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Humanity Vs the New World Order Update 2003
Humanity Vs the New World Order Update 2003
by Peter Farley

?The War Between Gods and Men?the true nature of the war at hand.?

While the artificial wars stretch themselves out into seeming eternity in the Middle East and elsewhere, controlling all our resources and focus, the true war at home is simply heating up. The year is 2003, the year when the fences begin to crumble beneath our butts and the world ?as we know it? will forever be changed.

It is also the time when my favorite saying, ?Some days I wish I could just pay the fine and go home,? takes on an even greater significance. The line comes from the movie version of The Fisher King and is delivered by Robin Williams playing the part of a delusional homeless man at war with the senseless brutality of modern-day society. As the war between Mankind and the New World Order enters its final phase here on planet Earth I think just about all of us understanding that the word Armageddon simply means ?great awakening?, are probably feeling exactly the same way.

If we know our purpose here as Lightworkers is to assist in helping others achieve the ascension process then possibly we are merely feeling that butterfly nervousness in the stomach as we survey the battle lines being drawn between the two sides.

If we are in denial (as so many of us are) then we might feel much like Williams? character does, that life is a punishment for something we have done and that God has had it in for us since the day we were born. Then it is we wish we could just pay the fine and go home.

Time is and always has been a key element in this ongoing war. Those who control time also control space for the two are inseparable. Just as the past can control the future, so too can the future help save the past. Those who have controlled the future from the past now align themselves against those of us who have come from the future to correct the inadequacies of the past.

Like a scenario from a Star Trek episode, so many civilizations and races have come and gone from this planet in the past, and for so many different reasons. The Els, from whom we get the word ?elders,? were the first beings to successfully colonize the planet some 15 million years ago after it became hospitable to habitation. They were a technologically advanced civilization but still relied heavily on their spiritual abilities to survive. Their civilization grew large and covered many areas of the planet over a long period of time. Many, however, went underground as a large planet came too close to the Earth and threatened to destroy all life upon it. Some died, some remained underground where they are still rumored to exist today. Most, however, just left.

Brother Philip relates a part of their story in his book Secrets of the Andes:
?After the Earth had cooled, and was ready for inhabitants, a race arrived from out of space that was not human, but was of the race of original true man. They were called Cyclopeans, and are known in the secret arcane knowledge as the ?L? Race or simply, the ?Els.? Before coming to the Earth planet they traversed space following all the great cycles of Time; they were Titans who rode the starways and sought always the best pastures of space for their flock. They were the first life upon the Earth and are the Immortals of our legends, the God Race or Elder Race that preceded man. . . . They were about twelve feet tall and were male and female, but not as we think of sex differentiation today. Before coming to Earth they had colonized much of what is known today as the Milky Way Galaxy; thousands of suns and worlds came under their influence.?

Some of these Elders are now back here to help with what is taking place on planet Earth and the coming ascension process. As described in some of my recent articles about the healing work we are doing, most are here with ?human forms? even though their energetic forms still resemble that of their original Beings. And, not only are the Els here aiding in what is taking place, so too are many other beings from many different galaxies, star systems, races, as well as the angelic and devic realm.

And the truth of the matter is that they are not just here to help, but as has always been true, Earth is nothing more than a Star Wars-bar populated by myriad alien lifeforms and races existing here in apparent ?human? form. This is what many try to describe when they talk about the holographic nature of the Universe, a key to understanding existence and life on the many and varied dimensional planes of Soul.

Twenty-eight percent of humans are just that?human. The other 72 percent range from every kind of reptilian (both ?good and bad?) to all the various kinds of lifeform described in my recent works, turtle people, salamander people, wookies, ewoks, even to artificial intelligences and mechanical-biological entities. Often it is these holographic physical forms of the ?alien? humans that are trying desperately to fill in the morphogenetic energy form of the true Being in control. This leads to people?s odd shapes and sizes which have little or nothing to do with diet or any other area of ?normal? health or genetics. It also leads to very unusual allergies, food sensitivities and dis-eases related to the dimensional form rather than to the ?basic physical form.?. Normal doctors intent on treating everyone as human can barely comprehend let alone deal with this level of health and existence.

This is what I and others have now learned to deal with in the healing room, every day thinking we have seen it all and every day experiencing something new. This is also what is taught in the 3-day healing workshops we are giving on a more regular basis.

