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by Peter Farley

Like the disguises worn by children at Halloween, darkness loves to
hide itself behind so many different masks and costumes, and always
it asks us all to be ītolerantī of its darkside nature. Never once
does it īfess up to the enslavement of billions of people, the rape
and torture of billions more on millions of different planets. Never
once does it look the middle school child in the face, the one who
has leukemia and has to have painful treatments each week of its life
just to maintain some form of life in its deteriorating body, and say
I did this and I am sorry. No, instead it asks us to be 'tolerant'.

Sue Ann and I just watched Elizabeth -- The Golden Age -- two Christian countries exterminating each other. Don't ask me to be tolerant of their religious hype.

The people who make up lies and publish them about anyone who doesn't
agree with them hide behind the religious code that we're all
supposed to be 'tolerant' of other peopleīs paths.

I never thought it would be easy to do my mission once I found out it
involved telling people that every religion on the planet worshipped
one and the same god -- Lucifer. I really knew it would be hard once
I found out my mission also involved telling 72 percent of people
they weren't even human. Ever had to tell a 'person' they weren't
even living beings but rather they are artificial intelligences? The
movies I, Robot and Centennial Man don't even come close to what that
situation is like.

Interesting enough to have to write a 9 volume history of the
darkside and how it came to power, and how it controls EVERY facet of
our lives from the cradle to the grave --and even beyond. An
impossible task no less to actually convince anybody that even half
of what the books say is true though all the pieces intricately fit together, let alone to then kick them hard enough to get off their well-programmed asses to actually help do something about it.

Don't ask me to be tolerant of people who choose the smoke and
mirrors of the Matrix when the other side of the coin is becoming so
obviously evident. Donīt ask me to be tolerant of people who wish to
regain their dark powers from past lifetimes and once again be able
to use them to further their own lust for power over others. Donīt
ask me to be tolerant of stupid people who hire a pyschic online only
to find themselves surrounded by darkness. And what then do I do
after freeing this woman and her family up from this malevolence for
free when two weeks later she e-mails me again to ask for help in
freeing herself from another dark being she contracted from another
internet website to do her personal reading. Ignorance of the
spiritual worlds is no excuse, for it is each soulīs responsibility to educate itself as to whatīs taking place. There is certainly some
valid material out there in a world polluted by the Matrix propaganda
and misinformation. And then thereīs alwys personal Guidance.

Tolerance only goes so far, and it is only those who donīt know the
full extent of whatīs going on on this planet or in this area of
Creation who ask us all to be tolerant of their ignorance and

Never ask me to be tolerant of the darkside because Iīve seen the
results of what it has done to this the most beuatiful planet in
Creation, its people, and any chance it had to be the crown jewel of
Creation. Iīve heard the screams of the children and adults being sucked of their life energies to feed darkside clones. And Iīve fought too damn hard for too many lifetimes against that very same darkside and still do every day of my life in more ways than can be shown, fighting to keep myself and anyone else who wants to be free so the battle can continue. So donīt ask me to be tolerant of other peopleīs paths when I know and can and have seen the darkside from which it comes. They leave me alone, Iīll leave them alone, leave them alone to experience what Spirit has in store for them and their learning processes very, very soon. Until then, donīt ask me to be tolerant of darkness.

Do your homework and you will know what I know, there is NOTHING real
about the Matrix . . nothing at all.

In service, still,