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How do you start a world-wide war
From Peter and the Spiritual Hierarchy

How do you start a world-wide war? How do you make a peoples mad enough to
openly begin something so big that it will naturally wipe out many many people
and take the focus of people off what is going on right under their noses? Go
back and read the pieces on the Skull and Bones Society and you will know that
the New World Order needs to create an opposition in order to bring about its
full agenda and take people's minds and hearts off what is really going on.

Many of Ranger's e-mails about the current situation in the world MUST be looked at exactly this way, just a game to keep us all busy while the prison doors are permanently locked behind us and our futures torn from the very grasp of our hands.

Video PrivateSecurity contractors "In YourName" Killing Iraqi drivers

Pass It On to everyone and Media