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Humanity vs The New World Order: As it stands ? Christmas 2001
Humanity vs The New World Order: As it stands ? Christmas 2001
Note: The following article is comprised of many other people?s work as well as my own. As always I stand on the shoulders of giants who have also contributed to the task before us, and to the knowledge which shall make this possible. PRF
?What will you do without Freedom?? . . .the character William Wallace in Braveheart.
There were once two mischievous little boys, ages 8 & 10?two excessively mischievous little boys. Now these two little boys were always getting into trouble. The parents could always be assured that if any mischief occurred in their town, their two young sons were in some way involved.
Finally, the parents came to their wits? end as to what to do about their sons? behavior. Hearing that a clergyman in town had been successful in disciplining children in the past, the mother asked her husband if he thought they should send the boys to speak with the clergyman. The husband agreed that they might as well try it since they had tried everything else they could think of without success.
Well, the clergyman agreed to speak with the boys, but being the wise man that he was, he asked to speak to the two boys individually.
The 8-year-old went in first. The clergyman sat the boy down and began asking him sternly, ?Where is God???all the while shaking his finger violently in the little boy?s face
The boy at first made no response, so the clergyman repeated the question in an even sterner tone, ?Where is God?? Again the boy made no attempt to answer, so the clergyman raised his voice even louder and shook his finger in the boy?s face asking, ?WHERE IS GOD??
At that the boy bolted from the room and ran directly home, hiding himself in the deepest closet. Coming home a short while later? his older brother followed him into the closet asking, ?What happened??
The younger brother, looking up at his big brother and shaking, replied, ?We are in really BIG trouble this time. God is missing and they think we did it!?
While it might seem to most reasonable people that God is indeed missing here on Earth at the present time, let me assure you, there is never any separation between any one of us and that which is the God within us all. What is true in fact is that the whole of Creation is focused heavily on what is taking place on planet Earth right now. Here is where the Darkness and the Light shall seek their final resolution over the coming years. And, though it seems that the planet is in its darkest hour, things will get a lot worse before they get better. Every one of us left here will be a part of it, and every one who is able to help will be called upon to do so. This is the battle which is Humanity vs the New World Order as it enters into its final stages.
As David Icke and many other New World Order watchers will tell you, what has taken place over the past few months is no more than the ?outing? of what has truly always been the situation here on Earth, and in most of the rest of this galaxy and beyond. The Darkside has always controlled almost every aspect of our lives, but from behind a veiled curtain as in the Wizard of OZ. Now the curtain has been thrown back and the Wizard exposed for what it is---a hydra-headed monster intent on subjugating all of Mankind.
The artificially created events of September 11, 2001, have given the leadership of the New World Order and their lackeys in government and Big Business, the excuse they needed to implement stricter controls on the population. Like the suppressed evidence of the Nazi death camps during World War II that only became acknowledged after the end of the war, the ?prison camp? which has been planet Earth (in Icke?s terms) is now becoming more obvious to a greater number of people. Many still remain asleep, however, but not for too much longer.
My article on the World Trade Center and Oklahoma City bombings began to explain the fact that there are at least two factions of the New World Order ?two of the hydra-heads ?that have been at war for a long period of time. The battle they are fighting is for ultimate control of the portals leading into and out of this planet through which the Dark Forces and their leader shall return. One faction creates disruption in the ?New Jerusalem? which has been built on the North American continent for the return, the other creates friction and war surrounding the portal which is the Old Jerusalem in Israel.
This idea of this is supported at one level in an article on the Oklahoma bombing appearing recently in Nexus Magazine. The article also sheds some interesting new evidence that the bombing goes far beyond a simple act of terrorism:
Top-secret Weapons Testing? Were Tesla-style EM weapons used in the Kobe earthquake, the Oklahoma City bombing and the downing of TWA Flight 800, in a secret war between unidentified factions? Part 5 (final)
Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 5, #1(December 1997 - January 1998) by Harry Mason, B.Sc., M.Sc.
Electromagnetic (EMF) anomalies at demolition of Murrah building in Oklahoma City, April 1995: Along with the evidence of seismic action shaking the building some five to ten seconds prior to any explosion or blast hitting the building, there were several other mysterious pre-explosion events. A policeman working at his computer noticed electrical sparks and streamers in the wiring under the table several seconds before the explosion brought the Murrah building down around him. A woman in an upper floor noted a strong ionizing electrical sensation and hot air flow entering the windows several seconds prior to the explosion which blew the same windows in on her. The lights in the building went out some five seconds before the explosion. A dictation tape recording made across the street from the ?bombed? building recorded a loud ?click? a few seconds before it recorded the sound of a huge explosion. This ?click? was probably a local electromagnetic wave spike of considerable intensity.
An eyewitness located in a car a couple of hundred metres from ground zero observed a silver-white flash or beam coming out of the top of the building, followed by a large blue-white electrical arcing flash or beam, followed by an orange-red light flash or beam that shot out from the top of the building. These electrical and light effects took some five seconds and preceded the actual explosion . . . They were followed immediately by two explosive shock waves, one trailing on the other, that propagated out and away from the base of the building. These waves lifted the ground and buildings violently upwards. The witness called this the ?lid effect?. Several cars located on the above-ground car park had electronic ignition computers completely burnt out by the event. Two cars had factory-fitted digital magnetic compasses that were later found to have been thrown out by 180 degrees and 45 degrees respectively. Many nearby office computers went down with burnt-out circuit-boards. These facts point strongly to a major EM pulse having struck the area associated with the explosion.?
The idea that we are currently entering into the most dangerous and oppressive times in history when the New World Order shall, in fact, openly control the planet with the arrogance they have always shown toward its population, is further supported by the increasing encroachment on what are left of people?s rights to privacy and freedom, inherent in the recent passage of the anti-terrorist bill in the U.S.
Two particularly telling signs of the things to come for Western Man appeared on David Icke?s website, sent in by an anonymous donor:
An electronic smart card will replace the current ID card issued by the Interior Ministry from June 1 (2000). The smart card, containing a microchip, will initially be used as an ID card, but later will be expanded to include information on driver?s licenses, refugee cards, voting, public health and social security as well as income tax. The smart card will be issued in all districts and will be able to be used wherever there are government information terminals linked up to the central computer in the capital. Interior Ministry official George Theodorou said the card would be issued to all new ID card applicants and citizens could swap their old cards for the new ones from June. Until the old card is phased out both will be valid. Citizens will not be required to take passport photographs with them as electronic cameras linked up to the computer terminals will be used, he said. The cards will be replaced every five or ten years depending on the microchip used, he said. (Source: The Cyprus Weekly, ~ Nicosia, Cyprus)
A new R800-million national identification system has been launched by Home Affairs Minister Mangosuthu Buthelezi in Pretoria (SA). Buthelezi said the multipurpose ?smart cards? would replace the bar-coded identity documents and regulate welfare grants and other state payouts. The new system, expected to come into effect in September next year, would help combat the illegal use of identity documents, said Buthelezi. The smart card would be fitted with a microchip that would be able to give instant access to the holder?s fingerprint, he said. The cabinet would soon decide on whether the cards should replace the existing driver?s license cards, said Buthelezi. (source: Sapa)
Hand in hand with this desire of the New World Order to know who and where everybody on the planet (of consequence to them) is and what are they doing, comes the technology to make all this possible. The Digital Angel was released for use in November, though various more advanced crystal implants have been in use for eons.. Various television news magazines are now describing the use of brain scans such as the following article refers to, its technology to be used not simply for ?criminals?:
Brain Fingerprinting: A New Paradigm in Criminal Investigations
?Farwell Brain Fingerprinting is a revolutionary new technology for investigating crimes and exonerating innocent suspects, with a record of 100% accuracy in research on FBI agents, research with US government agencies, and field applications. The technology is proprietary and patented.
?Brain Fingerprinting fulfills an urgent need for government, law enforcement agencies, corporations, and individuals. Over a trillion dollars are spent annually on crime fighting worldwide.
?Brain Fingerprinting solves the central problem by determining scientifically whether a suspect has the details of a crime stored in his brain. It has received extensive media coverage around the world. The technology is fully developed and available for application.?
The events which are about to take place on the planet are not all predetermined as some would have you believe. Most of us as the individual aspects of Soul that we are, have chosen to come here at this time to experience exactly these coming events. Many of us have also agreed to come here at this time in order to be of service?if we can awaken, that is, and if we can find it within ourselves to have the courage to ?step up to bat?.
The Matrix-hologram in which we have been living for so long is exactly the life that Soul has been successfully entrained and enslaved to, and is therefore accepting as ?normal? and ?inevitable?. While many of us seek to change ?the system?, seeing some of it as being ?askew?, we constantly seek to make ourselves believe that the rest of the system is okay, instead of understanding and accepting the fact that the entire Matrix is flawed. It is our belief that our education system, our political system, and even our religious systems all have some validity, that keeps the Matrix in place.
All of this too, however, shall pass away in the coming ascension process?if we can make it happen, but it will take lots of Heart.
?The powers of global totalitarianism are wholly dependent on the eventual eradication of the human heart, as the last and most dangerous obstacle to their achievements. It is the life of the heart that connects us to the energy of reality, and allows us to be human at all. These are not mere words, but an effort to point toward the foundation of mutual existence. To be truly human means to understand oneself as a microcosm of God?s love and to act accordingly. These are mere words, yet nevertheless, the experience itself is the sole key to our human future. Without a direct living connection to the voice of the heart, we are quite literally heartless. And this is in fact quite a common condition, receiving little comment and still going relatively unnoticed in modern ?civilization?. As if heartless thinking is perfectly acceptable, and even normal! Yet all the plans of highly intelligent minds devoid of heart originate in utter darkness, and this is the underlying cause of all our global woes.
?Consider the actual meaning of heartlessness, which is the absence of all conscience. Those who are running this planet into the ground, in order to reach down into new levels of control and manipulation, are completely dependent on general human compliance as they go along. Therefore many clever incremental steps, habituating our species into ignoring the dictates of the heart, have already been taken. Awareness of the genuine life of the heart is being rapidly socially engineered right out of existence. The strong powerful truths of the heart are carefully caricatured and distorted as if they were cheap personal sentimentality. The genuine feelings of the heart, responding naturally to this technological nightmare, are being dismissed as ?mere emotional reactions.? The dark minds on this world continuously exert tremendous force in order to maintain and widen this false separation between mind and heart. The secret engine behind appearances is driving humanity to accept all feeling responses to the prevailing insanity as ?inconsequential?.
