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holy hand-grenades, batman!
The word is: sycophant

Main Entry: sy·co·phant
Pronunciation: \\-fənt also -ˌfant\\
Date: 1575
Meaning: a servile self-seeking flatterer

For as long as I\'ve had the Hierarchy talking in my ear 24/7 I\'ve
never heard ANY of THEM use words such as \'sacred\' or \'holy\', except
maybe as an expletive such as Robin, the Boy Wonder, used to use to
Batman. Respect is all THEY ever ask from any of us, respect for
ourselves and who we are as a part of THEM being most important of
all. The rest of the religious cr*p is all old inbred affiliations
with religions and spiritual paths that demand that we give our power
away to anything and everything outside ourselves, and admit to the
fact that we are all just worms not worthy of burrowing though the
dust at the bottom of the feet of God, the Saints, the Ascended
Masters and all those other two-bit darkside manifestations.

When we work with a true master we honor Their wisdom and experience
and the fact that even though They have done the difficult task that
we ourselves strive to do, They have been humble enough to take on
the task of sharing Their energy with us just as others also helped
Them. They want your respect in that you will put in the effort to
learn what They have to share just as they expend their energy to
share it. None of any of Them or the Hierarchy or any member of the
various Councils want to be worshipped, and few if any can tolerate a
sychophant for very long because such people seek only to worm their
way into the higher states of awareness without buckling down and
doing the hard work it takes.

None of us truly appreciate the fact that for the most part WE agreed
to come down here to do the most difficult assignment Creation has
ever handed anyone. Some of us volunteered. Some of us, like me
(speaking of being chosen *S) were dragged kicking and screaming into
doing it because of past mistakes that needed to be corrected.

Many, many souls wanted to be here for this coming grand event and
the opportunities it offered a soul for spiritual advancement, but
you and I got the limited number of slots. You can see this in the
ever increasing birthrate. Holy-Maternity Wards, Batman --they just
keep streaming in.

As I tell many there\'s a great party waiting for us all after this
work is done, and just like at the end of the \'first\' Star Wars
movie, medals for everyone -- everyone who does their work that is.
For those who agreed to come and don\'t do their work, well that\'s
part of the danger planet Earth offers isn\'t it? It\'s an honors
class, but if you agree to come back and flunk out then obviously
your lessons weren\'t too well learned in the first place now were
they? I\'ve seen and worked with many Masters who have fallen or who
are on the course of falling and that is a shame but that is what
strengthens any of us to know and BE our spiritual awareness, not to
just put on a front of spiritual greatness.

We are all here as CO-WORKERS with the higher dimensions from which
many of us originated. Honor and respect, but cut the
religious \'cr*p\'.

Just be aware of this when you are channeling. Heed those little red
flags that pop up when Guidance starts sounding too grandiose or
too \'religious\' and ask to what level of your Guidance your attitude
and attention is connecting you. As Ann and a number of you are
finding out, a perfect first channeling or even a month\'s perfect
channelings does not mean there aren\'t things out there trying to
corrupt that connection. Again, that\'s why they call this war. And
always remember that final scene in The Devil\'s Advocate where Keanau
Reeves character succumbs once again to Al Pacino\'s \'devil\' because
of the ego and old habits that run deep.

Holy Time-Clock, Batman, it\'s time for me to go.
In service, Peter