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indiana jones and the real holy grail
Peter: The only place you can find the full true history of the crystal skull and its \'alien connections\' is in the first 5 volumes of Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? excerpted here:

The Skull
The next, and perhaps by now fairly obvious interpretation of the Grail as the ‘physical,’ or better yet ‘non-physical’ reality, is that of the original Crystal Skull we have already spoken of. It is in fact the Holy Grail, though not the highest interpretation of same.

When, Wolfram, seemingly the most knowledgeable writer in Grail matters says, “there was a thing called the Grail . . . A host of angels left it on the earth,” it takes us right back to the original story we were told by Barbara Clow of how the Annunaki left their third present here on Earth at the time of their departure. To translate “lapsit exillis” as ‘stone from the heavens,’ ‘it fell from the heavens,’ ‘a stone fallen from the heavens,” only adds to the burden of evidence for this identification of the Grail with the original Crystal Skull.

When Sir Robert tells us in the Perlesvaus of the changing sequence of images or visions seen in the Grail by Perceval ‘attended by a great light’ after ingesting shem-an-na, it is consistent with other portrayals of seeing visions in an altered state of mind within a crystal ball. We shall say more about this later on, but first to fully explain the Crystal Skull and its position as the Grail, we must briefly go over again the history of the Skull, and update it to this point.

The History of the Skull

Again, it is from the works of Barbara Clow that we learned how the skull was brought to Earth “as a gift” by the Annunaki in 10,800 BC. It had been carved on their planet by Spica (or Spicans)—“the divine architect of Atlantis.” The biggest problem with the crystal skull being left here was that it was still a 4th dimensional object with 4th dimensional powers—“the crystal is star matter, it would shatter in the atmosphere, but its vibration can be shifted from the fourth dimension into the third.”

The difficulty with transferring something as ‘solid’ as the crystal skull from the 4th dimension into the 3rd dimension is the greater density of the vibrations here, hence the idea of it ‘shattering.’ A second problem was the time warp that would surround the object, since time itself is a variable which runs at a differing speed in the 4th dimension as opposed to the 3rd dimension. This explains the need in Grail lore for the bearer to keep their vibrations high, like the virgins of the temple going into the 4th dimensional place at the top of the temple to meet with the Gods for the hierogamous. This would also explain the need to “train” and attune the people brought to serve it, to stay attuned with it to prevent the crystal from being ‘polluted’ as was the central crystal in Atlantis.

The skull’s ability to manifest all earthly desires is constantly mentioned—the manifestation of our thoughts, feelings, and desires occurring instantaneously in the 4th dimension. The ancient Sumerian texts talk about the Annunaki using this ability after first ‘purifying’ themselves, to do exactly that: “Enki and Ensile go to the DU.KU, the “purification place” “the creation chamber of the gods,” and brought forth Lahore (woolly cattle) and Anshan (grains),” any thing that is already manifested at the 4th dimensional level could be reproduced. To create man as a slave worker, however, they needed to do the hard footwork of the genetic manipulation first.

The Grail Skull’s 4th dimensionality explains its association with the Kabbala, and the idea that the Grail is timeless, since it truly exists in a ‘timeless’ 4th dimensional state. It also explains its association with the “stage” of Kabbalistic initiation known as Tiferet, the equivalent to an initiation into the fourth dimension. In the Tiferet experience the individual is said to pass beyond the world of form into the formless—to reach the fourth dimension as it were. This consists of “sacrificial death,” the death of the ego or one’s sense of individuality and the isolation such individuality entails–and a rebirth or resurrection into another dimension of all encompassing unity and harmony. For medieval Kabbalists the initiation into Tiferet was associated with certain specific symbols which included a hermit, guide or wise old man; a majestic king, and a sacrificed god, to which other symbols were later added—a truncated pyramid, a cube, and a rose cross—many of which are listed as the visions seen in Sir Robert’s version of the Grail legend.

