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humanity vs the new world order - for a new day
Some of the very first articles Guidance had me write were on Humanity Vs The New World Order. Well, all those years ago I thought that title would get me killed, and it\'s not like they haven\'t tried. The point that Guidance was trying to get across is that it is a war out there, one that\'s been going on for eons but is now in its final stages because of all the effort that has gone into changing the entire situation in this corner of Creation. Many, many things have changed for the better and to sway the momentum in mankind\'s favor, but still the real \'battle\' is yet to begin, and if Guidance is having me be more \'in your face\' because of this then you know, like Braveheart, that you\'re standing with your fellow spiritual warriors, looking across a broad plain at your opposition that far outnumbers you and all you have on your side is \'right\' - and all the powers of heaven. But it\'s you standing there on the battlefield waiting for the signal to charge and it\'s now you have to make the choice to, as Braveheart would say, turn tail and run, or to suck it up and know that what you\'re doing here will create freedom in this corner of the Universe for eternities to come. That\'s the nature of this final battle coming. The really hard work has all been done, the darkside has lost most of its leaders and is about to lose some more this weekend when we are successful at our work. Now it\'s just the final battle to once and for all finally save ascension, the planet, as many as choose to go along with it, and the future of the new paradigm here on planet Earth. The New World Order would rather destroy the planet and everyone on it than let it go into ascension. Look at what\'s going on in kenya and rememebr back to Croatia and Serbia, Rwanda, the Sudan, West Irian, and a thousand countless other places where their influence has started these genocides. They don\'t need to kill us if they can have us kill each other, but they will not let us go free. Watch Blood Diamond. Watch Lord of War. Watch a hundred other movies that all portray what\'s going on right here and now even in our own country where one race is being turned against another only tos erve the Great Plan of the New World Order. Think death camps can\'t happen here? Think they don\'t kill children? Read up on Oklahoma City. Read up on the World Trade Center. Do your homework and you\'ll hopefully realize you\'ve been at war since the first day you were born and now all that\'s being asked of you is that you take that war you\'ve been in all your life and make it a spiritual war in which you\'re an active spiritual participant, not just cannon fodder for the slaughter. Connect with your own Guidance and see what part It wants you to play. You\'re in it anyway, what have you got to lose?

Humanity vs. The New World Order (the original - 2000)
The war between humanity and the New World Order is at least 50,000 years on this planet, longer if you consider that Earth is simply the latest battleground in a Galactic War that has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. One thing is for certain, however, the first shots of this the final battle in this war have been fired in the form of the chemtrails now being seen in at least most of the First World countries around the planet.

Designed to spread their sickness and disease in order to \'cull\' out the weaker members of the human herd, in particular the elderly, the young, and those with an already overloaded immune system, these chemtrails are a flagrant broadside fired against what is left of the freedoms still remaining to humankind.

As people\'s attention is increasingly drawn away from the higher goals of life and back to the subsistence level from which they so recently crawled after the last major planetary disaster, the great Biblical Flood of 10,000 years ago, these chemtrails represent a final blow to an already overworked human system that cannot take any more strain after a century of constant war.

Now, as it is forced to work even longer hours for an ever decreasing value in its wages, and having surrendered pretty much all the rest of its rights either to big government or to big business, Mankind\'s biggest problem is not so much the slavery into which it has fallen as a species, but rather the fact that it has given away as much of its personal power as it has had stolen.

One of the principal tenets of the propaganda by which Mankind has come to be controlled is that it addresses itself to the individual but acts on the masses. It is here in the mass that we as individuals find ourselves most susceptible to the peer pressure that is only designed to rob us of our freedom.

All modern propaganda profits from the structure of the mass, for it is in the mass that one can exploit the individual\'s need for self-affirmation, both individually and in wanting to be a member of the group. This is the situation known as the \'lonely crowd\'? It is the most favorable moment to seize a man and influence him, when he is alone in the masses. And the bigger and more homogenous the mass the better. This desire to be a part of something bigger goes to the very depth\'s of the human Soul where we are all part of one big Soul rather than being each an individual soul. We therefore hone in on this beehive-like cluster mentality the New World Order has prepared as a trap for us.

Like a sweet honey fly-trap, the mass becomes not our savior but our executioner. Population growth is therefore not only allowed, but even covertly rewarded as long as its makeup can be controlled. Notice how many religions and politicians tacitly strive for larger and larger birthrates and rage against any form of birth control.

The next step is to herd the population together, concentrate them all in the urban areas where the psychological and sociological characteristics of the mass can most easily be manipulated, or failing manipulation, be dealt with in the most extreme of manners, such as the chemtrails.