This ?alien in human form? reality also explains so many aspects of life heretofore not understood by the average inhabitant of the planet, yet which makes so much sense of their lives once it can be explained and subsequently proved to them. In my teaching and travels in particular I have met so many wise young people, wise beyond their years, spiritually advanced souls here to manifest their incredible abilities. Like their parents, however, they do not understand the importance of this lifetime and the fact that this is the lifetime in which we will need to put into practice everything we have learned in all the lifetimes that have gone before. This is the one that counts most.
Mankind is at war, most of us just don?t know it. It?s a war that has been going on since our genetic manipulation tens of thousands of years ago by the so-called Gods. And, while the media does its best to support the Great Lie of History because it is owned and controlled by corporate entities and wealthy Illuminati families with dark alien backgrounds or connections, it is only individual voices and the sound of the truth of a loving Creator beating in our own hearts that can prompt us to ?get up and dance? in this the most critical time in our existence.

Unfortunately, because we have denied or had withheld from us the true rich nature of the Universe, too many of us live in denial and in the lack of self-responsibility for who we are and what we have come here to do. This is especially true with the ?special? children, most of whom have usually had little or no discipline in their lives to help them learn to direct and focus their energies and balance all that inner knowingness and wisdom. That is the most insidious part of the prison planet system constructed and perfected here and on other planets in this Universe by the New World Order over a period of more than 100,000 years.

Perhaps the number one way in which we are controlled is in our basic day-to-day struggle just to survive. When we are forced into focusing on the small energy-draining events of modern-day life and keeping up with the Jones (whoever we perceive them to be) then often we do not have time to focus on the grander scheme of things or the reasons why we are here. Releasing such worries and attachments is best described here in excerpts from a channeling by Sandy:
?. . . All such enslavement is related to attachment between the etheric body and the person, place or object that one is attached to. Such attachment is gradually released as one lifts up in vibration and ascends, causing the cords to be severed, allowing one to become free. As one is freed, one may not pay the bills any more, or the taxes, or one may leave the marriage, leave the family, and leave the friends that they do not love behind, and move to a place that brings their heart joy. And this all is the result of pent-up change from one?s ancestry. .

?. . . From our perspective, giving and receiving is so far out of balance in the human dance that a radical shift shall occur. Such is the nature of pent-up change, to the degree it has been pent-up, to that degree of extremity the rectification shall be. Your financial institutions are functioning under a false umbrella of seeming wealth. The wealth is sustained only as the masses continue to pay upon the credit, or continue to use the credit, or continue to believe in the high cost of living and housing and pay upon the mortgage.
?What if the masses suddenly refuse to pay? What then? It shall all collapse. And humans shall refuse to pay and leave such homes and debts behind the further that they ascend, as ascension brings about freedom from all that enslaves one?s current life expression.

**Please pay very close attention to the next lines of the channeling for it reinforces what has come through me before about the environmental hazards involving water and the chemtrail phenomena, as well as reinforcing what I wrote recently explaining alien energy forms and their connection to Mad Cow Disease and many other illnesses:

?. . . What if you discover that your governance is adding viruses to the water to make the masses ill and keep them subservient? What if you discover that your governance is utilizing vibration to hold the evolution of the masses down? What if you discover that your governance had information that could heal most diseases, but refuses to share it out due to the desire to control the populace? What if you knew that your governance held blueprints for technological development that is magnetic and in resonance with Earth, but shelved it for their own greed? Think this is not so? Look again. Lift the veils beloved, and look. This is so, and soon those whom know it to be so shall speak their truth and there shall be a mass correction towards those in governance responsible for such things. . .

?. . . Blind trust and faith are related, but not the same. Faith is founded upon blind trust and that in the blind trust of another, one has faith that they shall work in one?s best interest or knows better than oneself. The slave race only knew Gods that were really mortals whom were not God at all, but a distorted human form. In order for the slaves to continue to perceive the mortals claiming themselves God to be God, one would have to have faith that this is so. It is for this reason that this particular thought-form was added to the slave race in their genetic manufacturing . . .