?Utmost heartlessness is the very essence and overriding characteristic of the future totalitarian world. It is not planned that humanity should retain any connection to, or even memory of, its own heart. Only a dead heart will quietly accept the destruction of the mother-substance of creation, and the substitution of the profit motive for human spiritual purpose. Our bodies and this world are one and the same, indivisibly. Who then owns us? Do we freely belong to ourselves, to one another, and to the Creator of all? Or do we belong to these dark usurping intermediaries, to those whose sole intention is to manipulate, control and profit from our existence? Humanity as a whole is faced with a seemingly impossible necessity. Heartless manipulators and moneychangers intend to extend their control to every last particle of the temple of this world. They have long ago successfully hypnotized and utterly enslaved the vast majority of us into unthinking acceptance of their wholesale domination of our reality. What then is the hope for our species?
Above all the essence of what each individual needs to do at this time is to connect with that Heart and not to surrender to fear. And it is the duty of those who are aware to help those who are not, not to be afraid and to create or participate in the chaos that is sure to be involved. The following passage from Edgar Cayce repeats the message of the Spiritual Hierarchy as the best way to survive the difficult times ahead?that is, keep saying to yourself, ?I have what I need for today, I will have what I need for tomorrow.?
?As has been given, ?Fear not.? Keep the faith; for those that be with thee are greater than those who would hinder. Though the very heavens fall, though the earth shall be changed, though the heavens shall pass, the promises . . . are sure and will stand?as in that day?as the proof of the activity in the lives and hearts of those thy fellow man . . .
?That is the interpretation. That the periods from the material angle as visioned are to come to pass matters not to soul, but do thy duty today! Tomorrow will care for itself.
?These changes in the earth will come to pass, for the time and times and half times are at an end, and there begin those periods for the readjustments. ?Hast thou, my brethren, a heritage in the earth?? (no. 294-185, June 30, 1936)
Although the New World Order has pretty much been in control of things behind the scenes for thousands of years, much of the modern-day usurpation of human rights began with the Nazis. It was the American element of the N.W.O. who were responsible for bringing to the United States the survivors of the Nazi defeat in Europe to continue their work into various means of bringing about total domination of the world?s resources and populace. These nazis then formed the basis for some of the United States most powerful institutions. According to Tom Bower?s book The Paperclip Conspiracy:
?The Paperclip Conspiracy was the climax of an astonishing battle between the Allies in the aftermath of war to seize the spoils of Nazi Germany: a successful plot by senior officers in the Pentagon to rewrite the wartime record of brilliant German scientists. Men who were classified as ?ardent Nazis? were chosen - just weeks after Hitler?s defeat - to become ?respectable? American citizens.
?Some in Britain, too, conspired to employ Nazis, seeing that as their last hope for economic recovery, but were opposed by outraged politicians and officials. While they argued, their erstwhile Allies advantageously hired the most incriminated Germans - the French and the Russians took on anyone regardless of their crimes, and the Americans through a taut web of deceit, sanitized the murderous record of Nazi scientists.?
The book reveals for the first time the despair, lies and calculating ruthlessness of Allied politicians, officers, civil servants and businessman who, after five years of bitter war, openly began fighting amongst themselves over the plunders and profit of victory. The pawns in the middle were the men, machines and secrets of the Third Reich, but the ultimate victors were the Germans themselves.
?Neil Armstrong?s epic landing on the moon in 1969 was courtesy of two groups of Germans: Werner von Braun?s rocket team, which approved the use of slave labour to build the V2 rocket, and the German aviation doctors whose pioneering experiments had included fatal tests on the inmates at Dachau . .
. ? . . . Keeping the operation totally secret was impossible, since the Germans were scattered around the country and were mingling with American citizens. Because the government?s first announcement had, deliberately, never been contradicted, the public believed the Germans were just temporary visitors. Yet the rest of the operation was top secret, and it fell to the army to deflect attention away from the secret long-term immigration and denial policies. This policy of deception would soon be extended towards the State Department and the White House. In the spring of 1946, however, it simply amounted to emphasizing the harmlessness of the Germans and their potential benefit to America.?
Bower continues:
?Gruhn hoped to control potential criticism by arranging a visit for journalists to Wright Field to meet ?representative German scientists.? In a lengthy press release, he described the recruits as ?comparable to Prof. Einstein?, and cited the new denial policy as evidence that the government was ?using vacuum cleaner methods to acquire all the technical and scientific information that the Germans have.? Had the press been more alert, Gruhn could have been seriously embarrassed. Einstein had vigorously protested to President Truman about allowing German scientists into America, and apparently no one realized that there was a possibility of large numbers of Germans arriving in the USA.?
The press in 1946, were too ?dumb? to add two and two together, and deduce there was a scandal going on with large numbers of Nazi Scientists suddenly starting to work long term in America.
Einstein was not some lone genius coming from nowhere, he was in a community of German scientists that were of his same caliber. How else, would Germany suddenly make a leap in technology during the war? It had to make that leap, because:
?Germany?s declaration of war against America and the abortive invasion of Russia had forced Hitler, at the beginning of 1942, to change his strategy from a short- to a long-term war. Admiral Donitz?s submarine designers began a crash program which pushed technical frontiers far beyond anything envisaged two years earlier. New U-boats were designed to dive to six hundred feet, a specification that the Admiralty found incredible since British designers were unable to produce anything similar. Special supply-submarines, ?Milch Cows?, which could replenish the U-boats at sea, were sent out into the Atlantic, permitting the packs to sustain longer operations . . .?
And we all know about the V- weapons. Germany just stepped up its technological capability because it had the potential to do so, it had Einstein caliber scientists and engineers. The result:
?On the eve of the Normandy landings, both American and British army chiefs privately acknowledged that their soldiers, fighting with inferior weapons, would suffer an enormous disadvantage . . .
And the Allies suddenly became engaged in a ?mad rush? to acquire Nazi technology and science:
?.... all four wartime allies, the Americans, British, Russians and French, became involved in the frantic and at times ruthless competition for German scientists [because] the use of Germans was simply not contemplated until as late as 1945. On the contrary, until the eve of peace, the notion of associating on equal terms with the men who had helped Hitler?s regime perfect weapons to kill Allied citizens was totally unthinkable . . .
?But that sudden reversal in policy happened at the same time as the concentration camps and the worst crimes of the Nazis were discovered.
?It remains a very unpalatable fact that at the very moment when thousands of determined Allied officers began the hunt for German scientists, only a very few were charged to seek out the war criminals.?
Most Nazi scientists became American citizens:
? . . . Quietly operating behind a screen of misinformation, JIOA officers were plotting the perfect solution: to rewrite and sanitize the Nazi?s wartime activities by falsifying the security reports which were a vital preliminary for the scientists? visas and their eventual citizenship.?
Reference: The Paperclip Conspiracy, Tom Bower, Michael Joseph, London, 1987
With German know-how and American financing, the Western branch of the New World Order continued the march toward fulfilling an ancient plan for world domination and total control of the mindless (or rendered mindless) masses.
Whereas Hitler had once filled a bill to both push forward as well as divert attention away from this grander plan, Osama Bin Laden has now filled those shoes. In some cases, he has become a scapegoat for every event related to the New World Order?s takeover. Like any good propaganda exercise, it is all a matter of adding a little bit of truth to a great deal of smoke and mirrors. The alliance between the Arabic-cult The Assassins and the fore-runner of the Freemasons, the Knights Templar, at the time of the Crusades was just such a relationship as we see going on today between ?terrorists? and those who supposedly oppose them. They are aligned with a single goal in secret while supposedly opposing each other in the open.
Those caught in the middle of such wars, the children murdered in Oklahoma City, the people sacrificed at the WTC, the soldiers on both sides who feel they are ?fighting for their country? or an ideal, are not innocent victims as the media would have us believe. There are no innocent victims in this struggle. Mankind and all of Creation is at war here against a Darkness which threatens to control us all. In such a war, all of us then become combatants?whether we like it or not.
The Bush family?s connection to both Adolph Hitler and to the bin Laden family has been documented by the alternative press. Osama bin Laden was accused by the U.S. of masterminding the bombing of the Khobar Towers complex in Dhahran on June 25, 1996, which killed 19 U.S. airmen and wounded about 500 others. Afterwards, a new ?super-secure? facility was erected:
?The facility very likely is the most heavily guarded operational installation used by the US military . . . In a supreme irony, the complex was built by the giant contractor, Saudi Binladin Group?owned by the same family that produced international terrorist Osama bin Laden, now an outcast in his homeland.? (Air Force Magazine, February, 1999)
?Irony? is not exactly the word some would use, but OK.
There are other gaping holes in this pretense of war, some made clearer in this article, Gaping Holes in the ?CIA vs. bin Laden? Story by Jared Israel.
?Below we have posted an article from the ?Times of India.? It reports that according to the BBC program, ?Newsnight,? the Bush administration told the FBI to back off from investigating the bin Laden family?s terrorist connections before the attack on the World Trade Center.
?According to the publication, ?Le Figaro,? a CIA agent visited Osama bin Laden last July. ?Figaro? reports that this meeting took place while bin Laden was being treated in the American Hospital in Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates. (6)
?You may have read the article we posted a few weeks ago, with excerpts from a congressional hearing last year on terrorism in South Asia. In that hearing, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher charged the Clinton administration with sabotaging efforts to arrest bin Laden. (4)
?As more facts come to light it becomes increasingly evident that the official story, that Osama bin Laden broke with the U.S. Establishment and its Saudi Arabian junior partners a decade ago and has been trying to destroy the U.S. Empire ever since - is an invention. The claim made by the Clinton and Bush administrations, that they have tried, but unfortunately failed, to defeat the wily Mr. bin Laden is full of holes.
?Here are a few of the bigger ones.