Here, in this lonely urban mass, man will also be most susceptible to control through the fear spread by the appearance of yet unrecognizable technology such as the massive V-shaped aircraft (UFO) seen over Phoenix in the well-documented case of the \'Phoenix lights\'. Missing or unwanted children, kidnapped and then programmed as they grow to adulthood, trained as unsympathetic drones, will then walk among this mass metering out summary judgement more swift and more harsh than any metered out by Cold-War commissars.

Those among the masses already balking at their fellow man?s mindless obedience to unbending Rules will be the first to go. The scientists, the intellectuals, the religionists, and the political favorites who are already used to following a \'party line\' will have no trouble blending in to this New World Order run by the Graymen of conspiracy theory. Like a flashback to the 70s and the TV series \'V\', they will all fall in line as the changes begin to take place in earnest. They will be backed by the advanced crowd-control technology of their acknowledged masters, the aliens who have controlled the planet on and off for millennia, in particular the Men in Black from Orion, the old time Black Sorcerer Kings of Atlantis. These aliens are only pawns themselves in an even bigger battle taking place at the present time in the Universe, the battle between the forces of Darkness led by Lucifer and his minions, and the Forces of Light working for the ultimate Creator.

The astute viewer will have noticed the frequency with which one particular saying keeps reappearing in recent movies such as The Usual Suspects or The End of Days (along with sundry others) as a wake-up call to us all: \'The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was to convince Man that He didn\'t really exist.\' Unfortunately for all of us, He does, and not just in the mind of some pulpit-pounding preacher or some deluded homeless person walking the streets shouting out things about the end of the world.

While movies such as The X-Files: Fight the Future correctly hint at the true alien-New World Order connection, one must ultimately look more deeply to the recent rash of supernatural thrillers crowding the screens at the local mall to find the ultimate source of the Darkness now trying to crowd out any and all Light on the planet and steal what is left of our free will. it is no accident that our children and teenagers are being led to dabble in witchcraft and other darker supernatural pursuits under the guise of harmless entertainment.

Perhaps the simplest and easiest expression of this whole New World Order scenario, however, is found in that classic of both adult and children\'s literature alike, Madeleine L\'Engle\'s A Wrinkle in Time.

Searching for their kidnapped scientist father, three children take on the Ultimate Darkness as it slowly but surely swallows up whole galaxies and heads towards Earth in its final quest to take over control of the Universe. The sole weapons these children carry with them are their youthful innocence and the love they share for each other, for their parents, and ultimately for all Mankind.

This wonderfully simple delineation of the battle now taking place both on our planet, and indeed in this entire quarantined corner of the Universe, provides a lesson for us all, as well as a very handy tool with which to begin reclaiming our the pieces of our lost humanity, Love. While it might seem like a trite word in these days when it is used so often but rarely ever meant, Love can also be the ultimate weapon to use against the New World Order in the very difficult years that now confront us.

Perhaps the most painful aspect of this whole long drawn-out process involved with this takeover of the world by the New World Order is not the ease with which it has been accomplished, Mankind falling easily into slavery, but rather the fact that we have all sacrificed our own personal power to make the New World Order\'s task so much simpler.

Pandemic in Mankind since its genetic manipulation by the Annunaki more than 40,000 years ago is the ?slave mentality?-an inherent sense of low self-esteem and low self-worth. As Zecharia Sitchin points out in his translation of the ancient Sumerian texts, God is a relatively new word in the human language?the word our alien \'gods\' were most commonly referred to by was the word \'lord.\'

The \'Lord and Master\'/\'peasant and slave\' relationship has continued over all these thousands of years?both between us and those aliens adopted by our religions as their gods, and between us and the surrogate masters these absentee landlords left in their stead, the power elite, manifested in the various forms of Freemasonry and other secret societies which form only a part of the hydra-headed New World Order.

That the Darkness thrives on fear is a well known fact among those with any kind of eyes to see into the true nature of the Cosmos. The chief product of low self-esteem and a barely existent sense of self-worth is exactly that?fear. The ultimate purpose of propaganda as used for control by the New World Order, is to rob the individual of his or her personal will or power, and to instill in its place fear. It seeks to exchange the personal will or power for that of the masses or the organization seeking to control. Anyone taking a look at any system in society such as the schools, the Yuppies, the scientific communities etc., will recognize the inherent power peer pressure seeks to impose over the individual these days in an attempt to rob the individual of his personal freewill and personal power. This involves gradually substituting one set of goals for another in order to have the individual buy into the greater will of the Masses or the organization. One of the simplest yet most vivid of examples of this kind of mindless adherence to the rules that I have witnessed recently is the desire of people not to take the responsibility for making a personal decision. Like the guards at the concentration camps of the Second World War, it is easier to blame it on the leaders and the fact that ?we were only following the rules.? Institutional rules, even those that are blatantly inhumane or against normal common sense, have become the scapegoat for everyone?s failure to act rationally and with dignity towards their fellow man.