?. . . Expectation is so great in the current human dance that many humans never step outside of the expected norm for their particular life expression.
?They have become prisoners to the expectations of others and their society of birth origin. In ascension, one ceases to function out of what others expect one to do or behave as another wishes. One becomes their authentic self. It is out of a state of authenticity that the whole paradigm of expectation ceases. In ascension, one shall step outside of the expectations of not only one?s birth family, but also society at large ((leave the Matrix)). This is not to say that one shall commit a crime that is deemed punishable in your current law, but that one shall transcend the need for such laws in embracing a harmless state. . .?

Hope for many now comes in the thoughtform of winning the lottery or marrying into money or some fantasy of becoming which suppresses our inherent ability to just BE. I watched over the course of many years as Madison Avenue advertising moguls used this method to take over the psyche of my own homeland, Australia. Britain and the US are not far behind, for as things grow worse in the economy and at home, our dreams become more elaborate. The more our dreams become fantasies, the less we do in real life to make these dreams come true. Sandy continues:

?. . . Indeed this caused slaves working in the dismal circumstance of the mines to awaken each day in hope of change only to go to work again under the same dismal circumstances again.

?And how many other humans in present time go to work under equal dismal circumstances, awakening to a new morning of hope, hope that it might one day all change and be the way one fantasizes it should be! But it never is. In order to change one?s life, one must take action. However, taking action alone is not enough, for one?s thought-form creates one?s reality. Therefore one can leave the marriage to the abusive partner only to create another abusive partner in the future. Or one can leave the abusive boss only to create the same abuse in their next employer.

?In order for life to really change one must alter the thought-form at cause of any manifestation, and in so doing another reality may emerge. . . hope as a thought-form was substituted in the place of real potential change, growth or evolution. In the current dance, humans associate change with a swing in polarity. This is not change, but just the experience of the other side of the same thought-form. One may perceive that being the master is better than being the slave, and an alteration from the role of slave to master as an improvement or change. But it is not change at all, and the cycle insures another lifetime as slave following the one as master in counterbalance. . . . Real change is only possible through the act of ascending out of the current paradigm and embracing a new foundation of thought-form. As real change occurs, one ceases to experience the difficulties of the past. Why is this so? Thought-forms are holographic and draw experiences into one?s life based upon the belief. As the belief shifts, the experience of life changes. One can transcend the thought-form dominion, then leave the abusive partner and go on to create a loving and supportive partner in their place . . . Much of the current metaphysical movement is based upon hope. Hope that a new tomorrow shall emerge and god shall do it for you, or the aliens shall descend and restructure civilization, or that the angels shall descend and take everyone to heaven where it all will be perfect as one fantasizes about it! ((The lie of the new Age philosophy/religion which seeks to nullify the necessity for personal responsibility and action ))

?My dears, no one can work one?s way out of your thought-form other than you, and no god nor angels or aliens are capable of assisting in such a fashion. The belief that one shall have another do it for them is directly related to the Annunaki, whom bred the slaves to believe the Annunaki to be God and they as God would ?take care of everything?.

?. . . Ascension pulls humans away from false laws. False laws are laws that have been constructed upon the paradigm of thought-form created by the Annunaki. One outcome of such laws was a false form of debt that led to servitude of the slaves towards the Annunaki. This has translated into your present day civilization into servitude towards those in governance and a false debt towards the nation that one resides within. Such debts cause those living in such nations to pay ?taxes?.

?Real debt is based upon karma. Real debt can be settled in a number of ways, which may or may not require monetary exchange. As all karma is completed upon by the ascending human, then the false debts in the form of credit card charges, mortgages, or taxes that have no karmic bond behind them shall cease likewise to be paid upon. Ascending humans shall cease to pay in the greater understanding that one cannot ascend unless they rise out of the thought-form of obedience and its counterpart of false debt.

?In paying upon any false debt, one then returns to the cycle of self perpetuating thought-form that one is trying to transcend.?

Sandy?s channeled words hint at the true underlying nature of the Big Lie. We live in a world created by the Gods we now worship, surrounded by their monuments and proof of their existence and their excesses, and yet all we can even look at is the pavement beneath our feet. So many do not even see the chemtrail phenomena in the skies above their heads because, like slaves, they have learned only to bow their heads in subservience to what they see as events greater than their own creation. This is called collusion ?the act of allowing things to happen from the simple choice to do nothing.

