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interpreting the mayan calendar and the end times parts 1 - 3
Interpreting the Mayan Calendar and the `End Times' - Part 1

The scientific version:

"The Maya Long Count calendar's start date is 11th August 3114 BC and its end date is 21st December 2012, covering a time span of 5125 years.

The Maya Long Count Calendar is an ancient calendar system that is believed by many to represent the natural cycles of nature. The enigmatic Maya calendar ends on the 21st of December 2012 supposedly at the culmination of human evolution. This culmination may represent a sudden quantum leap due to the tremendous and quick changes taking place around that time. Whatever this quantum leap may look like is open to speculation however taking current worldly events into account, the Maya calendar end time prediction becomes more and more likely as we're approaching this magical date. The Mayas were the keepers of this ancient calendar and predicted a major change in human consciousness at the end of their calendar system. It's for this reason that the Auric Time Scale has been supposedly synchronized with the Maya Long Count Calendar. . .

(In the broad sense, the Auric Time Scale is a theory describing the length of 'the bulk of' the basic periods in nature and society, and a major part of the most important historical and natural events in evolution. This theory is supposed to be supported by consistent statistics and a series of Theosophical statements pertaining to time. In application to the Mayan calendar this scale describes the compressing of evolutional time. In proportions this scale is also reflected in the artifacts of Egypt.)

. . . The concept of time compression (the compressing of the bifurcation points before 2012) may explain the Mayan concept of time acceleration before the End of the Long Count Calendar. (Think of the air molecules being compressed at the nose of a jet aircraft as it approaches and then breaks through the sound barrier. The speed of an elastic wave in any medium is determined by the medium's compressibility and density -this applies to both sound and to time as well.)

The importance of the forthcoming epoch of 2012 is emphasized by the actual current shifts in energy/weather patterns that are not only noticeable on Earth but throughout our entire solar system. These shifts may be related to the peculiarity of the current Earth/Solar-system/Galaxy orientation which is described in the resonant models of the Solar Zodiac (Dr. Smelyakov's equivalent of John Major Jenkins concept Galactic Alignment occurring around 2012). Dr. Smelyakov's studies on the Auric Time Scale further reveal the influence that the comets (Hale Bopp) have started to exert on our planet since 1997. The influence of these comets resonates with the bifurcation points of the Auric Time Scale.

The Auric Time Scale may represent the main bifurcation points both in history and into the future, allowing it to be an instrument to anticipate major events in our word leading up to 2012. We think that such a tool will be very helpful in understanding the social, spiritual and material processes that are now unfolding on our planet. (Smelyakov, Stray, Wicherink Auric Time Scale )

. . . Smelyakov also demonstrates the correlation between the Auric Time Series of the Mayan Calendar and major earthquakes. Prior to the 20th century, there was no Richter scale for measurement, and the severity of a quake was only mentioned by the number of deaths that it created. The National Earthquake Information Center of Russia has listed the top 21 most destructive earthquakes in the world from 856 AD to the present, and all of them occur during one of the "cycle hit points." Furthermore, the "imploding" nature of the cycle is seen by the fact that out of a total of 21 earthquakes, fully 9 of them occurred in the 20th century. This strongly suggests that conventional methods of earthquake prediction and analysis need to be abandoned and a more unified "aetheric" view considered.

Interpreting the Mayan Calendar and the `End Times' – Part 2

The speed of an elastic wave in any medium is determined by the medium's compressibility and density -this applies to both sound and to time as well.

No one in their right minds or knowing the true history and progression of consciousness on planet earth over the past five thousand plus years is going to say that consciousness right now is very high. Of course New Agers think that all of a sudden come December, 2012 everyone is going to wake up and suddenly begin being nice to each other and to the planet, what's still existing of it at that point - if anything.

If you have read any of the true history of the alien origins of this planet through Lemuria and Atlantis and the destruction of both, you will know that science and religion `split' from the Law of One back in the founding days of Atlantis when the Orion-Sirian alliance took control of the culture. Since then Science has been more of a god than religion has. This is what we hear from people like David Wilcock, Guidance confirms a reincarnation of Edgar Cayce:

From The Ultimate Secret of the Mayan Calendar an Imploding Cycle of Energy Increase, Culminating in 2012-2013 AD David Wilcock, Research Director March 2, 2002:

With the work of Dr. S.V. Smelyakov and Y. Karpenko on the Mayan Calendar, we may well have the "smoking gun" to prove scientifically that a fundamental energetic change is occurring throughout the entire Solar System at this time, fostering a crucial link between the local effects on the Sun, Earth and other planets and the effects upon the consciousness of humanity. Since distant ancient times, all of these prophesied changes have been associated with the culmination of a 25,920-year master cycle known as "precession". In Shift of the Ages, we demonstrate how this cycle can be seen in the long-term activity of the Sun as well as the rotation of the Earth's axis. We also show how the Mayan Calendar cycle, at 5,125 years in length, is exactly one-fifth of the precession. John Major Jenkins has demonstrated that on Dec. 21, 2012, the end-date for this cycle, the long-term "precessional" orientation of the Earth's axis is perfectly aligned with the center of the galaxy. And now, Dr. Smelyakov et al. have added dramatic new evidence to the case in their paper entitled "The Auric Time Scale and the Mayan Calendar." . . .

