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Humanity Vs The New World Order - The Last Installment.
Humanity Vs The New World Order - The Last Installment.
by Peter Farley

For every thirty or so e-mails saying how appreciative they are of my work there always comes the one that accuses me of spreading fear with the words that I write and the vision of the very near future that is portrayed within them.

Now that Lindsey Hudson, my healing partner, is channeling the words of the Spiritual Hierarchy as a major part of her mission here, and soon to have her own website, I hope that even those kind of readers will begin to see that this is not a time for living in fear, nor a time for spreading fear. What is needed is an understanding rather that knowledge and education are the keys to an awareness of the true nature of what is taking place here and now, as well as how to combat this seemingly overwhelming situation.

It is as the Hierarchy say, the essence of what each individual needs to do at this time is not to surrender to fear, rather it is the duty of those who are aware to help those who are not, to teach them how not to be afraid and neither to help create nor participate in the chaos that is sure to be involved.

A number of years ago I wrote my first Humanity vs. The New World Order article for David Icke?s online magazine. In it in I tried to explain the fact that this war between humanity and the New World Order is at least 50,000 years old on this planet, longer if you consider that Earth is simply the latest battleground in a Galactic War that has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. At that time, the chemtrails now being seen in at least most of the First World countries around the planet were declared to be the first shots of this the final battle in this war. These few short years later I realize that now the chemtrails have become an accepted part of daily life purely because of their ubiquity, being there every day, in every place, all day every day, until finally they have just become a normal part of the scenery. Have we fallen so far into slavery that we now accept the government?s right to slowly poison us, to cull out the weak and sick from the herd, to weaken our reproductive ability, to cease any chance for our very real spiritual growth, all the while closing the gate tighter and tighter on the prison camp they and their cronies have so intricately built around us?
I called this article Humanity vs The New World Order-The Last Installment because with the recent warnings from the Hierarchy I have tried to let people know that the time for preparing for the battle is at an end, the time for fighting the greatest spiritual war of all time is here and now. From now on my focus will be elsewhere as I move on to another level of my own mission and in my writings.

The mantra given to me all those years ago by the Spiritual Hierarchy to share with people as the best way to survive the difficult times ahead is never more true than now- ?I have what I need for today, I will have what I need for tomorrow.? This passage from Edgar Cayce very much reiterates the same messages we have been giving:

?As has been given, ?Fear not.? Keep the faith; for those that be with thee are greater than those who would hinder. Though the very heavens fall, though the earth shall be changed, though the heavens shall pass, the promises . . . are sure and will stand-as in that day-as the proof of the activity in the lives and hearts of those thy fellow man . . .

?That is the interpretation. That the periods from the material angle as visioned are to come to pass matters not to soul, but do thy duty today! Tomorrow will care for itself.

?These changes in the earth will come to pass, for the time and times and half times are at an end, and there begin those periods for the readjustments.

?Hast thou, my brethren, a heritage in the earth?? (no. 294-185, June 30, 1936)
The chaos we see growing every day around us in the material world stems from every kind of fear imaginable. In the healing work that Lindsey and I do we have found that it is fear that most weakens the body?s protective energy shields of those we work on-any kind of fear. As the Hierarchy said through Lindsey last week, ?Fear is never a good reason to do anything.? And when it comes to the service most of us as Lightworkers agreed to come here to do, They commented, ?You should only do something if you truly want to do it, and in this case only if you agree to serve the Higher Will?
One thing that particularly surprised me in Their words was the comment that we would be surprised how many people one day get up to oppose the tyranny of the fascist state being put into place around us. After working to help get people off their fences over the past four or five years, with not the greatest of success, I only hope that so many of those still fence-sitting are not simply waiting to ?ride on someone else?s coattails? when in fact what they agreed to in coming here to serve was to lead. Yes, they are wonderful people. Yes, they have great potential, but Spirit knows their hearts as well as their minds and It needs to see in them the true nature of their intent to surrender before they will be allowed to go forward. And time is running out.
The Congressional Medal of Honor is the highest award for bravery for those in military service. It can only be won on the battlefields of various wars. Spiritual mastership also must be earned in this very same way (not studied for), and the only place and time it can be earned is on the spiritual battlefields of Creation, in service to the Higher Will of All.

As an addendum to this very brief article I wish to clarify something that has recently been bothering some people after the Hierarchy had me send out a description of the various types of aliens involved with our government. It shows, above all, that what people think of as having a choice in the political process, is really no choice whatsoever. EVERYTHING in the Matrix is a lie, and everything is choreographed to see that the Great Plan of the New World Order comes to fruition while the public remain dumb, or at least numbed, to even the slightest hint of its true purpose. . . the rising of Atlantis, the Phoenix of ancient legend, the dark sorcerer warlords controlling humankind once again, only this time without opposition from the heavens above nor from the forces of resistance below.