?THE GULF WAR SCENARIO ---According to the official story, bin Laden broke with the Saudi and U.S. governments over the Gulf War. That may sound plausible to Western ears. After all, Iraq is an Arab country and bin Laden is an Arab. But Iraq and Saudi Arabia are quite different. Saudi Arabia was and is tyrannized by the fanatical Fundamentalist Wahhabi sect, endorsed by the Saudi ?royal family? and by the rich bin Laden family as well. Iraq, by way of contrast, was a center of secular Arab culture.
?Bin Laden spent the 1980s fighting a secular government (which was backed by Soviet troops) in Afghanistan. Then he returned to Saudi Arabia where:
?After Iraq?s invasion of Kuwait he lobbied the Saudi royal family to organize civil defense in the kingdom and to raise a force from among the Afghan war veterans to fight Iraq.? (?Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,? 23 September 2001 Sunday, Two Star Edition, pg. A-12, ?How a Holy War against the Soviets turned on US? by Ahmed Rashid)
?Why did he want ?to raise a force fight Iraq??
?Nobody can seriously argue that the Iraqis intended to attack Saudi Arabia. The argument between Iraq and Kuwait was over oil, and also over a geography that was inherited from colonial times. If you look at a map, you will see that Kuwait looks like a tiny but strategic piece chopped out of Iraq. (For map, see
?The Iraq-Kuwait fight was in fact a local war. All reports indicate that Saddam Hussein believed that a) Iraq was in essence being attacked by Kuwait and that therefore an invasion would be a counter-attack and b) that the U.S. would not intervene.
?On Sept. 22, 1990, the ?N.Y. Times? published what is apparently an accurate transcript of a conversation between Saddam Hussein and U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie. This conversation took place on July 25, eight days before the outbreak of fighting . . . In it, she suggests that the Bush administration understands the Iraqi point of view and does not wish to meddle in an Arab dispute. For instance, Amb. Glaspie says:
?...we have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait...we see the Iraqi point of view that the measures taken by the U.A.E. and Kuwait is, in the final analysis, parallel to military aggression against Iraq.? (?N.Y. Times, 22 September, 1990)
?Since Hussein wanted to make sure of U.S. neutrality before taking action against Kuwait, and since Saudi Arabia is Washington?s key Arab ally, with huge U.S. military bases, of which, of course, the Iraqi leaders were aware, it is simply not conceivable that Iraq planned to attack Saudi Arabia.
?Thus, bin Laden had no defensive reason to call on ?the Saudi royal family to organize civil defense in the kingdom? let alone ?to raise a force from among the Afghan war veterans to fight Iraq.?
?So why did he take such a provocative stance?
?The most reasonable explanations are a) that he wanted to crush Iraq because it was a secular Muslim state and b) that he was associated with the CIA and was attempting to increase tensions between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, or even to provoke Iraq into launching a preemptive strike against Saudi Arabia, thus giving the U.S. an excuse to attack Iraq.
?In any event, it was clear bin Laden was not upset by the notion of fighting Iraq. Why then, according to the official story, did the Gulf War so upset him?
?The official answer is, because it involved a Saudi-U.S. alliance, which he felt desecrated Saudi Arabia.
?This is a little much to swallow. Bin laden had worked closely with U.S. forces - namely, the Central Intelligence Agency - as the representative of the Saudi ?royal family? in Afghanistan during the decade when the CIA nurtured Islamist forces to fight Afghan government and Soviet troops.
?He was no idealistic holy man. He and his family made a fortune off the carnage in Afghanistan. (This is discussed below.)
?Why should bin Laden suddenly go berserk because the Saudi Arabian government was doing exactly what he himself had done - as the representative of the Saudi Arabian government? Because (according to the official story) the war brought tens of thousands of U.S. troops into Saudi Arabian bases and this massive infidel invasion desecrated Saudi Arabia?s sacred soil. Horrified, he broke with the Saudi Arabian ?royal family? and the U.S. CONSTRUCTION BIDS ARE THICKER THAN WATER.
?It?s a compelling story, but no cigar. The sacred soil that the U.S. infidel soldiers supposedly desecrated was located in a series of top secret facilities built during the 1980s by the U.S. military at a cost (mostly to Saudi Arabia!) of - are you ready? - over 200 BILLION dollars. This was the largest U.S. military construction project ever attempted outside the continental USA. As a Public Television program reported in 1993:
?Scott Armstrong: A $200 billion program that?s basically put together and nobody?s paying attention to it. It?s?it?s the ultimate government off the books...
?Scott Armstrong: The Saudis have been the principal backers and financiers of the largest armaments system that the world has ever seen, in any region of the world, that includes over $95 billion worth of weapons that they bought themselves, includes another $65 billion worth of military infrastructure and ports that they?ve put in. We?ve managed to create an interlocking system that has one master control base, five sub-control bases, any one of which is capable of operating the whole thing, that are in hardened bunkers, that are hard-wired, that is to say, against nuclear blast or anything else. They created nine major ports that weren?t there before, dozens of airfields all over the kingdom. They have now hundreds of modern American fighter planes and the capability of adding hundreds more. The Saudis alone have spent $156 billion that I can document line by line, item by item, on weapons system and infrastructure to support this.?
(FRONTLINE Show #1112 Air Date: February 16, 1993 ?The Arming of Saudi Arabia?. [Scott Armstrong is a top investigative reporter for the ?Washington Post?] (For official PBS Web Page for the show, click here; for the transcript, click here)
?The contracts for building those bases, ports, and airfields went in part to Saudi construction companies. Osama?s family company, Saudi Binladin Group (the name is spelled differently but it?s the same family) is intimate with the Saudi royal family; moreover it is the biggest Saudi construction company (and also a giant in the telecommunications field).
?So as sure as death and taxes, Saudi Binladin Group got a nice chunk of that $200 billion. And while the bin Ladens were building those U.S. bases, who did Osama think was going to be using them? Martians?
HIGH-RENT CAVES ---?Osama did some building for the infidels in Afghanistan as well. That was during the late 1980s. Under contract with the CIA, he and the family company built the multi-billion dollar ?caves? (1) in which he is now, supposedly, hiding, thus causing the U.S. and Britain to bomb the Red Cross, the Red Crescent, and other strategic military installations:
?He brought in engineers from his father?s company and heavy construction equipment to build roads and warehouses for the Mujaheddin. In 1986, he helped build a CIA-financed tunnel complex, to serve as a major arms storage depot, training facility and medical center for the Mujaheddin, deep under the mountains close to the Pakistan border.?
(?Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,? 23 September 2001 Sunday, Two Star Edition, pg. A-12, ?How a Holy War against the Soviets turned on US? by Ahmed Rashid)
OH DEAR, DON?T SEND THAT AWFUL MAN TO US! ---?After supposedly breaking with the Saudi rulers - though we doubt the story - bin Laden went to Sudan. Soon the Sudanese tired of his presence. In March, 1996, Maj. Gen. Elfatih Erwa, then the Sudanese Minister of State for Defense, offered to extradite bin Laden either to Saudi Arabia or the United States.
?The Sudanese security services, he said, would happily keep close watch on bin Laden for the United States. But if that would not suffice, the government was prepared to place him in custody and hand him over, though to whom was ambiguous. In one formulation, Erwa said Sudan would consider any legitimate proffer of criminal charges against the accused terrorist.? (?The Washington Post,? 3 October 2001)
?U.S. officials turned down the offer of extradition. ?The Washington Post? article that reported this goes into some length quoting U.S. officials attempting to explain exactly why they turned down the offer. The officials are quoted explaining that the Saudis were afraid of a fundamentalist backlash if they jailed and executed bin Laden, that they resented Sudan, that the U.S. resented Sudan, that the U.S. didn?t have sufficient evidence to put him on trial. Everything, in fact, except the simplest explanation: that bin Laden was a U.S. asset - either part of the CIA, or someone whom the CIA used. Perhaps the ?Washington Post? writers were hinting at this explanation when they wrote:
?And there were the beginnings of a debate, intensified lately, on whether the United States wanted to indict and try bin Laden or to treat him as a combatant in an underground war.? (?The Washington Post,? 3 October 2001)
?Emphasis on the word ?treat? as in ?pretend that he was.?
?In any case, the Sudanese offer of extradition was turned down: ?[U.S. officials] said, ?Just ask him to leave the country. Just don?t let him go to Somalia,? Erwa, the Sudanese general, said in an interview. ?We said he will go to Afghanistan, and they [US officials!] said, ?Let him.??
?On May 15, 1996, Foreign Minister Taha sent a fax to Carney in Nairobi, giving up on the transfer of custody. His government had asked bin Laden to vacate the country, Taha wrote, and he would be free to go.? (?The Washington Post,? 3 October 2001)
Note: ?We said he will go to Afghanistan, and they [US officials!] said, ?Let him.??
THAT WOULD BE ILLEGAL!---?It is mind boggling that U.S. government officials would try to justify rejecting Sudan?s offer to extradite bin Laden because the Clinton administration was ?lacking a case to indict him in U.S. courts at the time,? (?WP?, 3 Oct.) Do they think Americans have no ability to remember what happened the day before yesterday? For example, that this same U.S. government didn?t hesitate to bomb Sudan, Iraq and Yugoslavia, all of which bombings constituted the worst criminal violations of international law? Not to mention Afghanistan. Not to mention the Red Cross. (5)
?Moreover, according to the highly reputable ?Jane?s Intelligence Review?:
?In February 1995, US authorities named bin Laden and his Saudi brother-in-law, Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, among 172 unindicted co-conspirators with the 11 Muslims charged for the World Trade Center bombing and the associated plot to blow up other New York landmarks.? (?Jane?s Intelligence Review,? 1 October 1995)
?So bin Laden had been named as an unindicted co-conspirator a year before Sudan offered to extradite him. Why couldn?t the U.S. government have accepted the Sudanese offer to extradite bin Laden? Why couldn?t they have jailed him, gotten together their best case and put him on trial? What exactly did the U.S. government have to lose? The worst that could have happened would have been that they failed to convict him and had to let him leave the country...
