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Lesson #1 How to Change
Lesson 1 : How to Change
by Peter Farley

Probably no one knows more how difficult it is to change than I. You
could say I 'wrote the book' on it.

Six or seven weeks ago before I left San Diego to do gridwork in
Florida I was working with one of the group who Guidance was
adamantly telling her she needed to look into getting a new car.
Attached as we all are to the old ways of dealing with life i.e.,
using our mind to figure out what we think is best for us given our
limited cicumstances,she baulked at doing it. Upon returning to San
Diego today it was the first thing I heard that so-and-so had had a
car accident and her car had been totalled. A little worse for the
lesson, so-and-so has begun looking into getting a new car to
replace the old one she was so so attached to.

There is a spiritual law that if we are attached to anything, Spirit
will take it away from us to show us we don't NEED it. We can have
almost anything our heart's desire, as long as we do not get
attached to things. This blocks the whole flow of things into and
out of our lives. It works with people as well as 'things'.

If you stop for one minute and imagine this state of having
everything you NEED without the worry and pain of attachment to it,
what would it be like? The hardest lesson I had to learn in my
training was that it is a bountiful Universe and that Spirit and
Guidance want better for me than I want for myself. Holding things
to us, smothering them as the big hulking character Lenny does in
Steinbeck's classic novel 'Of Mice and Men', only seeks to leave us
without them.

Attachment is what stops the flow of everything good into our lives
and leaves us with a sense of lack and of not being loved.
Surrendering to the flow only brings us proof everyday of how much
it is we are loved.

The Highest Order of Masters is the Order of the Varagi -- Varag
meaning 'detachment'. Detachment does not mean you do not love or
have passion for life, in fact you have ten times, a thousand times,
more passion and caring because you are not trying to control the
river (Spirit) and bend it to your Will. As New Orleans found out
and many many more cities and countries will find out soon, this
does not work. To go with the flow, to work WITH Nature rather than
trying to harness her, to be a vehicle FOR Spirit, not a manipulator
OF Spirt, is the way life really works to everyone's highest purpose.

If true spirituality were easy, everyone of us would be Masters
already and would not need to be here in the flesh; however, Spirit
gives people the lessons THEY NEED not the lessons they want.

I have not found one 'spirtual giant' who got where they are by any
other means than by surrendering to this process of being a co-
worker with Mother Nature, with Spirit, with thir own highest

This is the very same Guidance most people say they cannot hear
simply as an excuse because they are not yet ready to surrender
thier own will for something better in their lives.

We can all go on learning lessons eternally in the manner 'so-and-
so' is doing, as I once did, as everyone I see is trying to do, or
we can understand the process and surrender our will to that Higher
purpose and ease into the flow of things where our will works in co-
operation with the Higher Will for everybody's higher good. When
Guidance says do something, is it not for everyone's highest good?

Will you be left without for giving, for surrendering, for not
feeling attached to that petty little something you think you hold
so dear? Can you really ever own another person's Being? Let it or
them go and like the butterfly we hear so much of, find out how
goodit feels to see it coming back to you in ways you never thought

Exercise 1: Practise releasing attachment to at least one thing each
and every day and watch for the spiritual signs of what Spirit
really thinks you should have and how much better it is for you.
Until you too are ready to surrender all your will to Spirit, take
daily steps to show IT you really, really care.

L and Bw, Peter