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channeling - lesson 6 - stuck
Channeling - Lesson #6 - Stuck!
By Peter Farley

In lesson #1 on how to channel it says:

”You may need to start out with something like, “The most important thing for you to know right now is..” to get you started. Your mind may try to get in the way or you may get flustered. Do not think about things. Do not question. Do not wonder if you are doing it right. The best motto for this is ‘Just do it’. If something happens to stop you, just start over again by writing “Dear One,” and then continue . . . If you do this once or twice daily, it should become more comfortable to do within a very short time.”

One thing we all should know after having lived any period of time on planet Earth is that the mind always wants to be in charge. Meditation, for most people, is a waste of time as the mind never wants to be ’pacified’, it just makes you think it has been. Stopping the mind is like stopping a freight train coming down the track at you and if you keep standing on the track you’re going to get run over. The only way to get around the mind is to do just that, get off the tracks and walk around the mind.

Since the mind is the analytical side of our nature we just need to take a break from dissecting everything and just allow it to be whatever it is at that moment. No one’s judging us in most of what we do, especially not our Guidance. They love and support us no matter what it is we’re doing for They know whatever our choices we’re going to get the lessons we choose by our actions.

That’s why we just keep the pen writing without judging what’s coming out on the paper. No judgement. No analysis. No correcting spelling mistakes. No editing. NO nothing except writing whatever’s coming through you.

No questioning what this means or that means. Just write through to the end when the pen stops of its own accord or Guidance signs off. Then you can go back and read what’s been written and correct it or do whatever the hell you like to it, but don’t judge it as anything except wondrous. So it may not be perfect. So it may not be coherent. So it may be just your Higher Self talking to you or you talking to yourself, but that’s okay.

One of the greatest healing tools used in 12 step programs and recovery is the act of journaling. It’s required of all patients because it allows us to dialogue with ourselves over what’s taking place, and this is what Guidance is for many of us, just our Higher Selves letting us know how things are going and offering suggestions from our other side. I don’t know anything about anything until someone asks me, and then I get the answer from the mainframe. Journaling is a process of asking the right questions for which we need answers. Isn’t this the way Neale Donald Walsch started out and wrote dozens of books by channeling his higher self through journaling?

Yes, some people can channel Thoth or CALIEFAH or whomever, but none of them are perfect day one and from then on. As I’ve been dealing with a lot today, people who channeled perfectly the first time then sink to about 30 percent of correctness in their subsequent channelings.

As soon as you stick your head up above the rim of the trench and say I want out of this mess! Then every opponent out there takes fair-square aim at you and will challenge you in every way possible to shut you down and stop the prisoner from trying to escape. Worse still, they don’t want you to be an example to the other prisoners that there are some simple ways out. Anyone not on your side can become this Mr. Smith to help shut you down.

Every time I do a sound encoding it seems like every leaf blower and chainsaw in the neighborhood starts up. So too is it with channeling. The family, the spouse, the dogs, the telephone—you name it, all get started just when you sit down for some time alone. Discipline is not a subject I was ever good at. The only way I’ve done anything I’ve done is to adopt the motto ‘Just do it!’ It strengthens you to be able to channel anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances, but this is when the written channeling and the moment-to-moment Guidance meet and that still small voice inside your head when you channel becomes the one that answers your questions throughout the day as needed.

The mind lives on judgement, on dissecting and analyzing things. As soon as we
start judging ourselves, our work, our actions, our channeling, our friends, beyond a healthy level of evaluation, then the mind wins and Guidance loses. Guidance comes though the heart and is balanced by the mind, used as the wonderful tool it can be.

As the thoughts begin inside your head, don’t try to stop them as some meditation teaches, let them pass through but don’t hang on to them. Eventually you will find they taper off and disappear without ever finding completion. When you channel, stay in the heart/creative side as you type or write and keep on going as fast as you can if necessary and don’t stop to switch gears into your mind. Save that. Allow the two sides for now to work independently of each other, the heart first in the writing, the mind second in the editing and correction.

And if you get stuck, just start again using any of the list of prompts you should now write for yourself to have handy at your side.

In service, Peter