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learning and money
Subject: RE: Hello
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 11:13:16 -0400

Hey Peter... I haven\'t spoken to you in a very long time.. I have been reading your articles and learning about what is going on and trying to adjust my mind set and learning how to use Guidence. I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing and it did really help me before and even now I feel like my eyes are opening up more so I can see clearly. I know I am very far away from being where I need to but I don\'t know if you have any advice that I could use to help me get closer to tat I am supposed to be doing here. I know helping people is number one but sometimes they don\'t want help or too far gone to understand that change is necessary. Also, it seems as if everytime I feel like I am advancing financially something happens to keep me from having money to do day to day things. Maybe it\'s just me or maybe it\'s something else.

In any case I will be continuing reading your articles and trying to fine tune my energy to remain poised and see everything for what it really is. An advanced Hologram. Keeping that thought in my head really helps me stay focus and well balanced.

Thank you again and please feel free to response with any comments and/or questions that yu may have. Thanks you.


Peter: People learn best by doing, not by reading. It is the experience that gives us the lessons, not the words ona page. Sometimes we wish it were so, but rarely ever is it so. The words on the page give us a framework into which to put the experieinces and make sense of them to finally derive the lessons and the awarenesss of what it is we have just been through. If I told you I haven\'t read a book since I began this work would that mean I\'m a dullard or that it is somewhere else I\'m deriving the wisdom that flows through me. Religion and schooling have taught us books are how we learn and having worked with so many Lightworkers with shelves full of self-help books, never seen a one of them that really helped --except maybe Louise Hay\'s works.

Since I haven\'t seen a one of your channelings I must presume that you are also just talking spiritual interest and not the real \'hey, what the heck. let\'s do it\' kind.

As for money, the more you worry about it, the less you have of it. The lesson that it is a bountiful Universe is the hardest one of all for many of us. It was for me. The only way I could finally deal with it was to say \'It\'s Your money. You tell me how to spend it. If You wnat me doing this work etc. then you will provide the necessary means by which to do it. It\'s worked ever since. Hasn\'t always given me my \'wants\' but has always pretty much given me my needs or at least an unbderstanding of what it is I truly need in these changing times.