JUST LET HIM GO, OH, ANYWHERE. MAYBE TO - AFGHANISTAN!-----?Instead, the U.S. asked Sudan to expel bin Laden, knowing full well that he would go to Afghanistan - and Kosovo and Macedonia. (2)
?By the way, two years later, the U.S. military bombed Sudan, supposedly because the Sudanese government was allied with bin Laden. Doesn?t it sound like bin Laden?s real friends were not in Sudan, as President Clinton tried to convince the world when he sent cruise missiles to destroy a Sudanese medicine factory, but in the U.S. State Department?
?There is so much about bin Laden that suggests he is still in some way associated with the CIA:
? His activities in Afghanistan prior to 1990;
? His activities on the ?U.S. side? in Bosnia, Kosovo and, quite recently, in Macedonia; (2)
? The refusal of the Clinton administration to allow Sudan to extradite him in 1996;
? The very convincing arguments by Congressman Rohrabacher that the Clinton administration sabotaged efforts to apprehend him (4);
? His functioning as a lightning rod for dissenters - getting people who oppose U.S. policy to support his ultra-repressive Islamist politics. This is discussed in the article, ?Bin Laden, Terrorist Monster.? Take Two!, which can be read at;
? His amazing transformation regarding the World Trade Center attack. At first he denied involvement, saying ?that dozens of terrorists organizations from countries like Israel, Russia, India and Serbia could be responsible? (i.e., it was the work of Satan) and ?insisted that al Qaida does not consider the United States its enemy.? But a week later he issued a video tape where he said ?God Almighty hit the United States at its most vulnerable spot . . .When Almighty God rendered successful a convoy of Muslims, the vanguards of Islam, He allowed them to destroy the United States. I ask God Almighty to elevate their status and grant them Paradise.? This latter statement was pre-recorded and released immediately after the U.S. government started bombing Afghanistan, that is, precisely when Mr. Bush needed the emotional impact of just such a statement in order to ?justify? yet another illegal war; (3)
? And now this report from the BBC that the Bush administration suppressed investigations into connections between members of the bin Laden family and possible terrorist groups.
?Doesn?t all this point to a working relationship between U.S. covert forces and Mr. b. L?
?WE ARE DEADLY ENEMIES, SO TAKE THESE 400 TRUCKS, O CURSED ONE!?-----?Earlier I said I doubted the reality of the ?break? between bin Laden and the Saudi Royals. According to the book, ?Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia,? by Ahmed Rashid, who is the Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asian correspondent for the ?Far Eastern Economic Review?:
?Surprisingly, just a few weeks before the U.S. Embassy bombings in Africa, the book tells us...?In July 1998 Prince Turki had visited Kandahar and a few weeks later 400 new pick-up trucks arrived in Kandahar for the Taliban, still bearing their Dubai license plates.?? (Quoted in ?The creation called Osama,? by Shamsul Islam. Can be read at
?They were all, I am told, Toyotas.
FAMILY FEUDS? --- ?One final point. Part of the official Osama story is that the elusive Mr. bin Laden broke with his family because of his extreme fundamentalist religious-politics.
?Let us consider a few pieces of information which might suggest we adopt a stance of extreme skepticism:
1) ? . . . when Osama bin Laden decided to join the non-Afghan fighters with the Mujaheddin, his family responded enthusiastically.? (?Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,? 23 September 2001)
2) The entire family is known for its fiercely conservative Islamist (Wahhabi) views: ?His father is known in these areas as a man with deeply conservative religious and political views and for his profound distaste for non-Islamic influences that have penetrated some of the most remote corners of old Arabia.? UPI, quoted at It is true that families have feuds. In the typical U.S. family, wars may happen. People fight; they make peace. But Osama does not come from a ?typical U.S. family.? He comes from an intensely conservative rural Yemeni clan. Such families don?t have petty fights and stop talking to each other for ten years and then make up and it?s no big deal:
?Though he grew up in the Saudi Arabian city of Jiddah, about 700 miles away across the Arabian peninsula, those who know him say he retains the characteristics of the people of this remote Yemeni region: extremely clannish and intensely conservative in their adherence to strict forms of Islam.?
3) If such clans do feud, it can get violent. And certainly, it is hard to believe that Osama would be disowned by this sort of clan-family (as the official story claims he was) but nevertheless maintain cordial relations with family members.
?Consider this report:
?[National Security] Agency officials have sometimes played tapes of bin Laden talking to his mother to impress members of Congress and select visitors to the agency.? (quoted in ?Baltimore Sun?, 24 April 2001)
And this: ?Bin Ladens building U.S. troops? housing By Sig Christenson; Express-News Staff Writer
?Bin Laden family members have said they are estranged from their brother, who turned against the Saudi government after joining Muslim fighters following the Soviet Union?s 1979 invasion of Afghanistan.
?But Yossef Bodansky, director of the House Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, said ?sama maintains connections? with some of his nearly two dozen brothers. He would not elaborate.? (?San Antonio Express-News,? 14 September 1998)
And, finally, from ?Le Figaro?: ?While he was hospitalised [in the American Hospital in Dubai in July, 2001], bin Laden received visits from many members of his family as well as prominent Saudis and Emiratis.? (6)
Bush took FBI agents off Laden family trail
?Times of India? 7 November 2001
LONDON: America was itself to blame for the events of September 11 because the US administration was using ?kid gloves? in tracking down Osama bin Laden and ?other fanatics linked to Saudi Arabia?, a special BBC investigation has alleged in a damning indictment of the two presidents Bush and American foreign policy.
The report, which the BBC claimed was based on a secret FBI document, numbered 199I WF213589 and emanating out of the FBI?s Washington field office, alleged that the cynicism of the American establishment and ?connections between the CIA and Saudi Arabia and the Bush men and bin Ladens? may have been the real cause of the deaths of thousands in the World Trade Centre attacks.
The investigation, which featured in the BBC?s leading current affairs programme, Newsnight, said the FBI was told to ?back off? investigating one of Osama bin Laden?s brothers, Abdullah, who was linked to ?the Saudi-funded World Association of Muslim Youth (WAMY), a suspected terrorist organisation,? whose accounts have still not frozen by the US treasury despite ?being banned by Pakistan some weeks ago and India claiming it was linked to an organisation involved in bombing in Kashmir?.
Newsnight said there was a long history of ?shadowy? American connections with Saudi Arabia, not least the two presidents Bush?s ?business dealings? with the bin Ladens and another more insidious link revealed by the former head of the American visa section in Jeddah.
The official said he had been concerned about visas issued to large numbers of ?unqualified? men ?with no family links or any links with America or Saudi Arabia?, only to find out later that it ?was not visa fraud? but part of a scheme in which young men ?recruited by Osama bin Laden? were being sent for ?terrorist training by the CIA? after which they were sent on to Afghanistan.
In a reiteration of a now well-known claim by one of George W Bush?s former business partners, the BBC said he made his first million 20 years ago on the back of a company financed by Osama?s elder brother, Salem. But it added the more disturbing assertion that both presidents Bush had lucrative stakes along with the bin Ladens in Carlyle Corporation, a small private company which has gone on to become one of America?s biggest defence contractors. The bin Ladens sold their stake in Carlyle soon after September 11, it said.
American politicians later told the BBC programme that they rejected the accusation that the establishment had called the dogs of the intelligence agencies off the bin Ladens and the royal House of Saud because of a strategic interest in Saudi Arabia, which has the world?s biggest oil reserve.
? ?Times of India,? 2001 Posted for Fair Use Only
Original Story:
Other stories on the BBC Newsnight report:,4273,4293682,00.html
======================================= ***
1) ?Taliban Camps U.S. bombed in Afghanistan Were Built by NATO?. Based on ?N.Y. Times? article. Can be read at
2) ?Bin Laden in the Balkans.? Mainstream news reports that confirm bin Laden?s support for terrorism - and, alas, the ?U.S.? side - in the Balkans. Can be read at
3) ??Bin Laden, Terrorist Monster.? Take Two!,? by Jared Israel. Can be read at
4) ?Congressman: U.S. Set Up Anti-Taliban to be Slaughtered? Comments by Jared Israel followed by excerpts from congressional hearing. Can be read at
(Full transcript of hearings can be read at )
(5) ?Red Cross Spokesmen Refute Pentagon Lies?. An Interview by Emperor?s Clothes with the Red Cross about the U.S. bombing of its Afghan facilities. Can be read at:
6) ?CIA AGENT ALLEGEDLY MET BIN LADEN IN JULY? . Translation of article from ?Le Figaro? can be read at:
The true reasons behind all these goings on seems so overwhelming and so preposterous to some who have not kept pace with the machinations of the U.S. government around the world over the past 100 years. To those who know, however, they speak volumes about the way the world has been run, at least since the Middle Ages. There have been ?the Lords??what many call ?the Illuminati??and there have been ?the servants?.
History has been full of the servants rising up though.
From Ken Adachi 12-4-1
Editor?s Note: This is heartening news. When enough people are informed of the deceits being perpetuated by the NWO crowd, resistance can turn the tide. Perhaps the NWO control/enslavement campaign is not such a Done Deal after all. Take action on a personal lever and RESIST in every way you can. Two examples:
1) A veteran recently told me that the VA Hospital had been hounding him to get their new picture ID smart card (with magnetic encoded life history info, DNA frequency signature etc.). He told them no, he was going to continue to use the old embossed ID card issued to him. They said that he HAD to get the new card. He said no, that it wasn?t mandatory and he was going to continue with his old ID card. They backed down and said OK, he didn?t have to get the new card.
2) A lady told me that the apartment complex where she lives recently switched to laundry machines that require a smart card (purchased with a credit card) and had removed the coin operated laundry machines. The apartment management touted is as a great convenience, etc.. She told management that she wasn?t going to use their smart card laundry machines; that she knew the real reason had to do with the NWO cashless society plan; and that she was going to organize a boycott by other residents of the complex.
Does that give you any ideas? ...Ken Adaci ?
The greatest peril for us lies in the chemical, biological, and now ultrasound weapons which have, are, and will be used against us in the quest for total submission of the populace. Implants not already taken are so small that they can be inserted through any vaccine without the recipient?s knowledge. Then comes the task of lining everyone up . . .
Mandatory AIDS Vaccine Coming Soon by Cliff Kincaid
The United Nations, which just had a big conference on AIDS, has a plan to infect the American people with the AIDS virus through what they call an ?AIDS vaccine.? They say this will stop the epidemic and ?protect? us. They first want to use these AIDS shots on children and our military personnel. No one will be spared if their plan goes through. One AIDS vaccine could be on the market soon.
