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hoping versus doing
Hoping versus Doing

Did you notice in the section of Volume 8 posted yesterday that included in all the \'evils\' of mankind contained in Pandora\'s Box and unleashed upon the world was the one called \'hope\'?

\"The original \'\'Pandora\'s box\'\', in Greek mythology the large jar carried by Pandora that contained all the evils of mankind greed, vanity, slander, lying, envy, pining and hope.\"

Isn\'t it interesting that something which seems so positive as \'hope\' should be included as one of the evils unleashed upon the world by Pandora\'s self-willed actions?

It has really been forced upon me lately in my own day-by-day learning that New Agers keep using this single element called \'hope\' as the reason they don\'t wish to read my works on the reality of their situation because they seem bleak in an ever increasingly bleak world. Of course this stems from their own victim consciousness doesn\'t it? Instead of getting up and doing something about their miserable situations and those of others, they, like I see Jeff Rense doing in my 3rd eye, sit around wringing their hands and going \'oh woe is me, I\'m so helpless in this overwhelming situation\' and then waiting for \'God\' to do something about their situation instead of them doing it themselves.

I\'m sure you\'ve all heard the metaphorical story of the person stranded in the flood up on their rooftop waiting for \'god\' to save them so that each person \'god\' sends along to rescue them is turned away because these people are so special that god is coming to do it himself, instead of understanding the reality that god/Spirit works through other people.

When we say \'I hope\' we are automatically giving our power away to a chaotic Universe where we are in charge of nothing.

As I have been led through resolving my missions over the past dozen years or so, often faced with seemingly impossible situations or odds against me, I learned one thing, that if Guidance wanted me to do their work to help save Creation, the planet, as many people as wanted to be saved, They would lead me through all these various \'valleys of the shadow of death\' and out the other side to keep on doing the work. There was never a hope, for hope had been surrendered to faith, to trust, to knowingness that somehow they\'d find a way, and always They did. And I\'m still here and still fighting, not wishing or hoping, just following my own personal Guidance moment-by-moment in whatever seemingly impossible or hopeless thing it asks me to do.

Makes sense that \'hope\' falls under the category of \'self-willed\' for like winning the lottery it always seems to be related to someone or something else doing the difficult and disciplined work while we sit back and get the windfall. It\'s like using the victim-consciousness word \'try\' instead of the positive forceful responsive phrase \'I will\'.

As I\'ve said since day one of beginning my writing, and have been shown every day since, change your language and you change your life for letters, words, phrases, sentences are all made from magical sound symbols just like the sound encoding I do, just like the magical incantations magicians use, just as the Freemasons and the darkside themselves know, the power of the \'lost word\'.

Being a journalist, I know that people are used to just reading headlines and will never spend long reading anything to find out what\'s really going on. This is the way they have been conditioned over the years by the careful manipulation of the New World Order. Even now people just \'skim\' what they read on the internet rather than printing it our reading and absorbing it thoroughly, thus losing so much of the effect and meaning embedded in the sound of the words itself.

The word \'hope\' has no such uplifting sound such as \'Love\' or \'Forgiveness\'. Its sound is bland and flat, like children who cannot understand negative statements it does not stimulate any of the emotions supposedly associated with its meaning.

Instead of doing the work of connecting with their own personal Guidance and building the faith and trust in what following it will do for them, people instead turn to \'hope\', hope that things will change for the better, hope that things won\'t happen, hope that it can\'t happen to \'me\', but of course never actually getting up and doing anything to make these hopes and dreams come true because that is the heart aspect in the creation equation. Mind creates the molds that heart fills with emotion as the driving force while Spirit provides the spark to ignite the entire process. But heart has been bled dry on this planet exactly for that reason, that it is what gives impetus to the molds made by the mind for what type of life we want to lead, for the actions it takes to connect and follow Guidance, to get up and fight the New World Order imposed slavery.

The following is just such a \'hopeful\' posting in a Conspiracy group, where if the poster or the group had pieced together the larger picture of the conspiracy of which chemtrails are only a small part, they would realize that the New World Order has always held the carrot of hope out to the slaves simply to keep them hoping and not doing . . . . Anyone who tries to work through the system doesn\'t understand its history and that it is \'not working\' just as it was always designed to do. This person holding out the carrot even uses the word `hopeful\' as if there\'s a possibility of such a global phenomena being stopped by Governor Schwarzenegger, a lackey to the whole Kennedy clan with its roots deep in the modern-day bringing to fruition of the New World Order\'s Great Plan.

ACTION! Schwarzenegger\'s Office Asks To Discuss \"Jet Trails\" Chemtrail News

Schwarzenegger\'s Office ask to discuss \"Jet Trails\"

W/ Deborah Whitman of Environmental Voices July 19, 20

Rose wrote: Hi All:

Wanted to give you some very hopeful news. Deborah Whitman with \"Environmental Voices,\" sent me this on Friday, July 18th (please see her message below). She had just attended an EPA panel discussion on \"Climate Change\" at the Capitol in Sacramento. She has been a tireless, fearless voice for our skies and concerns around these unregulated experimental weather modification programs. She received a phone call from Governor Schwarzenegger\'s staff requesting a meeting to discuss concerns around \"jet trails\".

I have also heard from another very reliable source that Schwarzenegger\'s office had asked the California Air Resources Board to \"check into the chemtrail issue and whether or not they are toxic.\" Mrs. Whitman believes that it is vital that we contact the Governor\'s office in the next week and let him know just how concerned we are about these unregulated aerosol spraying programs and how it is effecting our health and our environment (please see at the end of this email for contact numbers).

Bless Us All, Rose

Deborah\'s message:

\"I\'m so excited. Today at EPA went excellent. I made great contacts. I used to work with the man that is now setting up the Climate Team. I gave him all the handouts I had and I will be meeting with him and other ARB staff on these issues.

I heard the President and Governor were in Redding today looking at fire damage. Thank God that you guys are getting some attention now. It\'s about time.

Send your e-mail to the Governor and the Head of EPA. Their e-mail addresses are on their websites. Have everyone send their own letters as well. Follow them up with well written professional looking letters.

Contact numbers:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger State Capitol Building Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916-445-2841 Fax: 916-558-3160 Email link: _ (

As one New Ager said to me the other day after NOT doing any homework or grounding herself in my writings and the history of the New World Order, \"You come off as nothing more that a conspiracy theorist and the real worlds version of \"Fox Molder\" from E-Files.\" Guess she didn\'t even do her television homework either to get that right either, too busy hoping for this miserable world to stay just that . . . miserable.

In service, Peter