In 1992 another fascinating and mysterious discovery, the unearthing of an ancient city in India that appears to have been leveled by an atomic blast 8,000 - 10,000 years ago was reported by the UK?s World Island Review. This discovery helps lend support to the history which has been denied us in a school system structured only to produce more slaves. A construction team discovered the site in Rajasthan, India while preparing to build a housing development. The heavy layer of radioactive ash found in a three-mile-square area concealed what was shown to be ?an ancient city where evidence shows an atomic blast dating back thousands of years, from 8,000 to 12,000 years, destroying most of the buildings and probably a half-million people. One researcher estimates that the nuclear bomb used was about the size of the ones dropped on Japan in 1945,? said the newspaper.

What keeps people from looking up most is also a by-product of Madison Avenue, the Media, and the corrupt Educational system. It is peer pressure?our own neighbors who have become the prison warders programmed to keep their fellow inmates inline. This phenomena is described in a book entitled The Snitch Culture. Its author describes how the Neighborhood Watch program is being used to begin to establish Citizen Profile sheets. It will essentially be all the usual stuff - name, date of birth, religious affiliation, political party, education, medical history, firearms ownership, memberships in organizations, etc. Then they will gather information on whether you have protested against the government in the past, if you have been known to harbor views contrary to the ?security of the State? or ?injurious to the domestic tranquillity of the people.?

A fellow teacher in New Mexico shakes as she recounts to me her experience of applying for a teaching job and having it come up in the screening process that many years prior she had once attended the only anti-Vietnam war protest ever held on the NMSU campus.

The book reports that the existing AmeriCorp Program is being divided creating a little confusion related to the background information on the program. Half of it is going to become the Freedom Corp. It will have a political agenda, and it will receive federal money separately. The other half of AmeriCorp will be folded into the existing Peace Corp, but it will act as a domestic Peace Corp, supposedly without a political agenda. The Freedom Corp will then join forces with Neighborhood Watch groups because they are not well organized. The new AmeriCorp will provide the manpower and materiel to organize the Neighborhood Watch organizations into a much more effective surveillance force.

The book also reports that it is hard to figure out how much money is being spent because of the way the money keeps being appropriated. There?s a $4 billion security appropriation for AmeriCorp, but it is not said how much of it is going to each division. There was also a $3.8 billion appropriation to effectively federalize the Neighborhood Watch Groups and a separate $15 billion for the new Civilian Defense Force. The chain of command as described in the book would then look like this: The Freedom Corp will be amalgamated into the Neighborhood Watch Association. It will become the senior surviving partner of the amalgamation. It will be then called Freedom Corp, and not Neighborhood Watch. These groups will then be tremendously expanded in terms of personnel, not getting more neighbors to watch out for crime, but in terms of personnel. The umbrella group is Corporation for National and Community Service. Above this newly created entity, which works at the local level, will be a second newly created entity, the Civilian Defense Corp., which will operate by county and state chapters, but not local chapters.

Since 9/11, the paranoia level of the country and in fact the world has heightened incredibly. This one act of ?terrorism? served to help implement all of the templates for control which have been in the planning stages for thousands of years. Under the guise of Homeland Defense we have all now given away our rights to any privacy, any security in our own being, and most of all to any freedom?the one thing for which all of this is supposed to stand.

My own experience dates back a few years, but suffice to say a simple romantic discussion while sitting in the front seat of my car on a quiet suburban street turned into a nightmare when my date and I were suddenly surrounded by five police cars because some over-zealous neighbor had reported our unfamiliar presence.

No one knows more than I how difficult it is to change one?s personal behavior patterns, yet I am also living proof of how intent can change everything in a person?s life. People talk about my ?gifts? of channeling high-level information and doing miraculous healing work on others. There are, however, many who can also share with you the time and patience and commitment to changing and learning and growing that brought about these self-same abilities, though truth be told most of all it was the surrender. Of all the people I have worked on or with, I doubt that there are one or two who did not bring into this lifetime all of the talents and abilities needed to complete their missions here?the one thing most of them lack is Heart, the intent to make it so.

This war, this past, can only be won, can only be changed, by those of us willing to take hold of that Ring of Power we have always been able to hold but were too scared to reach out for. The secret lies in the very simple words of a very popular song??When you get the chance to sit it out or dance ---Dance.? I wish you all strength.