For me it is the local library that won\'t allow a person to use the computers for more than hour once a day?even though the computers might sit vacant for hours on end waiting for non-existent people to use them. Or the apartment owner who has you move your car from the vacant parking spot of an unoccupied apartment, even though it would only take a minute to pick up a friend. Rules are rules is the cry of the irresponsible, not the responsible. When rules come before humanity, then we must be aware that the guile of the New World Order has already done its job and we are already slaves.

The small ways in which each and every one of us can begin to fight back against the mindless greater will of the omnipresent New World Order is to exercise Love in all our decision-making processes and dealings with our fellow man. This is especially true when they relate to our own sense of being overwhelmed by something which feels so much bigger than ourselves.

The Macrocosm is indeed inherent in the microcosm, and vice versa. If we begin with each small decision that we make during the course of the day and hold out in favor of humanity over technology and the mass consciousness as expressed by \'the rules\' , we can all feel a little more human, and strikes one more blow, however small, for humanity over institutionalism. Standing in your power and deciding to be treated like a human being (and in turn treating others also as human beings) not like a number is one of the greatest acts of rebellion we can perform.

The one thing that must be done above all to begin our own healing with regard to our own low self-esteem is to love. To forgive both those who we feel have wronged us, and most importantly of all ourselves, is to regain our lost power. To reclaim this lost power (that which we have so readily given away to both friends, family, and enemies alike, I recommend the following exercise borrowed liberally from the Native American Shamanic tradition of erasing personal history (and thereby reclaiming the personal power given away).

Reclaiming your Power:

1. With plenty of time to complete the task no matter how long it takes, find a quiet comfortable area where you will not be disturbed?a place where you feel safe, a place where you feel some kind of nurturance from your surroundings such as a room filled with your favorite books, a quiet garden space, or somewhere out in nature.

2. Center yourself in whatever way is most comfortable for you?by chanting, by smudging, or simply by sitting peacefully with your eyes open or closed for a short period of time.

3. Open yourself to your own highest Good, your Higher Power, some non-denominational sense of the Cosmos that you know loves you and that you trust.

4. As you find yourself ready, go slowly over the decades of your life?either chronologically or in reverse order. Think of and/or write down a list of all those you have been involved with you in some way and to whom you have given a part of yourself. This could be either in a positive or negative way through some kind of attachment of love or hate or fear or some other emotional state. This list should include such people as your parents, your teachers, your school mates who you envied or tried to copy, the neighborhood bully, the girlfriends or boyfriends?real or imagined, the husbands or wives, your children, your neighbors, the bosses and co-workers with whom you have shared both good times and bad?everyone who you can say took or was given a piece of you that you now need to reclaim in this attempt to regain your personal power.

Kenneth Meadows, in his book The Medicine Way?A Shamanic Path to Self Mastery, says to use the phrase, ?Things would have been so different IF . . .? The things which follow that IF are the very attachments you now need to release. In releasing attachments we let go of what is draining us of our personal power. We reclaim the focus and the attention from the past and are now able to recrystallize it on our present circumstances and stand in our power and in our strength.

5. Once we have made this list or identified those with whom our personal power has been in storage, then comes the essential act of reclaiming our power, thanking?and if necessary, forgiving them, and ourselves. No matter what has happened between the two of you?things either positive or seemingly negative?the lessons have been there for you to learn, and these people have done their best, limited though it may appear to you, to help you learn your lessons and make you the best person you can be. Thank them for whatever part they have played in your own spiritual growth, and forgive them for whatever they did or did not do to you in any other way. To hold any strong feeling for anyone in the past is to give away a piece of your energy to that person, and the personal power you will need here in the very near and very real future that awaits us all in combating the New World Order. Do this for each and every person on your list, savoring each moment as you recall it and then letting it go.

6. And when all is said and done, then look at your own behavior over these same times and know that, although you may not always have been at your best, that to live in shame or blame or with some degree of guilt is the greatest source of giving away your personal power to a source which is not real. The real Creator has only and is only Love. Darkness cannot even come near to it because IT is so much Light. If IT cannot see Darkness, then it certainly does not judge us for it knows we are learning, and that there is a balance for everything we do. In this spirit, love yourself as IT loves you, and then forgive yourself.

7. Make a small ritual of burning or destroying your list, and feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders as your strength and Will and power return to you. Then be cognizant of every person and situation that enters your day and may try to steal some of your power away again. Bless them or the situation and give them love and be on your way, safe in your newfound strength, prepared for the difficult days ahead, knowing that though the Darkness may reign for a short time longer on the planet as it solidifies its power base here?there can only be one eventual winner?and of that there is no doubt. The Light will always overcome the Darkness and drive it back into the Void from whence it first came.