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last rights for the lightworkers
The one immutable fact in all human Beings is the attitude, \"It can\'t
happen to me.\" In this lifetime that is translating to \"Well, it
can\'t happen in my lifetime.\" The bad news for human Beings right now
is,\"It is happening in your lifetime, and it is happening to you!\"

Every day I talk with supposedly \'un-spiritual people\' who sense or
know something is going on in the world and something big is just
about to happen. And every day I talk with so-called spiritual people
who talk to me about their future plans for schooling and for the
family and for buying this or that, or what the future plans for
their jobs are, and people wonder why such a seemingly spiritual
person as I needs to swear so much -- well it\'s to release the pent-
up frustration over what I call, \"Matrix-disease\", or \"Matrix-
blindness.\" No one in their right minds could ignore what\'s happening
in the United States right now with its corresponding effects all
over the world. The New World Order has created an economy solidly
based on oil, and with everything\'s effectiveness or actual existence
relying almost exclusively on this one product and its being
available at a reasonable price. This then creates the situation
that \'he who controls the oil valves and prices\' controls the world
and everybody in it\'.

After the sham of the oil executives appearing before Congress the
other day to defend their obscene profits, to defend getting
government subsidies, and to express their crocodile-tear pity for
the consumers, Exxon\'s CEO announced that they would NOT increase
oil production over the next four years even though demand will
increase so many percentage points each year from now until then.

And of course everyone out there blames it on the Arabs, not
understanding that Canada is the largest supplier to the U.S., that
oil companies in the U.S. are drilling more oil wells but capping
them for later production when, like now, prices are at an all time
high. And of course, the U.S. is already opening old plutonium mines
as a standby.

In the 1980 movie, The Formula, George C. Scott\'s detective character
is railing on the Arabs and their control of oil when Marlon Brando,
playing the part of an American oil executive, stops Scott\'s railing
with one simple sentence spoken in a quiet but steady voice, \"You
don\'t understand,\" he says, \"WE are the Arabs.\"

Friday was my 56th birthday, and was I out partying, celebrating? No,
instead, as with many other days, Guidance had me out shopping,
stocking up on bargain steaks and canned food, etc, to add to what
already is easily a 4 month supply of food They have had us amass
over the past few weeks at very cheap prices. And for those who
continue to believe nothing is going to happen, none of the food is
really anything we wouldn\'t eat on a daily basis anyway. It\'s not
like it might be wasted if something weren\'t to happen. And at the
prices the food was bought at, no matter what happens, we have bought
the food at a bargain price compared with the escalating food prices
people have to bear these days.

It\'s a matter of priorities, isn\'t it, and programming? Every day
people give me their excuses why they didn\'t do or practise their
channeling or connection with Guidance, and every day I have to be
very blunt with them about what they seem to be refusing to see. Of
course much of this attitude stems from our past involvements with
New Age teachings that tell us everything is okay, or at least have
us so intent on our own selves and our \'spiritual journey\' that we\'re
blinded to other people\'s plight or to the approaching mess that
we\'re all about to step waist deep into. We see it every day in our
teeenagers that they feel they\'re invincible. And then they drug
overdose and all the unique potential for their getting out of the
wheel of birth and death and 3D lessons that this lifetime presents,
is lost to them for thousands more lifetimes.

You could say that Soul KNOWS its eternal so it has no worries about
whatever\'s going to happen. However, being enslaved, either to the
New World Order (which DOES continue from lifetime to lifetime) or to
our own spiritual blindness that keeps us revolving lifetime after
lifetime in the same Groundhog Day-style lessons, is no way to
progress, either spiritually or in any other way. Our past religious
teachings have almost convinced us of the fact that each lifetime we
get new choices and that we\'re free as Soul and nothing can change
that. And those are two of the greatest spiritual lies of all, lies
that the Annunaki bred into us genetically so that we would never be
anything but their slaves and big human batteries for their energy
sucking mechanisms.

My original mission as explained to me was to help people get off
their fences, one way or the other, and to make sure at least that
they themselves would be free to move on with ascension should that
process ever evolve into a reality. Now that it has, now that all of
Creation has take giant strides towards a healing catharsis, I find
that everything I\'ve ever done has been easy compared with getting
people to make wise choices about their spiritual future. And for
that I\'m sorry. I wish I knew how better to make it happen, but after
all, it does come down to freewill choices doesn\'t it? and who knew
how strong and effective the New World Order programming was.

I wishing you strength in your personal choices,and am always
available shoud they be to assist in helping others.

In service, Peter