, too, who related the following strange
episode told to him by a person close to Hitler:
\"Hitler was standing up in his room, swaying and looking all around
him as if he were lost. \"It\'s he, it\'s he,\" he groaned; \"he\'s come
for me!\" His lips were white; he was sweating profusely. Suddenly he
uttered a string of meaningless figures, then words and scraps of
sentences. It was terrifying. He used strange expressions strung
together in bizarre disorder. Then he relapsed again into silence,
but his lips continued to move. He was then given a friction and
something to drink. Then suddenly he screamed: \"There! There! Over in
the corner! He is there!\' –all the time stamping with his feet and
shouting. . . .\"

Pauwels and Bergier suggest that there is a possible connection
between the Rosy Cross, Bulwer-Lytton, Little, Mathers, Aleister
Crowley, Hitler, Mme. Blavatsky and Gurdjieff, the Golden Dawn, the
Thule Group, the Luminous Lodge, the Ahneneherebe, and other secret
societies and mystical groups, that should \"someday\" be researched.
They surmise that these societies, great or small, related or
unrelated, with or without ramifications, more or less apparent and
more or less important, are manifestations of a world other than the
one in which we live (or which we perceive ourselves to live in).
\"Let us call it the world of evil, in Machen\'s sense of the word. The
truth is, we know just as little about the world of Good. We are
living between two worlds, and pretending that this \"no-man\'s-land\"
is identical with our whole planet. The rise of Nazism was one of
those rare moments in the history of our civilization, when a door
was noisily and ostentatiously opened on to something \"Other.\" What
is strange is that people pretend not to have seen or heard anything
apart from the sights and the sounds inseparable from war and
political strife.\"

\". . . Not that we believe that the theosophists, any more than the
occultists and the spiritualists, are strong enough by themselves to
carry out successfully an enterprise of this nature, but might there
not be, behind all these movements, something far more dangerous
which their leaders perhaps know nothing about, being themselves in
turn the unconscious tools of a higher power?\"

Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925), the Austrian philosopher and scientist,
whose teachings were the basis for the Waldorf School movement,
founded a spiritual movement he named anthroposophy. In his opinion,
there were both black and white forms of \"magic,\" and theosophism and
the various neo-pagan societies sprang from the great subterranean
world of Evil, heralding the coming of a Satanic, or demoniac age.
Rudolph Steiner was at one time, the head of the Austrian branch of
Ordo Templi Orientis at the time when Aleister Crowley was head of
the British branch of the same organization.

Therefore, in his own teachings he was always careful to embody a
moral doctrine binding the \"initiates\" to work only for good, knowing
how easy it is to be fooled by the Dark side. He, in fact, wanted to
create a society of \"do-gooders.\" And, what is most interesting about
Steiner\'s philosophy, is that, from the very beginning, the Nazis
seem to have looked upon Steiner as Enemy number one (someone like an
ex-Mason or ex-Templar who betrayed the Brotherhood and used what he
knew against the `underground stream\').

Two of the theories expounded upon by the various secret societies
and mystical groups current in Nazi Germany at the time of Rudolph
Steiner and Aliester Crowley were the theory of the frozen world, and
the theory of the hollow Earth (the earth is hollow on a different
dimensional level). Both of these theories affected the Nazi view of
the world.

According to Pauwels and Bergier, these two theories help explain the
links between tradition and mythology as well as being in keeping
with some of the \"truths\" proclaimed by groups of Initiates from the
Theosophists to Gurdjieff. Moreover, both theories have had their
share of backing from important political and scientific circles, and
almost succeeded at one time in banishing from Germany what we would
call `modern science\'. A great many people came under their
influence; and they even affected some of Hitler\'s military
decisions, therefore influencing the course of the war and doubtless
contributing to the final catastrophe. It was through his enslavement
to these theories, and especially the notion of the sacrificial
deluge, that Hitler wished to condemn the entire German race to
annihilation, much as Yahweh seemed committed to doing to the Jews.

Other secret societies which played major roles in the formation of
Nazi Germany were the Order of the New Templars, which was
established in Germany and Austria and employed the swastika as one
of its emblems; and a German `enorden group\' formed in 1912, which
proposed the tenet of Aryan superiority. The German Thule Society,
established not long after these two in 1918 by Baron Von
Sebottendorf, was one of the major secret societies of its day. Thule
was considered to be the capital city of Hyperborea, the land beyond
the poles, and the original land of the Aryan race (as it was in the
pre-misty dawns of history before that 100,000 year cut-off mark that
Ramtha has mentioned). In its purest form Hyperborea represented the
archetypal powers of the universe. It is the locale where the ancient
Elder race is first said to have interacted genetically with
the `indigenous\' race of Earth and created the amalgamated human we
know today. This of course is not true, though it was remnants from
such pre-dawn civilizations that did however become `the indigenous
race\' on Earth that the Annunaki then decided to tinker with. . .