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By Peter Farley

Guidance once told me that more people would begin to listen as times got tougher and people began sensing the impending nature of the changes taking place. Unfortunately, as with Noah, and now Evan Almighty, people always wait until the last minute before deciding they want to do something to change or get onboard. Now it’s no use saying I told you so now is it?

From Elaine: “I know. I've thought about it but I'm not sure how to begin....
I have some major changes going on in my life right now. I feel like I'm at a crossroads regarding developing my spirituality. . . I feel at loose ends right now. And time passes so quickly... As for needing anything; I need some guidance (and Guidance).”

From Elizabeth: “I so want to help....and I don't know what to do. I am destitute of spirit, mind, body, soul....and even money. Haven't made a sale in three weeks because I am so unhappy with my job, my life, my hope for the future.”

From Ermina: “I am financially challenged at present but very focused to restore my financial health and independence. I'm a chant sound healer who has had a sore throat.....I quit smoking almost 6 months ago. That void is not filled yet. Have felt lost spiritually like I've failed. Made big mistakes believing untruths and distortions”

From Cheyenne: “sorry Peter but I just don’t know what "the right direction" is anymore.........I just feel like I’m spinning and going nowhere......thanks “

The mind and any and all attempts to solve things with the mind are just not working anymore are they?

We’ve all bought into the lies and deceit and promise of the ‘American dream’ delivered to us on a golden platter by the New World Order, but most of all we’ve all bought into the biggest lie of all—the secret-- –that is that we could have or bring into our lives all these things without doing any real spiritual work for them, and all the time living a life of self-indulgence and the feeling that we are ‘owed’ a nice life by just following Big Brother’s will for us.

And now the lie has collapsed and all it promised us is collapsing around us. Do you think the people burning cow dung for fuel and living on rice cakes in India and Asia are as affected by all this as we are here in the West? We have been the abusers of the system; yes, led into it by the promise of a healthy, wealthy reptilian way of life, and for a short time some of us may have had that. But now as the housing market sinks, prices rise, gasoline prices rise with no longer any attempt to justify to us why we have to bend over further, people are finding themselves lost and totally unsupported by all the things they thought they knew from their religions, their new age teachings and Eastern metaphysics.

I have had some communications lately with people I worked with earlier on who dropped away because they would not take the time to do the simple tasks of asking Guidance moment-by-moment what they should do. And now they too are lost as the bigger things which these simple small tasks were the preparation for, are now coming to a head. The asking of everything throughout the day, asking Guidance at every simple choice we have to make throughout the day, is only to get us used to this practice so that when the big things occur we would be ready with that Guidance to lead us through the hard times.

It is especially difficult to watch the higher level beings who should be leading the way at this time, floundering as much as any Joe Blow off the street. All the spiritualism, all the psychic work, all the entities and ‘ascended Spiritual Masters’ in their lives all come to naught when faced with the very real changes coming now and in the very near future. Where is the very simplest of Guidance’s answers on where to go and what to do when you really need it? If you can’t get a simple answer of one fast food restaurant over the other for lunch, how are you going to be able to get the Guidance to stand here instead of there because the earth is going to open up between here and there?

Perhaps worst of all we’ve surrounded ourselves with people just as hopelessly lost as we are, only they are people who show no understanding of perhaps there’s another better way which truly works toward simple, honest spiritual awareness.

It takes work folks, the surrender is simply the first step in changing EVERYTHING about yourselves and your surroundings to be more congruent with the shifts which are currently taking place.

From Susan:
dear peter...
well, i don't want to live a lie,
so, i want to do what i am supposed to do
so, yes, what you say makes sense
i will toss them all, and, then, call in RAJ
and, get quiet; and; listen . . .

also, i have chosen to discard/and, drop everything...
switch to another older vehicle, that will get through terrain,
and, keep only necessities -- i think it will take me 3 months,
to accomplish that ...

There are lessons, articles, exercises, and everything you need to help you get up to speed fairly quickly in the group’s files and on the website, things to help make yourself congruent with the shifting new paradigm. The only thing which is not there is the courage it takes for you to, as it says in the first of the twelve steps, admit that you have a problem and are not ready to step into the new world which is forming, and then to do the moment-by-moment work it takes to get yourself ready.

That is all up to you. Intestinal fortitude is admitting you’ve been walking down the wrong path and have the courage to find a simpler, easier more-honest pathway, rather than through stubbornness and pride continue to march yourself over the brink of the cliff with the other lemmings and their trainers.

With Love, In service, Peter