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i am legend fighting the future
I Am Legend: Fighting the Future

"All that you know, is about to change," says Aslan, a character in the trailer to the new Chronicles of Narnia tale, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

The statement would have rung true if he had said it on September 10, 2001. It rings even truer right now, however, and will even more so when the film eventually comes out in May/June next year (2008). It´s no coincidence that the Lord of the Rings trilogy paralleled world events so closely when it arrived on the scene a few years ago. So many aspects of the Chronicles of Narnia also parallel world events relating to the entire ascension process.

It´s obviously no coincidence that Spirit triggers people into making these movies and movies such as I Am Legend at certain times in history to reach people´s consciousness and the general consciousness of the planet. No other medium has such power to insert itself into the brain and affect people one way or another. As Marshall McLuhan once found out, movies are a ´hot´ medium that demands people´s involvement. Television, on the other hand, is a ´cool´ medium better suited to making a person ´veg´, or what´s commonly known as the couch potato syndrome.

Prior to the modern era it was books such as Brave New World and 1984 and Farenheit 451 that affected people and tried to warn them of things going on as part of the underground stream of history and events taking place. Fantasy stories such as A Wrinkle in Time and Lord of the Rings have been staples in people´s literary diets for decades. When one finds out that´visionaries´ such as Jules Verne and H.G. Wells were privy to the secrets of the New world Order and the time travel knowledge of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, is it any wonder then that the future has always been known, if not precisely the final outcome? Even Michel de Nostre Dame, better known as Nostradamus, had his involvement with the New World Order and access to what is commonly referred to by those who know as "the Great Plan".

Sir Robert de Boron, writing between 1190 and 1199, was the first to furnish a history of the allegorical Holy Grail. In it he alludes to “a great book,” the secrets of which had been revealed to him, much as they were to Nostradamus more than 300 years later. More than likely this would be the book Godfroi de Boullion and the Templars had found in the stables of Solomon’s Temple during the Crusades, a book which was said to reveal the future of the planet and of its peoples.

René d’Anjou was head of the New World Order in the early 15th century through his association with the Prieurie d´Sion, and a man ahead of his time very caught up in the struggle to promote the advancement of knowledge. At one time he employed Christopher Columbus, and his court included a Jewish astrologer, Kabbalist and physician named Jean de Saint-Remy, grandfather of Nostradamus. René particularly had a preoccupation with the Holy Grail and acquired a red porphyry cup said to be used at the wedding in Caana mentioned in the Bible, and obtained in Marseilles where the Magdalen had landed. This is possibly how the Grail came to be associated with a cup or chalice since it was this red porphyry cup that the Magdalen had been carrying — her wedding cup. It was not, as my books reveal however, the Holy Grail. In legend it bore the inscription, “He who drinks well Will see God. He who quaffs at a single draught Will see God and the Magdalen.”

Nostradamus, (1503-1566), the French physician and astrologer who wrote Centuries, the famous collection of prophecies published in 1555, was a secret agent working for Francoise de Guise and Charles, Cardinal of Lorraine. Many of Nostradamus’ prophecies were not prophecies at all but referred quite explicitly to the past, the Knights Templar, the Merovingian Dynasty, and to the history of the House of Lorraine. A striking number of them also refer to the Razes —the old comte of Rennes-le-Chateau. The numerous quatrains that refer to the advent of “le Grand Monarch”— the Great Monarch — indicate that this sovereign will derive ultimately from that area of the Languedoc region of France, suggesting perhaps that he will be of the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene whose origin can be traced back specifically to that region.

It is said that Nostradamus was ‘initiated into some portentous secret´, and more specifically that he was shown an ancient and arcane book at the Abbey of Orval where the Prieure de Sion may have had its inception. If this is true, as it seems to be, then what Nostradamus was actually doing was simply copying down the plans from the timetable set up as much as five thousand years ago for the planet Earth by those who came from Thoth´s ancient mystery schools back in the time of ancient Egypt known as Zep Tepi, the beginnings of modern Freemasonry. He would then have used his own gifted psychic abilities to elaborate upon what was written rather than prophesying as the word has usually come to be interpreted.

Nostradamus studied medicine in Montpellier and started a practice around 1525 AD. It was the innovative methods of treatment he used from his access to the arcane materials he had access to from the New World Order which allowed him to successfully cure extremely ill patients and victims of the plague in communities of southern France. This then earned him his reputation as a gifted healer. Catherine de Medici, queen of France at the time, asked him to plot the horoscopes of her husband, King Henry II, and their children, and in 1560 King Charles IX of France appointed Nostradamus court physician. The name “Nostradamus” is a Latin name he used in place of his original name, Michel de Nostre Dame.

So too do many of us instinctively know what´s about to happen here on planet Earth. Many of us have been given or shown the present agenda, with some variations, prior to entering physical consciousness. Our inner and outer Guidance continues to beat us over the head with the obvious fact that things are changing and are about to change even more. The darkside are not the only ones privy to such information, and like rust, darkness never sleeps. The New World Order controlled television is always want to say that so much of the past ´canot be known´, just as they like to say the future ´cannot be foretold´. People connected to their own personal Guidance and to the higher echelons of the spiritual dimensions do have such information available to them as so much of the channelings of ´in-tune´ people suggests. And it´s not a gift, as some call it, but an inherent talent we all have if we will just get back in touch with it.

There´s a section on my website devoted secifically to aiding people to get back in touch with this simple ubiquitous skill:

And it´s not just a skill we should learn to amuse ourselves and our friends with cheap parlor tricks. It is and is going to be a very really tool to help ourselves and more specifically those we came here to help as Lightworkers, privy to this ´secret knowledge´ of the entire ascension process and the probable outcome for those who do and for those who do not make conscious decisions to shed old 3D habits and attachments. A choice is immediately needed as to whether one is to move forward with the planet into a truly brave new world without the darkside ever there again to control us or to keep us enslaved, or to remain in 3D/4D and continue on with these old lessons that were boring thousands of years ago at the height of Atlantis. I wish you strength and the awareness to heed the inner and outer voices telling you, "All that you know, is about to change."

In service, Peter