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i made it! . . i made it! . . well, at least for now . . .
Richard Bach once said that if you\'re considering suicide, don\'t.
Instead get up and run away to New Zealand.

Now I\'ve been to New Zealand and it\'s awesome scenery but it comes
with its own set of social and personal problems to deal with. For
many decades I tried to run away from my problems but as we all know
you take them with you where ever you go because our problems are the
learning and lessons we\'re still refusing to face.

So many people write me for assistance but when Guidance makes it
into an assisted self-help program that\'s about the last we ever hear from many
of the (like some of you). Since when has spirituality ever NOT been a self-help
program? Are we all so brainwashed by religion and forgiveness of sin that we
have forgotten what our own two spiritual feet are for? Nobody can do any of
this for you. Grace can only ever open windows for you to step through.

Once when giving a talk at a Heart-of-the Heart conference I followed
a man who whipped the audience into a frenzy talking about the beauty
and pleasures of astral travel and using the Om-Aum. Spoil-sport and
spiritual realist that I am I then shared with the audience that the
astral plane is simply the 4th dimension in a 14 going on 15
dimensional Universe, and that Aum is simply the \'mantra\' from the
scientific letters for Gold - Au, combined with the monatomic state
+M, referring to the multi-dimensional state created by ingesting
monatomic gold. Some people of course were not happy. Very few people
ever like or respond well to truth, that\'s why we get all these BS
statements about everyone having their own truth. It\'s just another excuse foir
self-will to run rampant. Yes, there are varying ways of perceiving the various
levels of truth and the many paradoxes involved, but truth does, however, remain

The are many levels of \'heaven\'. There are many veils clouding the
vision of one traveling from one level of heaven to another. As Paul
Twitchell so aptly described in his master work The Tiger\'s Fang, on
each level of heaven there is a \'embodiment\' of God, each of whom
like to fool the spiritual traveler by telling them they are God and
there is no higher. My experieince of this is that everyone I\'ve
worked with seems to get a small taste of spirituality and then
wander off thinking they have made it. People who channel once or
twice all of a sudden are telling me what my Guidance wants me to do.
Now that\'s the height of our subject from the other day, arrogance.

There are so many ways to fall off the path and so little commitment from anyone
to reach for the highest (even though everyone you talk to always says they want
to reach the highest). Twenty times throughout my writings I\'ve mentioned this
work, and every other day I thank my sister for having me read it in childhood
for it means so much to me today in watching everyone step on the path for a day
or a week or a month and then just as quickly get off it. The work I\'m referring
to is John Bunyan\'s classic 17th century book, The Pilgrim\'s Progress, about a
spiritual traveler trying to reach the top of the mountain. Along the way he is
joined for brief periods of time by so many who find any excuse to get off the
path, every reason to pull him off the path, or in some other way find means by
which to hinder his journey. In the end of course it is only Christian (the
character\'s unfortunate name) that makes it to the top of the mountain to have
his satchel full of woes removed and find the glory of \'God\'.

Why are there so few Masters? It\'s because the commitment to service
it takes to follow through with one\'s initial enthusiasm for
Spiritual things has to be, or to become, total. This particularly
means, of course, facing up to the fact that no one else wants to go
along with you. It has always seemed to me and become a realistic
understanding that people want to be led (or carried) and most of them do not
have the genuine spiritual drive within themselves that can make Mastership a

Think about these things next time you find yourself having a
spiritual epiphany. Enjoy it in that moment but know that the journey
of soul NEVER ends, there is always one more step to take for as we
grow \'God\' grows and so the journey never ends. If not today then
tomorrow or in the eternity of tomorrows to come you and everyone else NEEDS to
make a choice about whether one will be the cause in their own spiritual life or
the effect of everyone else\'s spiritual lives and teachings, and the fickle
winds of fate and the lords of karma. What is the difference between making that
choice today and a hundred thousand todays from now? The difference is being the
driver in your own vehicle rather than the passenger in everyone else\'s. You\'re
going to be around for eternity plus, so why not get started now? Isn\'t that the
real secret Bill Murray\'s character discovers in the movie, Groundhog Day? It\'s
the realization I know I once came to. \'Hey, if I\'m goign to be around that long
I may as well do something useful\'. And I am, whether you come along for the
ride or not. That\'s the detachment all must come to, we do our best
to help but ultimately it\'s always that inner personal choice of
those we attempt to help that decides the final outcome.

To take a signal from the current voting season, make a choice and
then vote with your feet (your heart and your will as well). One step
at a time is all the strength you need to make yourself the Master you always
wished and wanted yourself to be.

in service, with Love, Peter