With the Mayan Calendar, the same process was performed, except that the total length of the Mayan Calendar at 5,125.3661 years was used as the central time unit for the Auric series, and the various "harmonics" of phi, in years, were then calculated. The commonly-agreed start time of August 6-13, 3113 BC was used as the origin of the cycle. And indeed, Smelyakov found "abrupt world-wide changes" at each of the cycle hit-points that were determined by this system.

Interpreting the Mayan Calendar and the `End Times' – Part 3

The end of the Mayan calendar in 2012/2013 is said to represent a crossroads in Time where some will go one way and others another, depending upon their choices. Before refocusing on the `end time' let's first take a look at how the Hindu understanding of time relates here:

The evolutionary cycle of time on this planet is divided into four ages as determined by the needs of both Soul and planetary growth. These are commonly called Yugas from the Hindu word for `cycle.' Each Yuga comprises what we might think of as a day of God.

The seven days of God or seven Yugas that comprise one week in the Mind of God, are also the Seven Evolutionary Steps of Man written about by Randolph Winters in his book, The Pleiadean Mission. We have only included what we feel to be the most relevant ones here, but highly suggest the reader take a look at the full seven cycles. Remember that seven is the number of Time and a very influential number in the darkside's attempt to control the Universe. It will also serve to give the reader an idea of what is meant by each planet or system having its own lessons or level of evolution. Like the varying grades or years at a school, these steps give to Soul its varied lessons in its climb up the Jacob's Ladder of increasing spiritual awareness.

"On Earth we are just becoming aware of our spiritual consciousness and its ability to communicate with the eternal knowledge of Creation. The great spiritual minds of the Pleiades have analyzed the development of the human being and discovered how the evolution of the Creation dictates the development of the human spirit-form as well. Just as the Creation must earn its way seven great-times on a path to perfection, so must man. The human life form evolves through understanding learned from experience following the same design as Creation. There are seven main levels of evolutionary development with seven sublevels.

"Creation goes through the development of seven levels of life forms—intelligent light, fluffy matter, gas, mineral, flora, fauna, and human—to complete the cycle of one great-time. It will then repeat that seven times in order to reach perfection and transform itself into a life form of higher consciousness. As part of Creation, man follows this same guideline and goes through seven main levels of development, each with seven sublevels of learning. Man's existence begins as a spirit-form, which is connected to the eternal energy of the Creation, and ends up a pure spiritual form that returns to the Creational Source, becoming part of the knowledge that directs the growth of the universe.

"On the planet Earth the natural cycles of development occur as they do throughout the universe. First the planet is formed from the primordial gas, which takes billions of years. As evolution continues, eventually the mineral kingdom is formed, followed by the flora, or food, kingdom. The animal kingdom is next, since now there is food available. All along this path of development, the spiritual energy of the New Creation is gaining in wisdom that gives it the intelligence to create the next step. As the energy becomes more intelligent, its force, or vibrational level as some call it, increases. It can be seen and measured as an aura around all things."

Before beginning on the narration of these seven grand cycles, however, it may be helpful here to read what Mary Summer Rain says in her book, Soul Sounds, about her remembrances of the time before she entered the planet's reincarnational cycle. So we will interrupt Winter's work here briefly to share this very timely information with the reader, especially since it also confirms so much of what we have already mentioned, and relates very closely what is going on here on the planet at the present time and our discussion about Lucifer.

"I can clearly remember my life before entering into this earthly realm. It was so incredibly, vibrationally light and beautiful. I was among those I loved and who, in turn, loved me. We all worked together as one mind and one purpose. We were The Great White Brotherhood.

"Although all members of The Brotherhood were united in the way of being completed ones who carried out God's will, we also had major divisions within the group. Some were messengers, some were light warriors, others were spiritual advisors to those completed ones who were serving physical missions. Some were protectors (these usually were the Archangels Gabriel, Raphael, Ariel and Michael), some were direct intermediaries between The Brotherhood division heads and God—who brought God's plans for specific missions required and current direction for various projects already in place.

"It was always a great honor to serve God by volunteering for a physical mission or being asked to perform one. I had done so several times, but always loved returning to my main position as Record Keeper.

"When the head of special projects approached me, I knew what was on his mind.

"We need you again," he'd said.


"Yes. The Master sees a great need there. He wishes you to rekindle the ember again."

"But the others (the Starborn) will do that. It was foreseen and so deemed within the Plan."

"This is so, but humankind has strayed too far too fast. They will nearly destroy their planet before the Others' time is right. Humankind has fallen into the confusion and chaos Belial has brought upon them with a silken tongue, coated with honey, and the people are believing his words."

"Surely they can tell."

"It seems not, for Belial has cloaked his minions in spiritual robes, and they do magic and speak golden words while giving out concepts contrary to the Precepts. The fervent Christians have become arrogant, religious sects are killing one another, and the self is becoming paramount in their minds."

"To descend down the Vibrational Corridor for a physical lifetime was always a daring thing to do, because there was always the chance that the physical entity could incur karma. To accept an earthly mission was the least desired job possible."