Since 1993 alone, the Society of Crystal Skulls has investigated more than 100 crystal skulls. Out of these, only 14 were categorized as possibly ’ancient’ and needing further investigation. There are certain characteristics of those specified as ancient—reactions to color, light and sound. The ancient crystal skulls are said to be at a premium among New Age collectors. Some seek fame through ownership, to be known as the “Guardian” of a god. Recently accepted legend tells of ancient skulls even seeking their owners. A skull is capable of giving you its entire history if you know the techniques for accessing the information.

The Crystal Skull is not just a way of seeing the future as suggested by the idea of a crystal ball, although the Skull is in fact the origin of that understanding. The Crystal Skull is a way of manifesting the future. The copies cannot do this, although they have many ‘magical’ powers to boast of. The copies were obviously made by someone who had access to extraordinary skills, someone who had obviously had contact with the real one, and someone who traveled frequently enough to the Yucatan and Mesoamerica where most of the copies have been found. As a Merovingian sorcerer-king in possession of both Atlantean and Druidic knowledge, and having been exposed to the real Grail-Skull, as we shall soon see, Sigesbert/Wotan is the obvious choice for the origin of these copies. Descriptions of him using a flame-thrower to carve out stone temples would relate directly to his Merovingian and Druidic roots, although the flame-thrower was more a representation of his ability to concentrate and use ‘the dragon energies’ in the ley lines of the planet to do exactly that—carve crystal skulls. The diamond symbol that Sitchin is unable to explain represents the use of the crystal to enhance the energies he was using.

The holes drilled in the jaw of the Mitchell Hedges crystal skull to make it appear to speak, show how Sigesbert was able to make himself more of a god to the primitive people he encountered, and who subsequently worshipped him and the Crystal Skull. (One other thing he also took to Mesoamerica was the bloodline of Jesus, and with it the Luciferian gene).

As psychic, Lorraine Darr, said of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull: “At times the Skull was a projected form that appeared and felt physical and was not physical at all. And sometimes the Skull was in its physical form. The difference lay in what the intentions of the priests and the teachers were.” This would account for the shifting visions of it had by Sir Gawain in the Perlesvaus being ‘real’ and yet not being ‘real’.

Darr also says that the skull was used as a form of teacher, and as a form of God:

“Magic, yes, because the force-field literally filled the area for hundreds of miles when it was in its physical state that it abides in now, and when it was triggered and the receiver of the thoughts sent on laser beams for the rapid growth of the humans at that time to bring into the human consciousness the culture, the understandings, the capabilities, and the wisdoms of many times.”

To rebuild the planet and the consciousness of the people so quickly after the various global catastrophes, something was needed that could upgrade the survivors on a more rapid basis, like the ME’s of the Annunaki which stored knowledge of everything they possessed so to, as we have heard, are crystals and the crystal skulls able to house the histories of the planet, of Atlantean technology and so on and so forth. Thus the Crystal Skull would have stored the records of Jesus as well, accounting for the visions of babies and crucified persons not specifically listed as Jesus.

Like the Spican crystal that was the interface between earth and sky in the Atlantean temple form and kept the land bountiful, so too does the Grail in Grail lore bring about bounty to the lands of those who possess it—“will the wound of the Fisher King be healed , and the Wasteland returned to fertility.” In Arthurian legends such as that used in the movie, Excalibur, the expression “you and the land are one,” and “you and the Grail are one,” are common references to this effect had by the King and the Grail upon the land.

Darr also says that the skull appeared and communicated with Quetzalcoatl “for a period of time. It brought him into communication with his brothers in the far reaches.” The various incarnations of Lucifer such as Moses and Ra and Jesus himself all had access to this power source, and used it with great skill and great knowledge to manifest what they needed to complete the assigned mission of each of their various lifetimes.

One version of the much-sought-after mysterious painting by Poussin called ‘Les Bergers d’Arcadie’ shows the mystical tomb in the forest topped by a skull. Hamlet’s soliloquy of ‘to be or not to be’ with a skull held in his hand has a far deeper meaning when looked at in the light of Shakespeare’s mystical knowledge gained from friends in the secret societies of the age.

