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Inner Wars
Inner Wars

There is nothing needs to be said about Peter or how Peter does what
is asked of him. One man's learning is just holding up a mirror to
that of our own. All that is going on here is a critical moment in
the best interests of Creation and therefore in the lives of the

It is said in spiritual teachings that Spirit comes three times in
any given circumstance to give us an opportunity to wake up to what
is going on. The first time it comes softly as a whisper in the
night. The second time it comes as a feeling deep inside the belly.
The third time it comes like the thunder and the rain and the wind,
and if we do not then heed its message then that certain window of
opportunity closes, never knowing when it might come again.

Like something out of Touched by an Angel I have heard numerous
times, `I was just praying to the Universe to help and you came
along.' That is the power of listening to Guidance and being where
it is you need to be at any given moment to be of the service you
can be. You've heard it before and here once again; God/Spirit works
through people.

As I have had to say many times to many people in many given
circumstances, `You've had your wake up calls before I came along,
and you didn't heed their warning. Now I am here as that third wake-
up call and I wear big boots to kick ass and make you get off your
fences one way or the other. Often this means a direct confrontation
with an ego to see if the person can or will recognize its severely
limiting effects on their lives and whether they can or are willing
to let go of its protective nature and step forward into being
exactly who they truly are and who it is they truly came here to be,
and more than all, to do what it is they came here to do.

The process is rarely ever easy, but more and more people are being
driven to heed that warning as the time of great change grows ever


"A horrible realization has dawned upon me which has left me
devastated and a bit shaken up. If true, then my life has been a
big lie.

"All the powers I came here with, all the good intentions, all the
travels to power portals, all the book learning, all the working
with crystals and dowsers and ley lines and gridwork.....all the
energy has all been for the wrong side, hasn't it? I've
been used.

"All the love, and simplicity and naive trust I had when I was
younger has been crushed over the years by abusive and manipulative
men, and it all ended up turning me into an abusive and manipulative

"On the surface, I emanate love, but inside is a hurt, resentful,
guilty, scared child. And you have always seen that. Thank you for
letting me discover the truth on my own.

"But you scare me, too. Probably because you make me look in the
mirror....and I don't like what I see.

"I have no idea why you have chosen to work with me...but I consider
it an honor...and I don't want to disappoint you...or the warrior
soul within me.

I think I need help more than my husband does. He is the truly
strong spirit. I'm a wishy washy one.

"Anyway, I desire to forgive the me of old and embrace the me of the
present and of the future...and to love little Anne, my inner child,
so much that she will never feel unloved or insecure again. Most of
all, I want to FIGHT BACK!!

"Will you help me by letting me help you?"

A friend in San Diego calls these `ah-ha' moments, and they are big
and they are powerful, no matter how subtle they often may be. They
are, like the time-waves spoken of in a recent article, little (or
big) course corrections in our lives, moments we can look back on
and say `this is when my life changed.'

For me it came when after being kicked out of `spiritual boot camp'
the third time I faced myself and a future with the thought that I'd
never get to do the work/the mission I came here to do. Having lost
love so many times up to that point I can honestly say, still, there
was no greater pain I could imagine than the loss of my very purpose
for existence. So I changed. And I committed to what it is I
personally came here to do.

But that kind of commitment takes work. And it takes, above all,
self-responsibility and the willingness and ability to change, to
give up the old images of one's self and to step forward without ego
or judging one's past and one's actions, in the humbleness so often
preached on spiritual paths but known by so few. . . . in the words
of Paul Twitchell, to just be.

Cynthia is new to the group and had doubts about what was going on,
as I hear so often . .


"I am wondering if anyone else is getting a lot of information
regarding serving others?

"This will be the fourth time this week I have been re-introduced to
the necessity of "being of service to others". Any shared knowledge
would be appreciated!

"And what's all this about Peter?"

Guidance had me answer, "When you joined the group you were asked to
do some homework of
reading to catch up with what was going on . . have you?

Now Cynthia could have got her back up against the wall, her ego
defenses rising to once again thrust away from her anything that
endangered her sense of self-will, but it didn't:

Cynthia's reply: "ha! Got me.....Hard to do my "homework" when I
haven't found a teacher!"

As so many of us are, Cynthia is not `impressed' enough with modern
technology to be wildly computer literate and she acknowledged the
fact and together we moved her forward into a place where she could
begin `catching up on her homework assignment' that both Guidance
and I know many of you still have not done either.

peter wrote:

"Sign in to your yahoo, go to GROUPS click on 4truthseekers and then
on the files section
and start reading and/or just click on messages and read those as
well. Literacy is your responsibility just as the 'homework' is your
responsibility too. It doesn't need any teacher besides the one you
have inside. This is just background."

It's all about service, there is no other. Self realization comes
with this admission and God-realization comes with the doing. They
are really one and the same and the time between the one and the
other can be as small as a heartbeat or as long as eternity, and
again, that choice is still up to you.

An excerpt from a channeling session by Will:

"As we have said before, your only way forward is to make your choice. Surrender
to the Light. Unconditional Surrender to the Highest. 75% surrender is not
enough. 90% surrender is not enough. Your attachment to whatever percent that
you hold back is a lever that the Dark Side can use against you. If you are
attached to a grain of sand, it is enough for the Dark Side to use against you.

"So only you can make your life harder, by staying attached to people, places,
things, or situations that hold you back. You cannot see how to let go, how to
cut the strings of the puppeteers. How to be in this world, but not of it. Leave
all that worry aside. Do not fear what the Dark Side can do to you, instead
concentrate on what you can do for others. What can you do for the Earth? What
can you do to help Peter? What can you do to help others? Put your focus there
and fears of the dark side, etc. will fall away. You are always protected when
you are connected; when you are working for the Light, you are always 'right'.'