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how to serve
Dear One,

The most important thing to know now is how to act as one who serves. People have had various experiences with serving, obeying or rebelling in the past, both in this lifetime and in others. Because of this they have a visceral reaction to being treated like a slave and they resist this with all of their being. Because of this they can also find it difficult to encompass the meaning of \'serve\' in their present day situation. By service we do not mean anything like being a slave. To be a slave means to be forced to do things against your own will.

For us, you always have free will and are able to choose for yourself; whether
you choose the best choice or not, we always love you unconditionally, no matter
what you do or do not do. Nevertheless
there is a higher way of acting that is in the best interest of all.
For people to choose this is the highest way, but it means that they consider
the good of the Planet and all beings on it, rather than their own selfish, ego
driven motivations. Your own highest good is included in the good of the all,
for without earth supporting your physical needs you would not be healthy or
able to sustain life here.

Dear ones, you need to open yourself up to feel the love that many
higher spiritual beings have for you, and planet earth is a higher
spiritual being. For millions of years she has served all of humanity and all
other beings from elsewhere. Now she has need for your assistance to ascend to
the next level. For this, she needs the love of those here now. All would be
preferable, but as many as possible will do. People need to actively concentrate
on sending loving and healing energy toward your earth mother.

Likewise as much love as possible should be extended to all beings who ask for
your help. Indeed, you may not know what service is until you are asked by
someone for assistance. Then you know what your task is for that moment. In the
next moment it may be a different service. Just one person at a time, asking for
your help. If you stay in the openness to these requests, the way will be shown
to you as to how to serve. Service is not just a donation to charity or joining
some organization. It is in the moment to moment decisions of the day. Do what
you can today without thinking of tomorrow. Too much projection about what
tomorrow may bring can overwhelm you and make you less effective today. You
serve on a moment-by-moment basis.

Love is basically accomplished by dropping all of your ego-driven
desires, many of which have been foisted upon you by your culture for
the purpose of keeping you from seeing and feeling the Light. Opening
to the Light and the Love awaiting you will allow you to accept
service for what it is, rather than your confused concept of what it
might be. Love makes service easy. Guidance is here to make your life
easier and more fruitful, as you allow it. Guidance can make
everyone\'s life better, but it is something each must choose, dropping all
preconception and judgments about what this must look like. The only hard part
is getting over your old stuff, your programming of what should be the good life
on earth. Billions of advertisement dollars have been spent to get you to think
in a certain way. One decision can make all of that programming drop away. You
need only ask for the help and the strength to make and carry out that decision.
The only reason that more help is not given is because you do not ask for it.
You can change that now.

Peace and love to all who read this message,

I am RAJ, of the Spiritual Hierarchy\'s Council of Light