The channeled entity Adamis, referring to the crystal skulls, says: “They were created as keepers of records. They contain energy patterns that record the history of the construction of your universe, and of descending hierarchical figures that faced the Universe in Divine Order.” (The different channelings on this subject provided many varied interpretations of the skulls and their origins.)

Upon their departure, the Annunaki left the Crystal Skull as an oracle in the Temple at Ur . It was in Ur that Abraham’s father Terach, the ‘oracle priest’ knew of the Skull, and the influence it had on keeping the land productive by its ability to forecast and draw in higher dimensional star energies. When Terach and his family were told to leave Ur , by the predictions of the Crystal Skull, it went with them, and the power of Sumer crumbled.

“When they overthrew, when order they destroyed. Then like a deluge all things together consumed. Whereunto, Oh Sumer ! did they change thee? The Sacred Dynasty from the Temple they exiled.”

Upon his father’s death, Abraham took control of the Skull, and allowed it to lead he and his family to where they were wanted. It is on the ‘advice’ of the Skull that Abraham went into Egypt and returned as an even wealthier person.

Abraham knew how to use and be used by the Skull. And he passed this knowledge along with it. His use of these powers, as he was directed, resulted in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah —an incident we earlier described briefly as being caused by ‘a nuclear weapon’, which in fact the Crystal Skull can be when used in this way.

Along the way Joseph inherited it from Jacob, the idea of Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers being untrue. Joseph became Vizier to Thuthmosis IV, pharaoh of Egypt , and he was able to translate the pharaoh’s dreams and forecast the times of feast and famine using the powers of the Skull. From Joseph, Vizier to the Pharaoh Thuthmosis IV, it went to Amenhotep IV, better known as Akhenaton, whom we now know as Moses. And when Moses left Egypt , the Crystal Skull went with him to provide guidance and food each day for all the tribes of Israel , much as the Grail is described to provide food for all its guards and servants. The third incarnation of Lucifer was in possession of the Crystal Skull.

Moses and the children of Israel arrived at Mt. Sinai, and the ‘burning bush’ that awaited Moses there was not really a burning bush, but a very brilliant and active Crystal Skull, providing sapphire tablets etched by the laser-like “finger of God.”

David was a later inheritor of the Crystal Skull, and eventually it passed on to Solomon, becoming housed in the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Solomon as the source of guidance from the temple, and the source of Solomon’s wisdom.

“I flash into the center of the Temple of Solomon to stand in front of the central throne of the judge. There. I see a great being who holds a gigantic crystal ball . . . Suddenly I realize that this crystal--the key to the psychic realms--was made by ourselves, the Nibiruans. It is a highly polished asteroid that we picked out of the Sirius star system long ago. We removed layers of burned incrustation and polished it, brought it to Earth, and placed it in the center of the Temple of Solomon .”

The crystal skull is as such, an all-seeing eye, just as has been mentioned was used in the Temple of Solomon . The skull remained in the temple until the exile in Babylonia when it was moved from ‘hand to hand’ down through the line of prophets providing them with much of their powers. When the temple was rebuilt under the aegis of Cyris, the skull came back to the temple and was later transferred into the new temple built by Herod upon the exact sight of the original.

The real Grail became associated with Jesus when it was removed from the temple by Jesus’ brother, James, and was then indeed brought to France , as legend describes, by Mary Magdalene. Note here how the power moves with the Grail, Sumeria falling into ruin after it is removed by Terach, Egypt falling into ruin after it is taken by Moses, Palestine falling into chaos after it is removed by Joseph and Jesus. Its effect on the land is potent.

Jesus, Mary, and their children are sustained by the Grail in their new home, although Jesus still travels. When he eventually leaves for good, and Mary passes on, the skull is hidden in a tomb for everyone’s safety. This is the tomb depicted in Poussin’s painting, ‘Les Bergers d’Arcadie,’ which we shall see seems to hold a shrine status to many of the secret societies, as well as kings and the other powerful men of history.

The inscription on the tomb in the painting reads, ET IN ARCADIA EGO—“And in Arcadia I . . .”—which translated is an anagram of I TEGO ARCANA DEI—“Begone! I conceal the secrets of God.”

