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it s time
It's Time

Peter Farley

I woke up Friday morning and I was dying . . . again. My energies were weak and there was a great sickness in my stomach unrelated to any `physical' sources. My energy field was weak and my teeth were feeling it, they being the first indication of a weakened energy field. I wasn't feeling anything the planet isn't feeling right now. The weakened electro-magnetic shield surrounding it is being bombarded by new coronal mass ejections (CMSs) from the sun every other day. The morphogenetic field is in a rapid state of flux and after reaching its lowest level a few months ago is rapidly trying to take shape again. ( )

Attached to this gyrating mass are 6 billion people and only a dense bubble of denial can keep anyone from not feeling something's going on. Something's been going on for a long time, the real betting comes on when is the first earth-`shattering' event going to take place that really let's everyone know `it's time' not time for the end of the world, rather time for a shift in dimensions that brings on a whole new glorious world.

Well the planet has already ascended even if most of the population hasn't. Now the planet just has a few MAJOR events to occur to begin the cleansing and healing process that will continue from now on through many thousands of years into the future.

There are many people who are fully engaged with the planet's energies at this time who are feeling every twist and turn of its subtly writhing body as it maneuvers its way snugly into the extraordinary place Spirit has arranged for it to complete its ascension process. I just happen to be one of them because my spiritual guidance wants me to be able to at least share with people what's taking place even if they don't believe or heed the warnings.

Now it's good to be able to feel the planet in its movements if you've got plans to stay and assist with establishing the new paradigm on the planet. It's got to be frustrating as hell for those who don't fully understand or believe what's taking place. If I had my druthers I'd probably choose to leave at this time too but as Guidance jokingly says, "It's time to make the donuts", reference to an old Dunkin' Donuts commercial meaning there's still much work to be done.

Helen Parkes does fairly accurate translations of Nostradamus' Hidden Texts ( ) For the past couple of months her translations have matched what my Guidance has been telling me and having me share in articles and with my yahoo group that something(s) would happen come mid-September that would be but a precursor to the much, much more major events of late October, specifically October 21/22 depending on what part of the planet you were on.

9 100 2 Le feu aux naues a` l'Occident ruine

TURNED decelerates, FLEE AEOLUS (E)

NAUSEA IN TURN. See ill fated core

Aeolus (Father of All Winds)

E is September 19/20

10 82 3 Lentour parques planter profons plateaux





qua expulse Quux asleep equal sex (six) up

High platforms set up in parks (Yellowstone) vulcanism

Yes: currently here in this forum Dimensions Crop Circles

To report the glowing planet

ELUXATES (polar dislocate)

PALE EQUUS = OCTOBER 28 - NOV 24 (+) X = November 7th

PLATES SQUARE = tectonic plates in opposition

On August 25th, Guidance had me share with people in my group and on my mailing lists that as of September 20 I would no longer be writing articles and that the group would for all intents and purposes be closing down.

"After sharing my own message from Guidance about not being available after September 20 in order to get my 'safe place' in order, that very same day Stan and Holly Deo's shared a similar message, the Ramtha school suggested things may be different after September and they may not be in contact, and then this morning Ken Carey came out of hibernation in order to say he believes this is the time as well. Helen has already shared Nostradamus' thoughts about the coming months and he agrees something major is about to happen, not the end thingy but something major enough to shift tectonic plates with the resulting upheavals all over the planet (and Creation). Everyone's beginning to sense something about the remaining months of this year. Just circle Oct. 21 to be in your safe place no matter what. What have you got to lose? Others won't get 45 minutes warning to 'bug out' so most of them will not survive and most of them aren't supposed to survive."

With the feeling of `dying' I'm getting right now I think Guidance prophesied things pretty well. A week ago Friday THEY had me share what I was feeling and this THEY had called `the End' without being too much more specific. Since then we've had the worldwide events of Sept. 15 that even the ExtinctionProtocol website termed `the September Event': where there were major earthquake events all around the globe. Missed that one on mainstream media? Well, `nuff said . . .

This was followed yesterday by half a dozen major earthquakes of the coast of Japan (no, Nostradamus agrees it will still be a little while longer before Japan goes entirely).

If I seem a little light-hearted with this whole topic it's because having died enough times in this lifetime I KNOW that death is just a transition and that what we're now moving into is a freedom beyond anything ever experienced on this planet for at least the past 50,000 years. Most people I've dealt with in this lifetime I've known many times before in past lives and if their choices are right I'll probably be seeing them a lot more as well, so no thoughts of missing anybody I truly care about. So it should be with you too. Doing energy healing work I've seen how people carry everything along with them in their energy fields from lifetime to lifetime like Harpo Marx's coat. Death is just changing coats and this time for a new blank one for those who have let go of or resolved everything old from the past.

So if you're feeling a dying sensation, if you see the deadness of the energies surrounding you particularly in the cities, if your muscles feel tense or ache a little more than usual, if that hill you walk the dogs up every day seems a little steeper and harder to climb than it did before, perhaps you too are just feeling what I'm feeling . . . that `it's time'.

More and more people are asking me and others I know, "where's a safe place?" There is no safe place for these events if you

a) Are not prepared for what's coming, i.e. know what's about to happen and have specifically been guided to a place best for you, have stored away everything necessary to survive in a world where nothing is available as it has been up until now, and if you don't have others sharing this with you because surviving alone besides being impossible would also be not fun,

b) Are not spiritually in tune enough to work with your Guidance to these ends in the short amount of time left,

c) Haven't earned the right to survive in a newly implemented 5th dimensional paradigm and don't have a specific purpose for being here to assist with helping develop and implement that new paradigm on this newly ascended planet Earth.

d) Don't have a clue what `It takes a village . . .' means and are capable of living that paradigm at the highest levels possible.

For most people this will be my last article/posting/e-mail. I wish you well in your decision-making process and hope to be seeing you sometime down the road in a new world for once fit for Souls to exist on.

Best wishes. Laugh and Be Well, Peter