Back in the 1970s, the government used a swine flu vaccine on millions of people, only to find out later that it was causing health problems and even death. The program was canceled?but only after 50 million people got their shots.
We can?t take a chance on an AIDS vaccine. Millions could be infected before they realize they made a mistake. The Committee to Protect Medical Freedom ( has uncovered evidence that newborn babies are being given AIDS shots in federal experiments underway RIGHT NOW. The committee released a 25,000-word report examining the role of the U.N., the U.S. Government and billionaire Bill Gates in pushing the AIDS vaccine. This report is available on the committee?s web site.
With few exceptions, our media won?t tell you the awful truth. They tell us that the recent UN conference on AIDS was designed to spend more money on poor victims of the disease in far away places such as Africa. But buried in the official UN declaration was that they want to ?accelerate? the development of AIDS vaccines and ?facilitate rapid access? to them around the world, including HERE in the United States. That means the UN will pressure our government?the Centers for Disease Control?to require that everybody take an AIDS shot.
So if you thought AIDS didn?t affect you or your loved ones, please think again. If AIDS doesn?t kill you, this AIDS vaccine will. The AIDS vaccine gives people a form of the virus that causes AIDS on the assumption that we won?t develop the entire deadly disease. Experts and scientists at the Committee to Protect Medical Freedom conference on June 20 said this is just too risky and dangerous. The conference included Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center, Dr. Howard Urnovitz, and attorney Walter Kyle, who explained how contaminated polio vaccines may have led to cancers and AIDS in humans. A two and one-half hour tape of the event is available for $34.95 (shipping & handling included) by calling 1-800-787-5246. We need to encourage Congress to hold hearings on the HIV/AIDS vaccine project. Please contact: * 202-225-5074 Ask for Beth Clay of the House Committee on Government Reform. Ask that Congressman Dan Burton conduct hearings into the HIV/AIDS vaccine project. * 202-224-4721 Ask for John Bonsell. Ask that Senator James Inhofe, chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Readiness and Management Support, conduct hearings into plans by the U.S. Military HIV Research Program to use an AIDS vaccine on the troops. * 202-225-2132. Ask for Dr. William Duncan. Ask that Congressman Ernest Istook seek hearings into the HIV/AIDS vaccine project. We must draw the line against the U.N. on the matter of a mandatory AIDS vaccine. We can avoid AIDS if we just live a normal lifestyle. But we may not be able to avoid their AIDS vaccine.
*** Mr. Kincaid is director of the Committee to Protect Medical Freedom. He can be contacted at: P.O. Box 146, Owings, Maryland 20736 (301) 855-2679/ fax 301-855-3732
The Idaho Observer
P.O. Box 457 Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869
Phone: 208-255-2307 Email:
Arkansas Moms Sue State Over Child Vaccines Arkansas Moms Sue State Over Child Vaccines
By Matt Pyeatt Staff Writer December 07, 2001(
Two Catholic women in Arkansas are suing the state, claiming their religious freedom is being violated because of a program that mandates vaccinations for their children. Shannon Law, of Little Rock, wants her three children exempted from the chickenpox vaccine, because, she says, the vaccine is derived from ?aborted fetuses.? Susan Brock, of Royal, is suing to prevent her four children from being vaccinated against Hepatitis-B because, she says, she does not want to give the impression her children are sexually promiscuous or drug users?two of the primary ways Hepatitis B is spread. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Little Rock. As the legal case unfolds, none of the children has yet been vaccinated. The controversy began when Arkansas health officials denied exemptions to the women, despite a state law that allows parents to opt out of vaccination programs if they can show doctrinal proof that their ?recognized? church opposes the immunizations. Law attempted to show just that, according to her lawyer, Erik Stanley, with the Liberty Counsel. Law sent Arkansas officials excerpts from Catholic catechism as well as statements from priests.
One of those came from a priest at the Vatican, who, according to Stanley, ?backed her up, saying that while there is no explicit Catholic doctrine that says Catholics are opposed to the chicken pox vaccination, she logically derived from the Catholic teaching that she should be opposed to chicken pox immunization because it is derived from aborted fetuses.? In denying Law the exemption, Arkansas? Department of Health ?cited some sort of study from some committee that the Denver Archbishop had created, saying there was no problem with the chicken pox vaccination,? Stanley said. Reginald Rogers, deputy general counsel for the Arkansas Department of Health, said that while the vaccines were originally developed using aborted fetuses, that is no longer the case. ?What I understand is that you don?t use the same materials. It is derived through cultures over and over and over again,? Rogers said. He added that, ?the Vatican has not taken a position on this issue of using a derived cell structure from an aborted fetus.?
?We?re not getting into a theological debate. We were only pointing out that [Law?s] view of what the church said didn?t match with what we had received information on,? Rogers said. ?Most moralists agree that there is not a problem with using that because you are not using the original aborted fetus. This is several generations of cell development.? Stanley is also representing Brock, who was denied an exemption from the Arkansas Department of Health when she sought to have her children spared from the Hepatitis-B vaccine. ?This shows that it is happening to more than one person, this is not an isolated incident,? Stanley said. ?I think it is just a matter of time before people begin realizing what is in these vaccinations and start objecting to them. This violates people?s religious beliefs.? Last month, the Oravax/Acambis Corporation was awarded a federal contract to develop a new smallpox vaccine. The company has proposed to the Centers for Disease Control and the Federal Drug Administration the use of ?human fibroblasts,? or parts of aborted fetuses in the smallpox vaccinations.[This message contained attachments]
Probably the greatest threat to human freedom right now is drugs. Like their masters, those alien beings who are the real power behind the throne of the New World Order who once came to the planet as drug runners for the galaxy (see Nibiru: Getting Rid of the Smoke and Mirrors ), the servants they left behind to enslave the rest of us use the same ?chemical substitutes? for true spiritual direction. And who is it that supplies the money for our own families and friends to be ?drugged??
by Sherman H. Skolnick 08/27/01
To understand Wal-Mart, you have to have a handle on Arkansas. And to figure out Arkansas, you have to be knowledgeable about the Rockefellers. And to fathom the Red Chinese Secret Police, you have to know a lot about the richest family in the world.
To begin: The Rockefellers like to own and operate entire states with a sizable geography, good natural assets, and a relatively small population. That way, if need be, to win a so-called ?election?, they could more or less find it cheap to buy all the votes they may need to install their people. West Virginia is such a state. Like an ancient Colossus of Rhodes, astride the entrance to a harbor, the Rockefellers have a foot on both sides. On occasion, they pretend to be Democrats. Other times, as Republicans. They have installed as U.S. Senator (W.Va., D.) John D. Rockefeller 4th, great grandson of John D. Rockefeller, founder of the bloody and infamous Standard Oil Trust. Broken up by a U.S. Supreme Court decree in 1911, the Standard Oil Trust, changing its name slightly to fool novices, is back together again.
Historically, Standard Oil would bomb their own obsolete plants, to blame onto a competitor, thereby gaining public support and strangling competition. [Ida Tarbell wrote early in the 20th Century detailed accounts of Rockefeller crimes.] As U.S. Senator he calls himself Jay to be cute. His wife, Sharon Percy Rockefeller, has a key position in so-called ?public? broadcasting. Consequently, we call it National Petroleum Radio. NPR and PBS would never finger the Rockefellers and Big Oil. [Happily, she has no say so whatever in local public access Cable TV, where we operate an opposition to the monopoly press.] We have determined to our satisfaction, by confronting them, that Chicago-based Harris Bank reportedly has dozens and dozens of secret joint accounts of the Percy/Rockefeller Family with so-called ?terrorist? Osama bin Laden, tied together through Mid-East construction contracts. Ha! Ha! The oil-soaked White House says they would like to freeze bin Laden?s bank accounts if they can find them. Really?
Another Rockefeller owned and operated state is Arkansas. Sizable land, small population. You cannot be so much as a successful dog-catcher there without the blessings of the Rockefellers.
Several terms before Clinton, Winthrop Rockefeller was Governor. Our interviews with middle-level members of the Rockefeller Family convinces us his proper name should be WILLIAM ROCKEFELLER CLINTON. We feel certain, from all we know, that Sludge Willy is the illegitimate great grandson of the unsmiling Rockefeller patriarch.
The Rockefellers are not naive plutocrats. If there ever were ANY documents proving that Winthrop Rockefeller fathered five illegitimate children around the nation including the person who calls himself ?Bill Clinton?, those records, if any, have long since been destroyed.
So please, like some ninny, do not heckle us with ?Where are your documents?? Until the Rockefellers are ready to throw away Bill and Hillary as no longer useful, they are untouchable. At the Senate Clinton Impeachment trial, the U.S. Senators certainly understood all this. [As an example, is it necessary for us to point out that the so-called ?Watergate Affair? was touched off without a single document?] It is surprising how some people look at a backward state like Arkansas, and yet do not wonder about the so-called great fortunes headquartered there. Tyson Chickens. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. and all their subsidiaries, and J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, reportedly has undercover agent reports how Tyson, in the past, has been partly financed by dope trafficking. [Of course, their major user, McDonald?s, having their own problems, obviously is not interested to know. Visit our website story about McDonald?s, ?Coca-Cola, the CIA, and the Courts, Part 8?.] Cynics point to Puerto Rico where Tyson supposedly got some of their chickens. Was contraband tucked into some of the birds which were so old, wags claimed these chickens were eligible for Social Security pensions? Tyson has supposedly offered their chicken preparation expertise to Red China.
Really? The Chinese have been handling chickens for centuries. Do they REALLY need consulting with Tyson? Need we point out, that Southwest China, where Tyson may have visited, are producers of ?China White? dope, a major export to the U.S., much, often via Chicago.
Starting about the late 1970s, the Rockefeller banks, such as the First National of Chicago, now to confuse people re-named Bank One, began loaning billions and billions of dollars to mainland China. The promise was that Red China would pay back with gold from their western provinces.
BUT, China did not allow in any inspectors to determine if there is that much gold there to be used to re-pay the loans. Instead, China has been allowed to pay back with ?China White? flooding into the U.S. All the while the press-fakers keep falsely saying that most of the dope is coming from Colombia.
