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Lesson 2: How to Wake Up
Lesson 2: How to Wake Up
by Peter Farley

Waking up is simply a realization of the truth that surrounds us in
every minute of the day--the fact that Life makes no sense unless
percieved with the aid of a good solid clarifying spiritual

It would be easy to sit down here and write about the chaos that I
see engulfing every facet of life as I travel back and forth across
the country, but the only thing that's going to help anyone get
through the veil of fear and the difficult times ahead is taking the
now vital steps to understand what's going on from a higher
spiritual perspective.

1. This starts with you doing your homework. I have never made any
money on writing the books Guidance has had me write. They have in
fact been a financial burden in terms of the time and money it costs
to sit down and write them, but as one member of the group shared
recently, "Hi Peter, I have really enjoyed the first two volumes of
your book Tree of Life. Probably the most concisely written account
of the history of humans. I would like to order the rest of them on
CD-ROM. Thanks,Jason." [The first two volumes are free in the files
section of the group, on my webiste and various other places]

Their true value has been in helping me understand the nature of the
work I am doing in freeing up earth's magnetic grid and assisting
with the healing of the Creator Parents involved. Along the way,
they also help make sense of any student's worst nightmare -- human

The fact is that your entire history is in there somewhere, as well
as that of your spiritual parents, the very archetypes of the life
you are living/manifesting here on planet Earth in this single
lifetime and in all the lifetimes you have manifested somewhere in
this SuperUniverse.

I am off very soon to finish the last two volumes so that the 9
volume set is as complete as it can be to share with you the outline
of a very actively changing and healing Creation such as no one else
can or ever will be able to share with you. Because I have been a
party to something beyond description, Guidance has tried to bring
you into it and share it with you thru the writings over the years.

This is the grandest time in all of Creation, a time for celebration
and a time for buckling down and getting serious about the work YOU
agreed to come here to do so that as much healing can take place
before the time comes when we have to begin anew.

2. The second aspect of 'waking up' is realizing you are probably
not human, and that the lies put forth by the New World Order
organizations that tell you you are are only meant to enslave you.
As you will find scattered throughout the writings 78 percent of
Earth's population is not human, they simply manifest holographic
forms here that have a resemblance to the human forms we feel to be

Stopped at a fast food restaurant yesterday in Palm Springs, CA, a
tall gangly gentlemen with a distinctively alien face hobbled in
with a bent and crooked body which only reflected the true
alien 'morphogenetic form' which lay beneath it. His body fit him
like an ill-fitting suit of clothes, as it often does feel to most
of us unused to having a physical form of this type and size.

People in my audiences immediately KNOW what type of Being they are
just from my mentioning of some of the myriad types I have worked
with. It just makes sense of who and what they are and the things
they know and sense inside themselves. More than anything, it helps
them understand why they have always felt they do not belong.

Knowing you are or are not human allows you to move beyond the
limitations imposed upon you by the thought that you and everyone
else is human. It also helps free you from the thought that you have
to conform to a particular weight and size and look that Madison
Avenue dishonestly convinces you you should have. It frees you tos
top judging ohters by the NWO's false standards for living.

The image to keep in mind is that of a Star Wars Bar, and tens and
tens of thousands of different types of Being coming together in a
melting pot of planet Earth. That is the true nature of what's
taking place --or as you can see all around you from the racial
intolerance and genocide infecting our species . . not taking
place . . indeed, not melting together.

It doesn't take more than a few minutes of working with anyone on
this concept before they begin 'seeing' the various shapes and types
of Beings coming in and out of any well-trafficked spot. Does it
make sense now why everybody's favorite sport is people watching?
Who could have ver imagined that that 7' 3" basketball player and
that midget could have come somewhere long ago from the same mother,
let alone from some proto-typical amoeba walking out of the pond.

3. Last but not least, the major aspect of waking up is finding deep
down inside yourself that something that made you agree to come to
planet earth at this time and in this form. Something there was in
you that said, I want to come here and help in this the most
difficult and challenging time the Earth has ever faced. Lessons be
damned! I chose to serve!

Ask yourself what was it that made you CHOOSE to come here to be of
assistance at such a trying time. Search deep within yourself for
that something you've always known but never could quite put into
words, that something that said I am special, I have special gifts
that will aid in freeing this Universe from the terrible grip of
darkness that threatens to snuff out all life and any sense of

Then get out of your victim state. Stop being a Finding Nemo seagull
with your 'Mine, Mine, Mine' mentality, and get out there and help.

And along the way, rememeber to say thank you for this the greatest
opportunity your soul will ever get to be that someone special who
aided Creation in its darkest hour of need.

And have some fun doing it. memories are all we have to live on
sometimes when the going gets the roughest.

The Spiritual Hierarchy thanks you for your choice to come and help

L and Bw, Peter

Exercise 2: Read The Multi-faceted Crystal Universe article from the Files
section -[printing it out helps] Then tomorrow have your morning coffee at a
Starbuck's (or some populous place) and see how many different kinds of Being
you can recognize.