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It All Begins With Forgiveness
It All Begins With Forgiveness
By Peter Farley

A response to someone's request for assistance with a blockage of energies in the colon (letting go of something, mainly from childhood):

It was one of the first articles and exercises I ever wrote . . the first Humanity Vs The New World Order, and it included this exercise ( included at the end of the e-mail ) because until you learn the lesson that these other people --your family--are not killing you, it is your attitude towards them that is killing you (will kill you, in your case through colon cancer if you don't resolve and let go the issues).

It is one of the most healing things a person can do but people always baulk at doing it. Afterwards they agree it lightened their load tremendously . . the ability to forgive. With your past, you need the forgiveness of self because even in this e-mail you can see the influence remains of how you have controlled and been used to manipulate others, and in this lifetime we're all being given the choice to break those cycles of violence and control and power, both in ourselves and in how we interact with the ones we love. NOW is the time to earn your presence in the higher dimensions and PROVE you are worthy of being there; that you are sovereign in your being and that others cana nd do affect you ONLY because or when you allow it. Self-responsibility is what Carlos Castaneda's shaman/mentor Don Juan would call "being impeccable."

The Sufi's have a tale of a son and his father who disagree on everything and don't get along, so, when he's old enough, the son moves out and never deals with his father again. As the story goes, meeting on the other side walking down the hallways of Heaven they run into each other's arms and hug each other closely, whispering ine ach other's ears as they huh . . "Thank you for those hard lessons you gave me down there on planet Earth." Ever heard Johnny Cash's song, "A Boy Named Sue?"

Read Robert's channeling from today and see how it relates. While there is time WE ALL must clear away the past and those things which will only serve as anchors to hold us back in the worlds of the dead, the old paradigm we see falling apart around us.

Moving forward is not doing work or learning new stuff, it's simply letting go of the old ways and programming that have brought us into such a low place on the evolutionary scale of Creation. Letting go begins with completing or closing the circle --the circle of karma, the circle of inter-relationship with these Beings you call family. Karma is simply an old attitude we haven't learned to let go of or to shift out of that point of view and into another. This is where your homework begins.

Do not 'think' you have done this exercise, nor 'feel' you have done this exercise . . it is never never complete until you can look at yourself in the mirror and say "I KNOW I have done this exercise." All will then have been released, the circle will be unbroken, and you will have EARNED the new paradigm, not simply been given it.

And remember, Spirit and Guidance never never judge you. Do you have the right to judge others? There is an article on the website about judgment vs evaluation. Look for it, read it, and then when you have let go of always judging everything, you will be in heaven.
Love and best wishes, Peter

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To: "'peter farley'"
Subject: RE: implant
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2007 05:55:44 +1100
This is probably one of the most complex (but easily mended) lessons that I have taken upon myself - now that I look back on what I have lived through. Just today I was conversing with my wife and why I was born into my family. I did not come to this conclusion through meditation or channelling - it was an analysis based on the understanding of how creation is and presented itself to me over the many years(decades) and very strongly over the last couple of years.

I chose a father from the Good side and a mother from the dark side. . .

There's always been conflicts with me and my mother. I have a strong will and I don't yield to any commands from any one directly but they did somehow have their influence indirectly. But now I have learned how the dark is working - that is probably one reason why I see all the lies in this world everywhere I look and walk and I can see the true colours of anyone. This is probably what is holding me back - I don't yield - and I can't relinquish control to anyone or any soul. And that been said, I have no trust in letting my self-control to others. This is the hardest thing to do for me in life after realising what I am and it is the only thing left at this time to see me waking up.

It is hard to surrender - and this is the task that is holding me back from going forward. I am going in circles like the cat who is chasing its tail. That's it!

Now how do I surrender - I ask my soul and friends in the body and spirit?

I truely appreciate and thank you for reading this far.


from Humanity VS The New World Order

". . . The small ways in which each and every one of us can begin to fight back against the mindless greater will of the omnipresent New World Order is to exercise Love in all our decision-making processes and dealings with our fellow man. This is especially true when they relate to our own sense of being overwhelmed by something which feels so much bigger than ourselves.

