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interpreting the mayan calendar and the end times parts 4 - 6
Interpreting the Mayan Calendar and the `End Times' - Part 4

By Peter Farley

The Seven Evolutionary Steps of Man (from Randolph Winters' book, The Pleiadean Mission):

I) Step One—Beginning Life

1. Beginning Development of the Intellect

These are the first material lives on earth. The human form is nothing more than a spirit-form trying to develop its intellect. There is no accumulated knowledge from previous lives, only the intellect of the spirit which has not lived in a body before and can barely take care of itself, for it has no understanding of the material world at this time. All humans look the same at this point since our facial expressions, bodies, color etc. are expressions of experiences, wisdom, emotions, and ego that we have not yet developed. Our lives are short as our spirits have very low energy to sustain the material existence. We also die young due to poor health.

2. Beginning Development of Spiritual Growth

Through numerous lifetimes we begin to think and provide wisdom to the spirit. The process of evolution has begun. Simple-minded, we can barely feed ourselves and sustain life.

3. Beginning Development of Reason

We can now think and reason a little better. We have lived many brief lives and are starting to build intelligence from the experiences of previous lives. We are 20 to 30 million years old at this point. The counting of age begins with the start of the first material lifetime and includes the sleep period on the other side that we call death.

4. Beginning Using Thinking.

We can live longer now, for we are able to feed ourselves, start a fire, and build shelter. Our accumulated wisdom is providing us with some assistance since our spirit is now beginning to understand the physical existence better, and it can provide the occasional hunch or idea learned from previous lives to help out.

5. Beginning Development of Reasonable Actions

We are still very primitive and living in caves. We don't get along with each other, and in our material consciousness, we have absolutely no idea who e are or why we are here. We are trying to develop some more rational thinking patterns., but it's going slow. We can't even understand each other.

6. Beginning Development of Thinking and Action

Reasonable thinking and understanding are becoming useful in our day-to-day lives. We are starting to understand each other and are starting to work together. Man's appearance is unique, for his body and face are reflecting the experiences and wisdom of his life.

7. Beginning Awareness of reason

Reasoning and rational thinking are now in control of our lives. We can communicate through language, symbols, and signs. We are starting to form communities and learning to get along.

II) Step Two –Life with Reasoning and Rational Thinking.

1. Beginning Development of Reason.

Our ability to reason and solve problems is making a difference. We are still not aware that we are also a spirit-form. We are only beginning to question and look for answers. Life is purely a material existence to us.

2. Awareness of Reasoning and Its Use

We are now aware of reasoning and understand its use. We are searching for answers to our existence. Emotions are coming into play as fear, anger, and hostility begin to govern our lives. We all look much different form each other now, for we are noticeably on different paths of discovery and experience. The problems in life are being solved through our reasoning ability, and we now regard ourselves as rational, thinking beings.

3. Development of the Awareness of Higher Influences.

We are aware that there are powers in the world more advanced than our own and are searching for them We question the power of the stars, sun, moon and nature around us. We are unsure of our existence and are looking for meaning in our lives. The moon and stars puzzle us as we search for answers to their existence.

4. Awareness of Higher Influences

We start to develop belief systems, such as worshipping idols, gods, and the sun, without actually having any knowledge of what we are doing. We are still without knowledge of the spiritual side of life.

5. Belief in Higher Forces, Superstition, Fear of Evil, Veneration of Good.

Here we see the development of religions, superstition, and gods. Our lack of real knowledge of Creation and fear make us vulnerable to powers that we don't understand. Most of the current mass of humanity on Earth is at this stage.

6. First Awareness of the Meaning of Our Lives and the Real Spiritual Life. Development of the First Spiritual Cognitions and Their Use, Spiritual Healing, Telepathy.

Now comes man's first awareness of the spiritual world. He is looking for answers but has no real understanding. It is the beginning of awareness of spirit and its uses. This will be the first attempt at using the powers of spirit without real knowledge. This is the current position of the average earthman, who at this level of development can gain only 9.4 months of spiritual growth within a lifetime. At this point we are around 80 to 100 million years old as spiritual beings.

7. Development of Knowledge and Wisdom.

The mind is developing, and our accumulated wisdom learned from millions of years of lifetimes is creating intellect. Man is becoming aware that there is more to life than his brief material existence.

III) Step Three—Life with Intelligence.

1. Development of the Intellect, High Technology Advancements in Spiritual Forces, First Development of Living Forms

It is the age of the mind. We can be considered intelligent life forms now. We have broken through the age of ignorance and have advanced well in the sciences. Our awareness of our spirits and our connection to Creator is stronger, for we are learning more about the powers of our spirit. We have learned to create new foods, to crossbreed animals, and are searching for the understanding of how life works.