The American CIA, after all, are the security force worldwide protecting the assets and oil fields of the Rockefellers. So it should come as no surprise that ethnic Chinese, the Riady Family, suddenly got big in Arkansas. A money laundry vehicle has been Stephen & Co., the Rockefeller-linked bond house, second only to Wall Street, headquartered in Little Rock.
In the 1980s, the CIA was shipping through the southern states, guns to Central America, and return trips of dope. Some originating in Colombia and a few other places. It was centered around a small community in western Arkansas, Mena, and the Mena Airport. The Riadys bought the tiny First National Bank of Mena reportedly as a laundry vehicle to the Chicago markets. [Visit our extensive website stories about the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange.] With the aid of the Rockefellers and through the Riadys, reportedly billions of dope dollars traveled this route.
You can understand how profound the corruption is. Instrumental in the past in covering up this massive dope smuggling has been Asa Hutchinson. Get this. He has been recently named head of the DEA.
Wal-Mart and J.B. Hunt Transport Services. Where did the funding come from in the 1980s, for them to get so big? If you think they spread out simply because they are clever, then you are a firm believer in fairy tales. In simple terms, the backward state of Arkansas, controlled by the Rockefellers, with Rockefeller-agent calling himself ?Bill Clinton? (or whatever his real name is), became the shuttle point for the Red Chinese in America.
When it comes to ?evidence?, you have to recognize that circumstantial proof can be as powerful as paper records. How about those in murder cases sentenced to the death penalty, not by way of eyewitnesses, but only circumstantial proof, not ?documents?.
In its simplest terms, Wal-Mart is a front for the Rockefellers and the Red Chinese Secret Police. Do not the top honchos at Wal-Mart know that their cheap prices are based on production by Chinese slave labor, in camps and factories operated by the Secret Police? By the way, there has been a movement in the U.S. to pay reparations to the descendants of American slavery. Will there some day be a similar movement in mainland China, to compensate the families and descendants of slave laborers?
Items that other stores sell for twenty dollars are sold by Wal-Mart for ten dollars. And Wal-Mart reportedly pays only twenty cents for the item made by slave labor. There is very little about the period of the 1980s as to Wal-Mart, when the Rockefellers were installing the Chinese in Arkansas and in American business. Who was noticing when the Rockefellers were playing their China card?
Who is a major transporter for Wal-Mart and got likewise big in the 1980s? Why, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc., now headquartered in Lowell, Arkansas. Some of J.B. Hunt?s drivers have confirmed to us, off the record, because they do not wish to jeopardize their good jobs (1) that reportedly they have reason to believe on occasion they are transporting contraband, believed by them to be narcotics and (2) that state authorities, such as in Illinois, know J.B. Hunt trucks are untouchable, not to be stopped for searching such as for contraband, or suspected overloading, or any other trucking or other violations. In Illinois, the trucks are headed for a J.B. Hunt terminal in a Chicago suburb.
On their own website,, here is how they describe their founder Johnnie Bryan Hunt, ?J.B. Hunt embodies the American rags-to-riches FABLE in its most engaging personification. A living example of the AMERICAN DREAM fulfilled. He guided his billion-dollar trucking empire with the same enthusiasm and raw fortitude from which it began. But the young Hunt was an unlikely candidate for financial success of such magnitude.? (Emphasis added.) [At this point is where the Rockefeller violins start playing.] ?Born in 1927 to a family of sharecroppers, Hunt grew up working the cotton fields of north-central and eastern Arkansas.?
We think the term FABLE is well-chosen as is the myth promoted by the monopoly press of ?American Dream?. On their website is the purported ?History? of J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. They tell us little about how they got big in the 1980s, at the time the Rockefellers were setting up Arkansas as a Red Chinese outpost in America. And at a time when the Red Chinese Secret Police got bigger and bigger in the U.S. using their front, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., and its various units.
A few years ago, some local TV stations heckled Wal-Mart with small-time criticisms. Why? Well, Wal-Mart did not advertise much on local TV, so one way of jacking them up, is to start raising small questions about them. Wal-Mart got the message. Now that Wal-Mart advertises on TV more heavily than in the past, you can bet that stories like this one are totally unacceptable to the liars and whores of the press.
To understand the picture that Wal-Mart and other ?big dealers? headquartered in Arkansas fit into, you have to study the extensive stories on our website about ?THE RED CHINESE SECRET POLICE IN THE UNITED STATES?. As we have stated, the Red Chinese Secret Police, since shortly after the Korean War, have been allowed, with impunity, to create murder and mayhem, on U.S. soil.
In April, 2001, a U.S. surveillance plane was forced down in an incident near mainland China. They held those from the plane hostage. For a while, some savvy sorts who know of Wal-Mart?s tie to Red China and slave labor there, started a boycott of Wal-Mart stores. The monopoly press reported little if anything about this.
Why are so many Americans generally so BLANK when it comes to understanding the origins of the supposed fortunes like Wal-Mart? Many grow up knowing only what they are taught from the Establishment?s propaganda school textbooks. And from what they see and hear on the mass media.
Seldom is mentioned documented studies, such as Gustavus Myers ?History of the Great American Fortunes?, showing they were founded by the most rotten criminals who were never prosecuted and jailed as they should have been. His other heavily documented book ?History of the Supreme Court? shows our legal system, at the highest level, has been riddled with crime-committing judges, such as the so-called renowned Chief Justice John Marshall from early in the 19th Century. His gold-framed portrait hangs in many law schools. In Chicago, a law school is named for him. Yet, as Myers documents, Chief Justice Marshall covered up on America?s highest tribunal , the U.S. Supreme Court, where he presided, massive land frauds INVOLVING HIS OWN FAMILY.
Another important book is ?The Corrupt Judge? by Joseph Borkin, showing how important judges were corrupted primarily in patent cases. The press whores are not about to have these books reprinted and promoted as best-sellers. You would be fortunate if you could on some dusty shelf of a public library find even one copy.
[Since 1958, Mr.Skolnick has been a court reformer. Since 1963, founder/chairman, Citizen?s Committee to Clean Up the Courts, disclosing certain instances of judicial and other bribery and political murders. Since 1991 a regular panelist, and since 1995, moderator/producer, of one-hour, weekly public access Cable TV Show, ?Broadsides?, Cablecast on Channel 21, 9 p.m. each Monday in Chicago. ]
Humanity is living in one big ?company store? where all of us get further and further into debt the harder we work. Killing their ?servants?, as we are all perceived, is nothing in the eyes of Illuminati. We are only here to serve their purposes. The arrogance with which they perceive their importance and the inability of Mankind to do anything about their agenda is no less clear in their murder of presidents and princesses, e.g. Princess Diana. While the masses mourn, the power structure laughs.
Diana Paparazzo?s burnt body found
David Leppard and Gavin Walsh
A KEY witness in the police investigation into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales has been found dead in mysterious circumstances in remote woodland in southern France. The charred body of James Andanson, a leading paparazzo who hounded Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed in the days before their deaths in Paris, was found by soldiers on military exercise in a burnt-out car near the village of Nant. Andanson, 54, was initially a suspect in the criminal inquiry by French police into the car crash which killed Diana, Dodi and Henri Paul, their driver, in August 1997. He and his family were questioned about his involvement with the pack of photographers that trailed the couple as they holidayed in the Mediterranean in the week before the crash. Andanson was also quizzed about his ownership of a white Fiat Uno, of the sort that clipped the princess?s Mercedes as it sped into the Alma tunnel, where the accident occurred. Although the car and its driver have never been traced, Herv? St?phan, the judge investigating the crash, concluded that the presence of a white Fiat Uno was a significant cause of the tragedy. Detectives are puzzled by Andanson?s death, which they say occurred in a ?very discreet and isolated? woodland in the Aveyron region of southwestern France. His body was said to have been burnt almost beyond recognition. Although found four weeks ago, Andanson was formally identified by DNA tests only last week. He had been missing since leaving his Paris home at the beginning of last month. This weekend police said they had not ruled out foul play. Lieutenant-Colonel Gerry Plane said that although Andanson had been showing serious suicidal tendencies, there would always be doubts about his death.
Extracts from confidential police files obtained by The Sunday Times show that detectives established that Andanson was in possession of a white Fiat Uno at the time of the crash in August 1997. Detectives said, however, that the paint on Andanson?s Fiat did not match that recovered from the scrape marks on the Mercedes. The car was seized by police five months after the crash from a car dealer, to whom Andanson had sold it in October 1997. It was of such interest to Mohamed al-Fayed, Dodi?s father and the owner of Harrods, that a detective working for him took photographs of it and offered to buy it. Andanson?s son, also called James, said last week that his father never spoke about the Paris crash. ?At the moment, we don?t know why my father died,? he said.
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Not only do they kill with impunity, but they control entire countries with this same disdain for any basic freedoms.
From: ?Luke Nichols? p> Subject: Cashless America....
Dear Honorable Sir(s): I am shocked by the news that is coming out of Argentina. The International Monetary Fund has put pressure on that government, and that people, to go cashless, that is, all transactions in their country will be done by debit card. They even went as far as to seize all the pension funds of those poor people. I think we know where all this is heading. Country by country, government by government, the IMF is going to put pressure on us all to do away with paper money, and go cashless. Now I don?t know if any of you gentlemen have ever opened a Bible, or not, but I suggest to you, that you read Revelation 13: 16-18, Revelation 14: 9-11, and Revelation 20:15. I don?t want to wake up one day, and see that America has gone cashless because of the IMF. I am already thinking of joining third party politics, and getting away from the main line two party system, where each and everyday, we march headlong into world order, and a communistic society. I believe in the principles of America. I believe in the liberty that God gave this country . . . and I don?t want to see a bunch of, pardon the expression, ?legislative airheads? give it all away. I will fight that, through every legal means necessary. I trust that you gentlemen will do the right thing, and keep our President in check when it comes to treaties, and economic policy.. Yours truly, Luke Nichols
The IMF is trying to get many countries, especially in South America, to accept the U.S. dollar as their official currency. With McDonald?s now being ubiquitous and the same American dollars used to buy them anywhere, what will be the use of traveling --- the world will all be so homogenized?much like it is now in the States traveling from state to state.
