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judgment and spiritual greatness
One member of the group wrote to me today saying:

When I channel, it\'s not just that things don\'t make sense, but
possibly contradict the group messages or sound like just words.
Or I have a porbably with sometimes attatching word associations with
words which make it sound like a joke such as \"all purpose\" and
then \"cleaner\" nudges in which messes up the whole channeling. If
these are just words in tha beck of my mind, they wont go away. I\'ve
even tried opening the heart chakra with that thing you mentioned in
an article but it doesn\'t make my mind stop. I\'m telling you this
becusae I am trying but am not having any luck. Everyone elses
channelings seem to make some sense and don\'t just sound like just a
bunch of mumbo jumbo, I don\'t know why it is so hard for me. Maybe
you think I am wasting your time, I don\'t know.

If the ascension is closed forever now, and we can\'t ascend and
become seriously spiritual, what is the purpose of jumping on the
boat now, is it merely to prepare for worse times, and know how to
help others for those times? what has the ascension actually

I will now start a new channeling...

Peter: You even judge me and the way I might perceive things. I don\'t
judge anything, but you judge EVERYTHING, even judging your
channelings against other people\'s channelings. You are not them. The
messages that come through you are not the ones that come through
them. Who are you to judge anything? do you know that much yet that
you feel you have that right? even to judge yourself? Your Guidance
doesn\'t judge you, why should you judge yourself . . let alone me? I
know what They know, and take everything with the baggage and all.
All I am here to do is to help you get better at what you do and to
have a clearer connection . . does every student in any class all
come from exactly the same place? Should everything be exactly at the
same level of achievment or worth or purpose? Did you walk the first
time you got up on your feet as a child? There are those who take
life and problems as a challenge. There are most of the rest of the
people who takes challenges as a reason to quit and go back to
sitting on their fences. Everyone is lookign for a reason NOT to do
their work here. It\'s the way we\'ve ALL been conditioned. Which you
are determines your spiritual greatness . . and where you\'re going
from here . . .

Said with love.

I\'m here to help you get on your feet until you can walk by yourself.
Just call me \'Traing Wheels\' and let\'s keep going . . . or not.

With Love, Peter