2. Awareness and exercise of Knowledge, truth, and Wisdom. Slow Dissolution of Acceptance of Belief.

We are leaving behind the thinking of the past. We no longer accept old myths, idols, and false gods. Real intellect and reasoning are providing us with enlightenment.

3. First usage of Knowledge and Wisdom.

High technology is becoming a part of our world. Genetic engineering has led to the creation of the first life forms. The secrets of the universe are beginning to unfold to us, and man is learning about his place in the scheme of things. This is the present position of the educated Earth human being, scientist, etc."

Thus it can be seen that planet Earth is still on a very primitive rung of the spiritual ladder only half way through step 3 of the seven step evolutionary cycle. Most of mankind still has an even longer way to go. The intermediary and higher levels of these seven evolutionary steps can be found in Winters' book.

Interpreting the Mayan Calendar and the `End Times' - Part 5

By Peter Farley

The corresponding Eastern cycles of time are the Yugas. A description of the four primary ages of this cycle can be found in The ECK-Vidya Ancient Science of Prophecy: Life Cycles of Men, Nations, and Planets:

• The first four tenths of the greater cycle known as the Mahayuga, or 1,728,000 years, of that time is the first age known as the Satya Yuga. It was the Golden Age in terms of CREATION, a time of innocence and happiness on the planet, a true Garden of Eden, a time when the few beings on the planet followed the laws of Spirit without the necessity for any kind of enforcement as such.

• The second Yuga was the Tretya Yuga, the Silver Age in terms of Creation, when things were generally not as good, and man had to work for the things he wanted. (Vidya) This lasted for approximately 1,296,000 years.

• The third Yuga was the Dwarpara Yuga or the Brass Age when things became more savage upon the planet. It lasted for approximately 864,000 years.

• And the fourth Yuga or age is the Kali Yuga, the Iron Age, the one we are living in today in which things get seriously difficult and nasty. It began in February of 3102 BC, and lasts for 432,000 years.

"The descending numbers (of years in each Yuga or age) represent a similar physical and moral deterioration of mankind in each age. There are also smaller cycles within these larger cycles, and the cycles of nature usually follow a twelve-year pattern. Then there are smaller and smaller cycles, usually based on the numbers 3 and 12.

"The life of the individual Soul in a human body is based on a twelve-year cycle. Soul has only a certain period of time in each body that it takes on during any and each incarnation. Man's personal longevity comes to just about six or less cycles within one body, so it means that he is not capable under the reign of the Kali Yuga to live out his full life span. Of course this is the physical and moral degeneration of the individual since the era of the Golden Age, when man lived in what was then the perfect body. He must learn that he cannot go back to that state until he has turned back and sought perfection again, through Soul unfoldment."

All of these cycles have great influence on the souls living in the lower worlds. They also greatly affect the cycles of history which we are about to take a look at in the following chapters. Knowing that we are living in the Kali Yuga doesn't make it any easier. Neither does it give us an excuse for any behavior which is against the Higher Will. The Council of Nine in Schlemmer's work repeatedly stress the problems this Earth is creating in the overall system because of its inhabitants' fixation with the pleasures involved with sexual activity.

They stress, as said before, that Earth is the planet for us to learn to balance between the physical and the spiritual worlds. All the souls that exist in the universe have had, at one time or another, the necessity to manifest on the physical planet Earth for the lessons to be learned, our purpose being to live in true balance, in manifestation of unconditional love, and in connection with the Creator.

In order for the Universe to evolve it is important for Planet Earth to evolve, for without this planet being evolved, the other planets in the Universe are also not able to go forward.

Our lack of growth as a planetary consciousness has, indeed, stopped the growth of the Universe. The problem lies in the dense physicality of the 3rd dimension. Earth was, as said, an experiment, and that experiment was to find out partially, what would happen to Soul when placed in a dense corporeal 3rd dimensional body. No one yet knew what would happen. That is the reason for having an experiment. The Council of Nine expresses their feelings that this was not totally a negative thing because it gave us a greater challenge to learn to balance the physical with the spiritual:

"We were not aware of the problems that the physical would create . . . The physical body has different feeling than in all the other planets and in all the other souls that exist. In other systems, other galaxies, there are other physical beings that do not have the density of this planet . . . it has the feel of desire. It is pleasure and pain. Yet this has become very important for the evolutionary growth of the planet, because it was originally the planet of balance."

Interpreting the Mayan Calendar and the `End Times' - Part 6

By Peter Farley

Against all odds planet Earth has made it into and through the ascension process, this despite the fact that planets with such low levels of consciousness usually `self-destruct' during the process as a space shuttle taking off with too much payload would. How it made it is another story, one available through other articles and the nine-volumes of my Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?