Panic is not the answer. Preparedness is. Guns are not the answer either. When the Constitution has been so riddled with holes as to be ineffective, when people are too overwhelmed to stand up for their rights, spiritual strength is the only thing that will overcome this threat to our God-given freedoms.
From: Larry Lawson [APFN] REPOSTS #3 on December 11, 2001
(Well, this isn?t very specific. Most of us have felt we?re waiting for the ?other shoe to drop.? And it could happen any time. Things have been done in a step-by-step manner but with all the information people are disseminating, these goons will HAVE to move for a total TAKEOVER and SOON!)
Pam Schuffert reporting from New England-
I have just received an urgent warning from Al Cuppett, Pentagon source. I spoke to him last night by phone. He revealed,
?I just received a phone call from overseas. This source warned me that something big is planned to come down around December 11-13 and will have severe consequences for the US.? As he spoke, he sounded tired and haggard. Concern filled his voice. I promised him I would further investigate and get the warning out.
I then contacted a person connected with a major Patriot command post in the western United States, who confirmed that they too have been warned regarding this time frame. The source admitted that some had even quit their jobs in response to this information regarding this time frame and were gearing up for a major event of apparently serious consequences.
-Pam Schuffert
Most America Patriots overlooked the reality that PRAVDA Russian newspaper published on October 8th this online: AMERICA IMPLEMENTS MARTIAL LAW in banner headlines. The same day, Office of Homeland Security was signed into existence! I have warned Americans repeatedly that when martial law is activated (whether or NOT is openly declared to the public) that massive arrests would follow of people in the Justice Department on file as ?potential terrorists? . . . and FEMA?s infamous red-blue lists. I have been getting reports of increased train activity as well across the US, meaning perhaps the prisoner boxcars are on the move!!!! None of this surprises me...I told them this would happen. And now that I am reading this report on Al Martin?s that the massive numbers of detainees do NOT have foreign names, I am highly suspicious!-Pam Schuffert
There are an awful lot of names on this list that are not Arabs. There are an awful lot of names on the list like ?Smith? and ?Jones? and ?Johnson? and ?Nelson.? And there?s no paper trail. Their names are being kept off computers. Even their families don?t know where they are. THIS IS ACTUALLY WHAT THEY DID IN NAZI GERMANY WHEN THEY ROUNDED UP THE JEWS AND OTHER ?UNDESIRABLES? AND THEN THREW THEM IN THE CAMPS TO BE EXTERMINATED - DON?T BELIEVE ME? THAT?S YOUR PROBLEM. SIT BACK AND WAIT FOR THEM TO KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR AND TAKE YOU AWAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. THEY ARE GOING TO SHIP THESE AMERICANS OFF TO THOSE OFF-SHORE CONCENTRATION CAMPS AND MURDER THEM JUST LIKE IN NAZI GERMAN. ARTICLE - 1- 2 - 3 - 4
You have, by virtue of the powers contained in the Constitution of the United States of America, been guaranteed the undeniable right to carry weapons (concealed or otherwise) upon your person. Regardless of what the ?pros? and ?antis? argue, the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, known as the Bill of Rights, guarantees this. The Second Amendment to the Constitution states: ?A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.?
The Dictionary defines Militia as follows: A body of citizen soldiers as distinguished from professional soldiers.
The Dictionary defines Infringe as follows: To break or ignore the terms or obligations of (an oath, agreement, law, or the like); to disregard; violate. To go beyond the boundaries or limits of; trespass; encroach.
The preamble to the main clause (?A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State...?) is just that - a defining statement, and NOT the main point. It tells us the ordinary citizen (not a professional soldier) provides security for the State. The main point (?...the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.?) is the individual right, defined in the 2nd Amendment, and clearly states it shall not be violated. (What part of ?shall not? do you not understand?)
The 2nd Amendment, and all others contained in the Constitution of the United States of America, shall be protected and defended from all infringements of any kind by the Office of the United States Attorney General, as specified by Oath of Office and by the authority and power of the Constitution.
The United States Supreme Court should not be interpreting the 2nd Amendment to mean anything other than what it states. Congress should not be passing laws that encroach on this right. The States have no right, nor authority, to add restrictions. The Attorney General should not be prosecuting individuals for breaking these illegal laws, nor allowing other bodies of law, or agencies to do so.
The only way that changes can be made to Amendments, and all subsequent Amendments, of the Constitution is by strict adherence to the Fifth Article which clearly states that a two-thirds majority of both Houses of Congress is necessary to change, delete or add any Amendment, and then it must be ratified by three-fourths of the States. (The first ten amendments, known as the Bill of Rights, form the basis of the whole Constitution and can not be changed modified or altered and can never be subjected to the outcome of a vote or judgment or decree of any kind.) These rights are absolutely non-negotiable and uninfringable. These are the basic god-given Rights for all and they are guaranteed by the Constitution.
The Sixth Article, Second Clause states:
?...This Constitution ...shall be the supreme law of the land: and the Judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary not withstanding (null and void) ...? No State Legislature, Judge, federal agency, Law Enforcement Officer, president, or anyone has the right or the power to alter, change or interfere with the Supreme Law of the Land.
Therefore, all gun laws, restrictions, registrations, regulations, controls, taxes, etc. are illegal. ALL National Firearms Acts, rules and regulations are illegal. Yes! - ALL Federal and State gun laws and taxes to any degree are illegally conceived and illegally implemented. It is against The Constitution of the United States of America to enforce these illegal laws.
We must all take the time to bring our elected officials to the realization that they are part of a government that is violating our rights when they allow unconstitutional laws to be passed and enforced. Do not wait for your neighbor to do it. We all must take the time to exercise our rights and demonstrate that we hold these rights to be inalienable. We must muster and educate everyone, even though they may agree or disagree, that the Constitution has guaranteed these rights and they cannot be legislated away. For those that continue to refuse to accept the fact these rights are absolutely non-negotiable, uninfringable, and are God-given, I say it is you who should move. Move to place that meets your restrictive ideals and beliefs. Do not take away my heritage - do not infringe upon my rights. Do not try and conquer my nation and impose your changes upon me. Don?t tread on me!
To my fellow patriots I say muster and educate the masses. Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and elected officials you hold the Constitution of the United States to be the law of the land. Tell them the solution is to hold those that violate the lawful decrees accountable. We need crime control not gun control.
The passage of the ?Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of 2001? (H.R.3162) effectively washes away all pretense of democracy and those freedoms most Americans thought they had up until now.
Even the Congress is losing the power it once thought it had:
December 14, 2001
Bush Makes Justice Papers Secret
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Since taking office, President Bush has sent a clear message to Congress: Some sensitive information Capitol Hill lawmakers have been used to getting will be off limits.
Bush sent the most powerful part of the message Thursday when he invoked executive privilege to protect the confidentiality of prosecutorial documents Congress has often received in the past.
Kept out of lawmakers? hands are documents pertaining to the FBI?s handling of mob informants in Boston in the 1960s and the Clinton-era fund-raising probe of the 1990s.
?This is the beginning of a real constitutional confrontation,? said Rep. William Delahunt, D-Mass. ?I think they ran into the wrong chairman, the wrong committee and maybe the wrong Congress.? The House Government Reform Committee chaired by Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., had subpoenaed the Boston
?I think it?s just a power grab? and ?a clever maneuver politically,? Catholic University political science professor Mark Rozell said of the president rebuffing congressional demands.
After a prolonged battle, Attorney General Janet Reno turned over much material to the Republican-led Congress from the fund-raising investigation of the Clinton campaign of 1996.
The Bush White House?s strategy is ?to make a sharp turn to get them back? to where the Republicans think the privilege should properly be, said St. John?s University law professor John Barrett. Rozell said it is disturbing that the White House takes the position that a dispute involving a prosecutorial matter is automatically resolved in the executive?s favor.
The Justice Department almost always withholds materials from Congress in ongoing investigations, but in closed probes the need for secrecy is greatly reduced.
Withholding information from Congress has become a White House habit.
The president didn?t bother to consult the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman before disclosing his plan for military tribunals. Since last spring, Vice President Dick Cheney has been refusing to disclose his secret
energy meetings with power industry executives and lobbyists. Senate Judiciary Committee member Charles Grassley questions Bush?s position that access to the Justice Department documents would be contrary to the national interest.
?Anything that limits legitimate congressional oversight is very worrisome,? Grassley said. ?This move needs to be carefully scrutinized, particularly in an atmosphere where Congress is giving the Justice Department additional powers and authority.?
At a hearing before Burton?s committee, Justice Department criminal division chief of staff Michael Horowitz argued keeping deliberative documents away from Congress would ?insulate career line prosecutors and their internal deliberations from political pressure.?
?What you have said is extraordinarily insulting,? responded Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn.
?We all think this is stonewalling. It?s a terrible, terrible precedent to set,? Burton said. ?We might be able to go to the (House) floor and take this thing to court.?
The full House, controlled by Republicans, would have to vote to find Bush in contempt to start such a court battle.
?The point is if you have corruption in the Justice Department and you let an executive decision stand, you can?t root out corruption,? Burton said. ?This is not a monarchy.?
In the Boston case being examined by the committee, Joseph Salivate spent 30 years in prison for a murder he did not commit, even though the FBI had evidence of his innocence.
EDITOR?S NOTE: Reporter Melissa Robinson in Washington contributed to this report.
(In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.)
The question thus becomes How do we find spiritual strength to combat something so overwhelming as the complete and utter domination of the Human Spirit and this entire corner of the Universe?
What We Can Do As Individuals: With a better understanding of what is to come, the question still remains
as to what it is that we can do as individuals to assist the situation, and
to make sure that we are going where it is we need, and want, to be. If we are in tune with the answer to the first, then the second answer will follow right along. As a response to the information on propaganda and how it controls us, ( one of the first realizations we must come to is that groups are made up of individuals and in order for the group to be effective, individuals must act.
Ramtha is most direct in His (early) channelings as to what to do, ?It?s really quite simple to be like God?just love as God loves.? When asked by one of his audience about other preparations that people should be making for the coming changes, Ramtha also reiterates the same message of the Spiritual Hierarchy:
?Don?t live for the day, live for the now. If you find shelter and gather up foodstuffs for famine, you are using your intelligence and living. You will still live?don?t prepare for war, prepare to live; then there is no war.