The Macrocosm is indeed inherent in the microcosm, and vice versa. If we begin with each small decision that we make during the course of the day and hold out in favor of humanity over technology and the mass consciousness as expressed by “the rules” , we can all feel a little more human, and strikes one more blow, however small, for humanity over institutionalism. Standing in your power and deciding to be treated like a human being (and in turn treating others also as human beings) not like a number is one of the greatest acts of rebellion we can perform.

The one thing that must be done above all to begin our own healing with regard to our own low self-esteem is to love. To forgive both those who we feel have wronged us, and most importantly of all ourselves, is to regain our lost power. To reclaim this lost power (that which we have so readily given away to both friends, family, and enemies alike, I recommend the following exercise borrowed liberally from the Native American Shamanic tradition of erasing personal history (and thereby reclaiming the personal power given away).

Reclaiming your Power:

1. With plenty of time to complete the task no matter how long it takes, find a quiet comfortable area where you will not be disturbed—a place where you feel safe, a place where you feel some kind of nurturance from your surroundings such as a room filled with your favorite books, a quiet garden space, or somewhere out in nature.

2. Center yourself in whatever way is most comfortable for you—by chanting, by smudging, or simply by sitting peacefully with your eyes open or closed for a short period of time.

3. Open yourself to your own highest Good, your Higher Power, some non-denominational sense of the Cosmos that you know loves you and that you trust.

4. As you find yourself ready, go slowly over the decades of your life—either chronologically or in reverse order. Think of and/or write down a list of all those you have been involved with you in some way and to whom you have given a part of yourself. This could be either in a positive or negative way through some kind of attachment of love or hate or fear or some other emotional state. This list should include such people as your parents, your teachers, your school mates who you envied or tried to copy, the neighborhood bully, the girlfriends or boyfriends—real or imagined, the husbands or wives, your children, your neighbors, the bosses and co-workers with whom you have shared both good times and bad—everyone who you can say took or was given a piece of you that you now need to reclaim in this attempt to regain your personal power.

Kenneth Meadows, in his book The Medicine Way—A Shamanic Path to Self Mastery, says to use the phrase, ‘Things would have been so different IF . . .’ The things which follow that IF are the very attachments you now need to release. In releasing attachments we let go of what is draining us of our personal power. We reclaim the focus and the attention from the past and are now able to recrystallize it on our present circumstances and stand in our power and in our strength.

5. Once we have made this list or identified those with whom our personal power has been in storage, then comes the essential act of reclaiming our power, thanking—and if necessary, forgiving them, and ourselves. No matter what has happened between the two of you—things either positive or seemingly negative—the lessons have been there for you to learn, and these people have done their best, limited though it may appear to you, to help you learn your lessons and make you the best person you can be. Thank them for whatever part they have played in your own spiritual growth, and forgive them for whatever they did or did not do to you in any other way. To hold any strong feeling for anyone in the past is to give away a piece of your energy to that person, and the personal power you will need here in the very near and very real future that awaits us all in combating the New World Order. Do this for each and every person on your list, savoring each moment as you recall it and then letting it go.

6. And when all is said and done, then look at your own behavior over these same times and know that, although you may not always have been at your best, that to live in shame or blame or with some degree of guilt is the greatest source of giving away your personal power to a source which is not real. The real Creator has only and is only Love. Darkness cannot even come near to it because IT is so much Light. If IT cannot see Darkness, then it certainly does not judge us for it knows we are learning, and that there is a balance for everything we do. In this spirit, love yourself as IT loves you, and then forgive yourself.

7. Make a small ritual of burning or destroying your list, and feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders as your strength and Will and power return to you. Then be cognizant of every person and situation that enters your day and may try to steal some of your power away again. Bless them or the situation and give them love and be on your way, safe in your newfound strength, prepared for the difficult days ahead, knowing that though the Darkness may reign for a short time longer on the planet as it solidifies its power base here—there can only be one eventual winner—and of that there is no doubt. The Light will always overcome the Darkness and drive it back into the Void from whence it first came."