Doesn't this put a fly in the ointment of the Mayan Calendar, the fact that this planet may already have been destroyed by now and not have even have reached the point of the end of the Mayan long-count calendar?

From a Sirian-connected person on the planet channeling his Guidance: "As for 2012, that as you know is from the Mayan calendar and that calendar is a similar system to that which the Galactic Federation of Light uses (the thirteen moon calendar) although the Mayan calendar is about 53 days out of accuracy, but nevertheless, it is accurate compared to all of the other Earth standard calendars. Rest assured beloved K that Earth will ascend into its fifth dimensional existence with all its inhabitants (Are you ready beloved?) as more light is being anchored into the Earth from the Alcyone central galactic sun. That light is being mostly transmitted through your current sun in the solar system. The many Light workers and Starseed individuals and collective networks are increasing their anchoring of the light into the Earth and other planets, so as you can see K, it is a light/dark team-effort to bring in the fulfillment of the divine plan to this star system and its planets."

Yes, the inhabitants of planet Earth have thus-far made it through the ascension process along with the planet . . . BUT most of them, however, have not ascended along with her. As said earlier on, "The end of the Mayan calendar in 2012/2013 is said to represent a crossroads in Time where some will go one way and others another, depending upon their choices."

The word `bifurcation' in the scientific explanations of the Mayan Calendar means to split into two branches . . . to go two different ways. Hence with an understanding that the planet has already ascended but the majority of the population hasn't, once can see that there must be an immediate and massive leaving of some of the population who have –BY THEIR OWN FREE WILL OF MAKING or NOT MAKING SPIRITUAL CHOICES – decided not to go on with the planet into the higher dimensional realms of existence.

Time exists as function of Space and of this movement of energy through the various spheres. All things however, have their allotted period of time, and this brings to us all the Great Cycles of Time talked about in so many religious texts. The end of the Mayan calendar is the end of one such major cycle of Time. It is this Breath of God that supports all things and also brings all things to their ultimate and final conclusion through the various cycles of Creation.

Events for the `Great Shift' of population and the planet began squarely on 09/11/01. One might call it `the final battle' began at that moment when the Twin Towers fell due to the New World Order's instigation of its final agenda (and not simply to some radical Islamic terrorists). Star Trek's creator, Gene Roddenberry, called this `Earth –Final Conflict'. That final conflict has now been won by the true forces of the Light and Sound. Even as we watch the old paradigm breaking up all around us much as the planet in its own Krypton way is beginning to do, all that is left to do is for those who embraced the darkness during the conflict and who have not accepted the grace of the FATHER to make amends for their past wrong decisions or by not deciding at all, to move along – to choose the lesser of the two roads during bifurcation. This is the true meaning and end of what has been a catch-phrase since the 60s – `the road less traveled'. The planet and many of the people who understand the wisdom and spirituality of the Heart and not just their minds will be moving off the planet at very much the same time, taking the higher road, the road less travelled. Their job, just as Mary Summer Rain described was her mission here in this lifetime, is now done. Now that the tide of darkness has been turned in this corner of the Universe, there are still many battles yet to be fought as darkness Itself is swept from all the other corners of this grand SuperUniverse.

Does all this then give us a singular date for the end of the Mayan Calendar? No, but truly it does not matter, for if you have not connected to Spirit and done the preliminary work of this time, then the day your particular part of the planet comes up for cleansing doesn't really matter now does it? The Mayans were 6th dimensional at the best of times in what is now a 15 dimensional Universe. It's whether or not you have chosen to BE spiritual rather than simply talk Spiritual that makes all the difference in the world at this time. Free will dictates that EVERYTHING is changeable at any time in Creation, just as there were some who decided the fate of this planet was not acceptable and set out to change it. There is no `set time' for the end of the world or the end of anything. Cycles run their course and people of individual self-will or Higher Will decide whether or not to follow them. The choice is always theirs.

The great cycle of time known as the Kali Yuga is not over. What the planet is moving into for those who are destined to survive all the changes is a new `Golden Age' of enlightenment and communal existence – the `it takes a village' paradigm as my Guidance likes to call it.

Time does not exist in the Highest Realms of Creation, and it runs at different and varying speeds depending on which dimension you have your Soul's focus on in the moment. At any moment of the day or night you can choose to end the most important and influential cycle of all – the cycle of birth and of death known as reincarnation. By surrendering self-will to serve Higher Will you will then become the Master and all the cycles of Creation will then cease to have meaning for you beyond the point of assisting others to also understand and accept the ultimate purpose of all Creation which is to serve.