The next time the Grail-Skull comes out is for Dagobert II because he marries the Visigoths niece, has the bloodline of Jesus, and needs to regain his throne, which he does very quickly.

One of history\'s best known Grail fairies was Princess Melusine, daughter of the Pictish King, Elinas of Alba - a descendant of the 2nd-century King Vere of Caledonia , Lord of the Dragon. In the year 733AD, Melusine (maintaining the family heritage) married Rainfroi de Vere, Prince of Anjou—the mysterious son of Dagobert II, also known as Sigebert (III), and among their offspring was Count Maelo, the commander of Emperor Charlemagne\'s army. From Maelo\'s own marriage to Charlemagne\'s sister sprang the Vere Counts of Guisnes who were the reputed Elf-kings and became England \'s Great Chamberlains and Earls of Oxford.

Melusine, as always with the female line, had many associations with fountains, springs and water in general. In later times these queens were commonly represented as mermaids (mere maids), and were often called Ladies of the Lake . This was a style granted to Mary Magdalene when she had settled in Provence from AD 44. Thus the marriage between Melusine and Rainfroi or Sigebert was also dually desposynic—bringing together two of those in whose veins ran the bloodline of Jesus and the Magdalen.

It is for the Skull that Dagobert II is killed, not to end the bloodline, but for the Grail. His assassins do not get it, however. It is rescued along with Sigesbert (variously titled III or IV) and taken at first to his mother’s home at Rennes-le-Chateau in the Languedoc in 679 AD. Although it does not go to the Yucatan with him, the original remaining hidden in Ireland among relations from Dagobert’s first marriage, Sigesbert does however have the copies created, some of which have now been found in Mesoamerica . Upon his final return to Europe the Grail-Skull winds up in the hands of his protectors, the founders of the organization that would later become the Prieure De Sion and the Templars—the protectors of the bloodline.

The dispute between the two organizations in Giscors in 1188 that eventually split them, and which no one can seem to justify, was over possession and guardianship of the Grail-Skull.

Under the auspices of Bernard de Blanchefort, fourth grand master of the Order of the Temple, something was later concealed in the vicinity of Rennes-le-Chateau—something for which a contingent of German miners were imported under the most stringent security to excavate and construct a hiding place. Some have suggested that this work was done to house the Holy Grail (housing of the Skull would demand a special environment to preserve it from being shattered in the 3rd dimensional world).

In Holy Blood, Holy Grail, recent high officials of the Prieure de Sion have made statements that seem to confirm some world-shaking secret kept by them that obviously seems to go beyond just the revelation of Jesus’ continuing lineage. In 1960, when he was interviewed, M. Plantard spoke of an “international secret” concealed at Giscors. M. Chaumeil emphasized the antiquity of the Prieure de Sion and that its objectives were not exclusively confined to restoring the Merovingian bloodline. He declared that the Prieure did in fact hold the lost treasure of the Temple of Jerusalem—the booty plundered by Titus’s Roman legions in AD 70, and it would be returned to Israel “when the time is right.” He also implied that this “spiritual treasure” consisted, at least in part, of a secret that would facilitate a major social change.

It is around the discovery made by Berenger Sauniere in Rennes-le-Chateau in 1891 that books such as Holy Blood, Holy Grail are centered in there quest for the meaning of the Holy Grail. Rennes-le-Chateau, once known as Rhedae, was the official residence of Giselle de Razes, Dagobert II’s second wife and niece of the king of the Visigoths, one time caretakers of the treasures of Solomon’s Temple plundered from Rome . It was in the church, the foundations of which later became the foundations for Berenger Sauniere’s church, that Dagobert and Giselle are said to have been married. They then resided in the area for more than three years.

During Sauniere’s redecoration of this church four parchments were found under the altar stones which rested on two hollow Visigoth columns, a place where the Templars are known to have stored their important artifacts and documents and a well-publicized purpose for the pillars of various temples.

