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Humanity vs The New World Order Final Conflict
Humanity vs The New World Order Final Conflict
A War Diary Pt 1
By Peter R. Farley

How powerful is the grid? How desperate is the fight to control it?

Like some bad nightmare, more and more as I travel from town to town
I am finding entire cities where the consciousness of both the people
and even the animal life has been siphoned off using the power of the
grid. Places like Albuquerque, NM, and Tuscon, AZ, have been so
totally obliterated of any signs of intelligent awareness. Places
such as San Diego, CA, and Flagstaff, AZ, are suffering terribly for
the lack of anything like real vital input and life once provided by
a normal healthy planetary grid system. And gradually, one by one,
the major cities of the Southwest United States are falling to the
advancing forces of the New World Order and their power to control
and manipulate this very potent weapon. And still people will not
get up and fight.

How subtle and insidious yet so utterly effective are the New World
Order's means of controlling entire populations using the grid system
already in place. Then when critical mass is reached, the whole
planet can and will fall to the Darkside.

February 3rd, 2006, was the worst day in a decade for the chemtrails
sprayed over any one city ?Flagstaff, AZ. A few days earlier, on the
day of George Bush's State of the Nation speech, I had written an
article titled The War Begins. It was the transformation from January
into February, the President's speech and the retirement of Alan
Greenspan, a key player in the New World Order's agenda, that brought
with it the knowledge and the understanding that no longer were any
pretenses of civility in place in this country. Rather from now on
there would only be open war on anything or anyone not already under
the control of the New World Order.

With the help of Sophia and Gerald and Andre and Sam, the weaponry
constructed to pollute or destroy the female energy vortexes in the
western part of the US has temporarily been disabled. Someday soon
another new opportunity will arise to close one of the vortexes
being used by the darkside to import their particular brand
of Ževil' to the planet, and more generally to the less-populated
regions of the U.S., the staging area for a takeover of the whole
country. It's all anyone can do to counteract what they have put in
place, had in place for so, so long that no one even remembers when
some of these control mechanisms were installed. If we can slow the
mechanisms down perhaps we can rescue some more time for the higher
Lightworkers to awaken, to get off their butts, to help with the war

I can't and won't do it all alone. This is up to you and and me and
all of us working together to fight this devastating future planned
for us by the New World Order.

We have successfully shut down the portal through to the Heart of
Creation that is the prize this planet offers to the forces of the
New World (Universal) Order. Guidance wanted us to destroy it but
that would leave this planet, in T.S. Eliot's finest words, a
veritable wasteland for spiritual progression. If only people knew
how unique this planet is in all the world's of Creation, a veritable
honeymoon hideway for the Higher Spiritual forces. Raped and abused
it now stands crying for help in the middle of a crowded street with
everyone looking on, too scared to step forward and save her?
particularly those whose very mission here in this lifetime is to do
exactly that.

And still the war gains momentum. And those who are fighting pray for
further reinforcements, hoping for Gandalf the White and the forces
of the Light to march in to their rescue. . . just in time to save
humanity, the planet, this corner of the Universe, and even Creation

And so the war continues.