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channeling - lesson 3 - tuning in
Channeling - Lesson #3 - Tuning In
By Peter Farley

Channeling is like tuning a radio by turning the dial. There are country and western stations, rock stations, PBS, and all-talk stations as well. Someone said to me yesterday that they had an ´evil entity´ attached to them they had been channeling, but this is not so. It´s just that that person´s radio station was tuned in to a lesser frequency.

One of the earliest lessons Guidance taught me was that every radio station on my car stereo had a certain vibration that goes along with it, just as every TV station has a certain vibration and entities which come from it. It´s not hard to feel these energies coming from the TV screen when tuned in to certain stations that play all ´men´s movies´ such as Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson and Bruce Willis. One can literally feel the enmity against women coming through every pixel of the screen.

During World War 2 the BBC in London broadcast signals into occupied Europe with other signals ´piggybacking´ on the ones broadcast. Trust me, the technology is at an infinitely higher level right now and these are the subliminal programming we get through our choices of what to listen to and what to watch. One of the channelers for the group said how she was so upset by the previews of movies attached to a dark movie her husband had wanted to watch. A number of my articles relate how ill people felt after even watching such seemingly innocuous movies as Scooby Doo.

Very few people have the wherewithal to withstand the all-encompassing onslaught of television and radio subliminal programming. All we can do is make wiser choices of how to spend our time and to where we put our attention. Again, as Paul Twitchell once said, it all comes down to attitude and attention.
The gentleman from yesterday´s lesson #2 admitted that he had been concerned about the day´s work and being on time when he sat down to channel.

This interrupted, so to speak, his tuning in to that high level of Guidance he was potentially capable of. It takes a lot of energy to raise the level of one´s vibration in order to receive the highest Guidance available, and even more to keep it at that level. It´s like a muscle which needs constant strengthening. Giving channeling its appropriate time and energy out of our day reflects what we truly think of the importance of spirituality in our lives. The moment-to-moment asking for Guidance throughout the day for the small decisions we have to make reflects our desire to be more than droids here on the planet being blown around by every little gust of wind.

The one strengthens the other because the level of Guidance we get depends on the level of commitment we make to our spiritual goals and mission.