Two of the parchments are said to have comprised genealogies, one dating from 1244, the other from 1644. The two remaining documents had apparently been composed in the 1780s by one of Sauniere’s predecessors—the Abbe’ Antoine Bigou (personal chaplain to the noble Blanchefort family, who on the eve of the French Revolution, were still among the most prominent local landowners).

One message said, “To Dagobert II King and to Sion belongs this treasure and he is there dead.” Other messages in the parchments seemed to suggest that Poussin’s painting “Les Bergier des Arcadie” held “the key.” The key to what it does not say, although some of the code in the messages has not been able to be translated. Without a doubt though it has to do with the Grail and to the secret of the Crystal Skull, for in the subsequent renovations, Sauniere exhumed a curiously carved flagstone dating from the seventh or eighth century—the time of Dagobert and Sigesbert. Beneath this flagstone there may have been a crypt, a burial chamber in which skeletons were said to have been found. What was, in truth, found as well as the skeletons were specific references to the Grail—the Crystal Skull, by then in the hands of the Prieure de Sion.

Many have seen the Grail as evil, and as one can imagine, to poorly educated Christian country folk, the powers it invests in people could easily be seen to be ‘of the devil’. In his discoveries at Rennes-le Chateau, it seems evident that the Grail’s power was also perceived this way by Sauniere, and he reflected this view in his subsequent redecoration of the church.

Over the next few months, Sauniere became very wealthy and did business with important figures from all over Europe . The redecoration was then able to be done in a much more lavish and most bizarre style. A Latin inscription incised in the porch lintel above the entrance reads: Terribilis est locus iste (“This place is terrible”); a gaudy representation of the demon Asmodeus—custodian of secrets, guardian of hidden treasures--and according to ancient Judaic legend, builder of Solomon’s temple—was erected inside the entrance.

Visitors came to Sauniere from far and wide, among them the Archduke Johann von Habsburg, a cousin of Franz Josef, emperor of Austria . Bank statements subsequently revealed that Sauniere and the Archduke had opened consecutive accounts on the same day and that the latter had paid over a substantial sum to Sauniere.

The Vatican exonerated Sauniere of any wrong doing, more likely than not being scared of the power he now wielded through the knowledge he had acquired of Jesus’ still existent royal lineage.

Rennes-le-Chateau seems to have been central to much of the history of the Grail since it arrived in Europe . It was also of great interest to many other parties as well, among them the Nazis who during WWII commissioned excavations in the area apparently to look for the Grail. Wagner is also said to have composed his opera Parsifal after visiting that particular location.

It was through knowledge acquired in the use of the Grail that Godfroi de Boullion was sent to Jerusalem to acquire the Tablets of Testimony and the rest of the treasures of the temple.

Grail lore reached its height in mediaeval times around the time of the Templars. ‘Baphomet’, the god whom the Templars were accused of worshipping, “on other occasions seems to be associated with an apparition of a bearded head . . .” In their worship, The Templars “surrounded or touched each head of the aforesaid idols with small chords, which they wore around themselves next to the shirt or flesh . . . But most striking in the list is the head’s purported capacity to engender riches, make trees flower, and bring fertility to the land. These properties coincide remarkably with those ascribed in the romances to the Holy Grail.”

The Templars rise to international prominence was remarkably swift and they became advisers to monarchs and parliaments alike, much as Joseph had once done in ancient Egypt . Certainly they must have literally wielded some ungodly power to rise to the levels they did so quickly, to become kingmakers, and to have no one above them but the Pope himself.

It was this power and their knowledge that also led to their downfall. They learned the lessons of secrecy, much as their descendants, the Masons, have been so adept at putting into practice.

The cord mentioned is reminiscent too of that worn by the Cathars who were often said to have been associated with the Grail. The premise that the Cathars held an unsurpassed treasure more historically meaningful than the root of Christianity, it is said, led Rome to exterminate the ascetic Cathari sect in the savage campaign called the Albigensian Crusade, culminating in the hideous massacre at Montsegur where the treasure was supposedly hidden.