Just be who you are, that is all that is necessary. The elusive Kingdom of Heaven is realized when peace becomes the tranquillity of consciousness. That can only be achieved when everyone is happy, living in unresolved joy. . . As long as you are the intimidated rabble, the limited man, god without,
you can easily be overtaken?easily. Tyrants do it all the time to you; your neighbors do it to you consistently . . .When you begin to be arrogant and know what you are and who you are, then you do not become so enslaved?you become free.?
Barbara Clow?s suggestion for living in these present times is to ?always carry a sense of what you want to create?your own personal future.?
In a book called The Only Planet of Choice, the universal group called the Nine stress that in a Creation based on the free will of the individual, we need to ask for the help we require to understand what it is we as individuals can do:
? . . we cannot do an iota of movement until a person asks . . . It is important for people to be aware they are not alone in the Universe, and also that they must take responsibility, for they cannot escape
responsibility . . . All will change also when people accept that also those that live elsewhere in the Universe are available to give to you love and understanding.?
?It is important to know that what is past is past, and what is coming in the future does not make a difference at this moment: it is this moment in time which makes the difference. Each moment is a new beginning. Forget the anticipated consequences of your falls?how many years have you waited for
?We have begun a new time in your land and your universe, and it is a time for you to remove the string that attaches you to the past in the physical and to doubt. Doubt is well programmed into us. Doubt is different from healthy self-questioning. Trust is its antidote. Hold within your heart the faith that you hold in knowing that this universe is not operated by chance.
?Always come from the highest motive and essence. Perhaps it is because people are frightened to find out who they really are, for when they know that completely, perhaps they feel the responsibility is too vast. But the truth is when they find out who they are in completeness, the responsibility is joyful and the energy emanating from each person touches others and soars to us.?
Other suggestions They have are: Behave only in a manner that you may love yourself for;
Behave only in a manner in which you would wish another to do toward you; and do no movement, thought, or thing that you in your soul, in your consciousness, cannot have self-respect for. You can only love yourself by respecting yourself. Respecting yourself means removing from yourself all those areas that you disrespect in others. It also means removing all those hidden things you disrespect in yourself;
Keep to the purity within you, and know who you are, and do not contaminate your purity with other influences that will try to weaken you. Growth potential still exists at the level of the Nine;
Always approach with compassion, the most important is not to be constantly analytical;
Know you are always loved, and walk in the knowledge of that love and who you are.
In Awakening to Zero Point, Gregg Braden also gives what he calls ?guidelines to living within the hologram?:
?Do not allow yourself to be limited by that which you have been taught. To live within the boundaries of what has been taught is to limit your own experience. Prior knowledge becomes the pivotal point, the springboard from which to access new and more complete truths.
?To the degree that you are able to see the events of life through the single eye of the heart, as opposed to the polarity of the logical mind, to that degree will you heal the illusion of separation.
?Seeing? the events of life for what they are, as opposed to ?looking? at the same events through the lens of what is expected, serves to heal the feelings of separation in polarity. In the heart, there is no polarity.?
What is about to happen, and what is currently taking place, has indeed be prophesied for hundreds if not thousands of years. It is not the end of the world, only the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT.
In Rollin Thunder?The Coming Earth Changes by J.R. Jochmans, the prophecies concerning the future of America by renowned visionary Hildegard of Bingen are mentioned:
?Perhaps the earliest vision ever made concerning the future of the United States was made by Saint Hildegard, three centuries before the New World was discovered. She predicted that one day there would come forth ?a great nation across the ocean that will be inhabited by peoples of different tribes and descent? ?a good description of the ?American melting pot? of immigrants from many foreign countries. For this future nation, however, the Saint sounded several warnings, all of which would come about near or at the time of the appearance of ?a great comet.? Some translators believe what she had in mind was Halley?s comet, scheduled to light up the heavens in 1986-7. (This could be many other possible objects thought to be headed this way.) Just before the comet comes, Saint Hildegard forecast, ?many nations? including America, ?will be scourged by want and famine.? When the comet does finally pass over, it will herald two great calamities: First, ?the great nations will be devastated by earthquakes, storms, and great waves of water, causing much want and plagues. The ocean will also flood many other countries, so that all coastal cities will live in fear, with many destroyed.? The second calamity will be terrible war: In a great battle
involving almost all the world?s peoples, ?the great nation will lose almost all its colonies in the east,? as a result of the malevolent activities of two oriental leaders, alluded to only as ?the Tiger and the Lion.?
While the United States has no colonies, it does have trust territories and military bases throughout the Pacific (and Taiwan).
?One curious event that will take place during this war, according to Saint Hildegard, certainly was not understood in her day?but has grave implications in our times today. During the future fighting, ?A powerful wind will rise in the North carrying heavy fog and the densest dust, and it will fill their throats and eyes so that they will cease their butchery and be stricken with a great fear?. In modern terms, we might identify the ?fog and dust? as some form of chemical or bacteriological weapon. If the Saint is right, then some enemy power will someday disperse this weapon in the Arctic, and let the prevailing winds carry this poison southward across the North American continent.
?Fortunately, however, Saint Hildegard looked beyond, and also forecast that after the great comet, and after earth upheavals and wars are finished, the globe will eventually enter a peaceful age. It will be a time when citizens of ?the great nation? will carry no weapons, and the only use men will have for iron will be to make plowshares for cultivating a land brought back to abundance and tranquillity. Other comets shall streak past in the skies, but no more will they ever be an omen of disaster and terrible wars?for these things shall pass away from memory.?
To confirm some of what Hildegard says, Jochman also relates the prophecies given to the Rev. Paul Solomon of Virginia by one that calls itself The Source:
?The Source also reveals that America will someday be troubled by civil war brought about because of religious belief. Brother will oppose brother in the streets everywhere, much like the conflict presently going on in Northern Ireland. This too will contribute to the general weakening of this country as a great power.?
The secret of what we do, no matter what it is we do, is the intent motivating our doing of it. Intent is everything in the spiritual worlds of the True Creator. Intent is a decision of the heart, not of the head. When Kryon focuses on the mechanics of manifesting what we want in our lives, he stresses the need for the right kind of intent, even in what it is we say. Make a choice, hold it to your heart, and then let Spirit manifest what it is you need from what it is you have chosen:
?It is verbalization. You have given, and the Universe has received, the INTENT message. . . It is important that your own ears hear what is presented by your own mouth. Your words go out into the air, and return back into your own minds.
?. .And in this process, they ?handshake? with what Spirit wants to hear from you as well. And so you have the physical body and the astral body hearing the same message simultaneously . . . and you have a melding of the two minds (physical and astral?the cosmic twins). . . You may ask for your goals . . . but do not tell spirit how they are to be accomplished . . . . for to do so is to limit Spirit.?
What We Can Do As A Group:
The Nine say that when humanity has no challenge for growth, then it is that we dissipate our energies. This is so very true at the present time because so many people feel they cannot do anything about the growing world situation. The general consciousness has decided not to progress, but that does not mean that each and every individual cannot challenge themselves to take that next step personally.
?The Planet Earth is the most beautiful of all that exist in the Universe. It has variety that no other planet has. It has a varied climate that no other planet has. In truth, if the souls on Earth were more highly evolved now, it would be paradise. This planet may be a paradise when the density is removed . . . But it is not a paradise where all challenge will be removed, all growth will be removed, all pain will be removed.
?It will be a paradise that humans can create, through their own evolution, their own understanding of their connection with the Universe, and their accepting of responsibility for themselves, for their fellows, for Planet Earth. All will be brought into perfection.?
John Michell suggests the way in which this paradise can also be brought about is ?through the rediscovery of access to the divine will, revealed in the processes of natural growth and movement as well as in the direction of evolution.? It is this ?life essence, the etheric current, the universal plastic mediator, responsive to the human imagination and to certain physical stimuli, that can provide the medium through which the Logos or Divine Sound can become manifest in the restoration of the Holy Spirit to a person?s life.?
But perhaps the most crucial area that needs to be addressed in these days before the changes occur, however, is to see that the children of the planet get educated as to what is happening, what is going to happen, and why it has been allowed to occur. This is the lesson soul needs right now so that this might never be allowed to happen again. In being taught, they will also need to be taught boundaries, and given a sense of safety that comes from a knowledge of the higher aspects of Creation?the sense that they are
eternal, that death is but a transition into a higher state of existence, and they will be taken care of by a Universe that loves and cherishes them more than anything they can imagine.
The following is a letter written to one of my e-mail list addressing the issue of ascension and dealing with surrender and intent:
Colin, As you might have already learned in your life, God has no religion. The commitment to a Creator is in the heart. We can only do this for ourselves, both in the way we see ourselves and in the things we do for others. Service to others, with a warm and healthy love and appreciation for ourselves, is what life is all about. We do not have 20 years right now to help you and your family achieve spiritual mastery. But one can leap over all this and learn the lesson of mastery in a heartbeat?and that is service to all life,
to a Higher Will (not slavery, but a surrender that does not desire to steal any of your own beingness). In doing this, your consciousness and your vibration will raise to unparalleled heights in which even the thought of ascension will take on a level of insignificance. In this state you know you are here doing what you should be doing in learning and supporting the learning of those you love and those others with whom you interact everyday. The fifth dimension and the continued existence of a physical body on any
level of existence will then be of secondary importance to you.
The general consciousness of the planet has decided not to go on with the planet in its ascension process. It is too late?save a miracle of mankind?s own awakening process?to change this. The only ones who can be helped right now are those who are sitting on the fence and can be aided in making that
decision of the heart. That is our mission right now, and is the best we can do for service at this time till the ascension occurs. Thinking of self-survival will not get us anywhere. Preparing to survive will. Learning
to contact our own inner guidance will. Focusing on our health to be able to survive, will. Doing what it is that we came here to do in being of service, will. The 12-strand DNA is a product of awareness, not of blood and bone.
Lift your spiritual consciousness and the DNA will be there for you when you need it. If you and your family need to find ways to do this, I will be only to glad to assist?but it must come first in the heart?not in the head.
My best wishes to you and to yours, Peter