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Human discord
My work stirs up 'discord' in other groups and so the Spiritual
Hierarchy had me write this to help alleviate the tension, but groups
have a certain dynamic and so do human beings, and all this tension
and not understanding only helps to support the agenda of the New
World Order. That's why it has been so difficult getting my work out
or into popular media --not because it's not true, but indeed because
it is true and answers too many questions hence setting men free (as
David Icke would have put it. Understanding the true nature of planet
Eart h is freeing, and yet so few --even those who ahve experienced,
will help educate ot hers. It's a sad sad world and right now t he
chances of it surviving t his mess are decreasing, so what will you
do to stop that?

Dear group.
If one takes a look at my website there is pretty much there in the
articles a history of my own coming into awareness and the incidents
which have led me to work with the Guidance I now have and so forth.
I have never taken a healing class but being a good journalist along
with the increased abilities to 'see' and put things together, has
led me to be who I am now and working with the level of Creation I am
working with.

People say what a great gift I have and I say it's not a gift because
I earned every bit of it through hard work and training and yes, even
that most hated of words . . discipline. I was the laziest person on
the planet until I got my wake up call, so I don't judge other people
who are the same as I was. The problem is all understandable when
you realize (and hopefully experience) the fact that we are NOT all
human. The scientific mental kind of people who have their origins on
Sirius etc are here to learn how to open their hearts and work witht
the emotions most of us possess , if not all use. The heartfelt
people (the Pleiadeans in particular) are overbalanced heart wise and
do not have the mental willpower to balance that part of their
nature. That's what planet Earth is, an honors class for all these
various types of being to learn their spiritual lessons faster than
on other planets. Itw as an experiment in Creation which failed.
Unfortunately we have all beeen 'led'/controlled, used against our
wills and by being falsely led by those Beings who comprise the New
World Order into being less than we all are.

Fighting amongst ourselves or not recongnizing the diversity
inherent on the planet only helps these Beings to control us. That's
why a big part of my mission (now) is to help others experience the
Universe and the world as I have come to see it (never realizing any
of the truth of this myself until recently either). It is put simplya
nd understandably in the Matrix series of movies, but to understand
the situation fully one must let go of or be removed forceably from
the Matrix in order to free one's self from the false understandign
we all have lived by for so long. This is the point of Mila's
channelings on the thought forms of the Annunaki which have al become
a part of who we are.

None of this will remian, none of this will be able to move forward
through the ascension process unless it has been healed . . and let
go of. These are the two aspects we are all out here to help others
do after w ehave done it for ourselves or been helped and guided to
do it by others. The choice of healing, of letting go is a choice of
free will. No one can or will force it upon a person, but time is
running short and if someone is not going to budge we all have the
duty to honor that choice but move on to the others who do WANT
and/or need our help.

Families are usually the ones who resist change the most. Friends
are those who support what we are doing and with little or no
judgement. So much work to do, we can't allow ourselves to be
sidetracked into petty quarrels, that only serves the wrong side of
the equation.