During research for the war crimes trials at Nuremberg , it was discovered that Hitler had ordered that the heads of pure young Aryan Germans be cut off in an attempt to communicate with ascended masters from the East through these disembodied heads. There is an obvious connection here to the powers of the Grail, an object for which the Nazis spent so much energy searching. Rituals such as this, and even the shrunken heads kept by cannibalistic tribes, all suggest at least some passing acquaintance with the original Crystal Skull, or at least one of its fanciful copies.

This connection between the two would also make sense of the skull portrayed in the paintings by Poussin of the mystical tomb. The references to Golgotha as ‘the place of the skull’ in one gospel would make sense if it was kept for so long in Jerusalem .

In and of itself, the Grail is a portal into the fourth dimension, and beyond. And it is more than just a one way ticket out—it can also be used for those coming into the planet to arrive, a dangerous attribute for our planet’s future:

“But this time we have created a new way for Earthlings to become star people: cellular attunement to the corridor between Earth and sky through resonation with the galactic diamond.”

In her discussion of the Mayans and Egyptians as teaching races with direct links to the Pleiades, Barbara Clow happens to mention further the ability of the skulls to act as portals:

“So Maya deposited a crystal skull at Saquarra in a deep pit near the Pyramid of Unas, during the reign of Merne. That skull was activated and the portal reopened in AD 1990.”

It is also therefore a time machine for it allows people to travel interdimensionally and be able to come out on the other end, as it were, through the power of the skull. This is the same ability it was mentioned that the Pyramids once possessed, and will again.

Wolfram and the Original Legend

The original story of how Wolfram first heard the story of the Grail is worth telling at this time because in it is suggested the true translation of its symbolism.

Wolfram explains that he first got the information from one Kyot de Provence—who in turn received it from a man named Flegetanis:

“Anyone who asked me before about the Grail and took me to task for not telling him was very much in the wrong. Kyot asked me not to reveal this, for Adventure commanded him to give it no thought until she herself, Adventure, should invite the telling, and then one must speak of it, of course.

“Kyot, the well-known master, found in Toledo , discarded, set down in heathen writing, the first source of this adventure. He first had to learn the abc’s, but without the art of black magic . . .

“A heathen, Flegetanis, had achieved high renown for his learning. This scholar of nature was descended from Solomon and born of a family which had long been Israelite until baptism became our shield against the fire of Hell. He wrote the adventure of the Grail. On his father’s side, Flegetanis was a heathen, who worshiped a calf . . .

“The heathen Flegetanis could tell us how all the stars set and rise again . . . To the circling course of the stars man’s affairs and destiny are linked. Flegetanis the heathen saw with his own eyes in the constellations things he was shy to talk about, hidden mysteries. He said there was a thing called the Grail, whose name he had read clearly in the constellations (which we shall deal with). A host of angels left it on the earth. Since then, baptized men have had the task of guarding it, and with such chaste discipline that those who are called to the service of the Grail are always noble men. Thus wrote Flegetanis of these things.

“Kyot, the wise master, set about to trace this tale in Latin books, to see where there ever had been a people, dedicated to purity and worthy of caring for the Grail. He read the chronicles of the lands, in Britain and elsewhere, in France and in Ireland , and in Anjou he found the tale. There he read the true story of Mazadan, and the exact record of all his family was written there.”

Kyot de Provence has been traced to Guiot de Provins—a troubadour, monk, and spokesman for the Templars. It is thought most probable that Wolfram and Guiot may have met in Germany in 1184 at the chivalric festival of Pentecost at which the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick Barbarossa, conferred knighthood upon his sons. Flegetanis is presumed to be a real person as well, and Toledo was a center of esoteric studies, both Judaic and Muslim, at the time.

Explanations and the Grail Legend

The symbolism related to the Grail and to Grail lore has many layers of meaning much like the symbolism of Masonry and other secret societies, and much like the Ancient Mysteries themselves which have various levels of interpretation to be known by each initiation level.

While the Grail is in fact the Crystal Skull with all its multitude of powers and abilities, the Grail legends and Grail lore that have been built up around it, relate at a higher level to the Ancient Mysteries themselves, of which the Crystal Skull is but a representative. . .