Think about it.
In Service, Peter

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January 22nd, 2004
Skull & Bones: The Secret Society That Unites John Kerry and President Bush
A little-known fact unites Democratic front-runner John Kerry and President Bush: they are both members of Yale?s secret society Skull and Bones. We speak with the author of ?Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths of Power? that reveals details about the secret society and its members. [includes transcript]

The New Hampshire primary is just a few days away and Howard Dean?s status as the front-runner has almost totally dissipated. The latest Boston Herald poll now shows that John Kerry holds a 10 point lead - a major surge for the Massachusetts Senator. Still reeling from his victory in Iowa, Kerry is starting to act like the front-runner, shifting his focus from comparing himself to the other Democrats to putting his record up against President George W. Bush, saying he is the only candidate who can beat Bush and who represents a real difference from the current occupant of the White House.
But there is a fact about Kerry?s past that brings him closer to Bush than any of the other candidates. Both Bush and Kerry are members of a secretive society dating back to their respective days at Yale University - Skull and Bones. This fact has not been widely reported but when Kerry?s campaign spokesperson was asked about it, she said, ?John Kerry has absolutely nothing to say on that subject. Sorry.?

(...) ALEXANDRA ROBBINS: Yeah. I actually want to back way up and talk about, at least as mention exactly what Skull and Bones is, because while some people on the East Coast have heard about the society, other people across the country have no idea that we are looking right now if the polls are correct, at what would be the first Skull and Bones versus Skull and Bones presidential election. That?s pretty weird. Skull and Bones is America?s most powerful secret society. It?s based at Yale, where it?s headquartered in a building called the Tomb, and Skull and Bones has included among its members, presidents, including presidents George W. Bush and his father, as well as William Howard Taft, Supreme Court Chief Justices, C.I.A. officials, cabinet members, congressmen and senators. What makes it so staggering that we could have a Skull and Bones versus Skull and Bones, Kerry versus Bush election is that this is a tiny, tiny club. There are only 800 living members. Only 15 per year. It?s staggering that two of them could be facing off for the presidency and so many of them have achieved positions of prominence. One of the interesting and I think disturbing things about Skull and Bones is that its purpose is to get members into positions of power and have those members hire other members into prestigious positions. This is something we have seen with George W. Bush since his ascendancy to the presidency, he has put several Bones members into prestigious positions, such as Bill Donaldson, the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The number two and number three guys in the Justice Department, the guy that puts out all of Bush?s secrecy memos. His assistant Attorney General is a major Bonesman. Bonesman Frederick Smith was Bush?s top choice for Secretary of Defense until he had to withdraw for health reasons. The general council of the Office of Homeland Security, the Secretary of Defense?s representative to Europe. The list goes on and on and on. That?s something that?s interesting, because George W. Bush likes to feign his distance from Yale, from Bones, from Northeastern establishment elite connections, and yet he?s going ahead and following Skull and Bones to the letter.

JUAN GONZALEZ: And besides seeking to employ or promote Bonesmen, is there any other responsibility that Bonesmen are supposed to have to each other?

ALEXANDRA ROBBINS: Well, there?s loyalty of course, to each other. They?re supposed to call each other up. I revealed the code words in my book, so I assume they have since changed them, but it used to be, ?Do you know General Russell. General Russell was the founder of Skull and Bones. All a Bonesman had to do was call up another Bonesman, maybe even if they have never met, and they would cough up money or connections or a plan.

We shouldn?t underestimate the power of the CIA?s media manipulation. Ex-CIA officers indeed purport that the Agency has journalists on its payroll and even finances the publication of entire books - generally riddled with dramatic portrayals of terrorist?s mass extinction plans and al Qa?ida?s multi-cellular, international networks (CNN?s Peter Bergen, or so-called al Qa?ida ?expert? Rohan Gunaratna have fallen into this trap). The truth is that these men are given contracts and so-called ?inside information?, and are then encouraged to write a book with that information, about which they are so naive to feel privileged for receiving it. What these journalists may or may not know, is that 80 % of the intelligence dossiers they receive are false or at least highly exaggerated. This is intended to mask the academically substantiated reality that the contemporary terrorist threat is of a very marginal importance; terrorism has statistically ( * ) diminished with not less than 40% since the end of the 20th century. The CIA distorts this reality by continuously shaping the news with false reports, by producing terror themselves (anthrax, Bali, and many others) or funding and training terrorist and guerrilla groups - as they have done in so many countries, and in so many instances.