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channeling - lesson 9 - channeling leading to moment-to-moment guidance
Channeling - Lesson #9 - Channeling Leading to Moment-to-Moment Guidance
By Peter Farley

“Awesome channeling, Arlette. Thank you for sharing it. Now it is a discipline, a duty and a whole lot of fun (ball of laughs with Aristenna) to do it at least once daily. This then builds that inner connection like a good cell phone connection and soon you could and should put down the pen and just do it vocally.”

Many have channeled well but not brought this same skill down to the level of moment-to-moment Guidance and so as one Master said this morning, have been pulled off the path before they ever really got going. If you look back through the group´s postings you will see awesome channelings from Robert, Andre, Erica, Will and many others; many even channeling the Spiritual Hierarchy Themselves. SO what happened to them? Some will say Peter did this or is not that -- but with each one of them what it all really came down to was the fear of surrendering their will and supposed personal power to that Higher Will they were channeling.

They would do the channeling but then when it came to doing it moment-by-moment throughout the day and turning their lives more fully over to their Guidance, they would not, and eventually they walked away. Hearing your Mother or Father ask you to do something is not the same as doing what your Mother or Father asked you to do. Is it? This is the basis of fence-sitting – knowing what is right to do but unable to make the choice to do what is right so we sit there looking stupid on the fence.

Moment-by-moment Guidance comes when you can hear your Guidance give you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to any question you ask internally throughout the day. Eventually this also leads to all the variations of yes or no which there are to answer the questions in your daily life. Channeling builds the connection, but then it is the practicing using that Guidance for every little choice which comes up throughout the day that makes you ´spiritual´ because then you are doing what Guidance wants you to do 24/7, the beginnings of surrendering your will to the Higher Will.

Should I go to McDonalds or Wendy´s for lunch? Should I have the chicken or the hamburger? Should I have it grilled or fried? Should I have water or soda with my lunch? Should I . . . ?

Every time you have a choice to make throughout the day, you have another chance to talk to Guidance and make this into a game of listening, a game that will build in you the spiritual strength to be the grand spiritual warrior you’ve always wanted to be inside; it is a game which then will lead you to be able to do what I did in starting - start out from home with no thought to what must be done, taking with you exactly what you are told to take, stop at half a dozen different places shown to you only moments before you reached them, do exactly what you were told to do at each point . . and by doing this, walk yourself into the most Holy of Holies of the darkside undetected, download the given codes that would end a threat to not only to all of mankind, but to the entire planet and the ascension process itself. And not only can you do such a thing, but you can also come out alive, the darkside NEVER even having known you were there.

That is what asking what you should have for lunch can equate to. Oh, and then getting the answer and acting upon it, as well. *S

True spirituality is just that, surrendering your will to the Higher will in all things, and in all moments for both your and everyone else´s higher good. Not always easy, not always pleasant, but always rewarding.

When you make a connection with Guidance at this very intimate level life becomes an adventure, a game. The Waking Dream Book in the Files section of the group makes life an enjoyable adventure and game. As with Jeopardy, it´s all in the question you ask, not the answers you get. Guidance will give you the answer to the question you asked. Therefore knowing what you want to know becomes all important. We all have the answers to every question we can ask already inside us. Asking the right question to answer the problem we have before us is the task we must learn to accomplish.

Eventually you will begin to find there is not only yes and no answers. There´s also ´not right now´, ´not time for you to know´, ´what is the third choice?´, stop, turn left, turn right, go forward, and so, so many other subtle different answers you can get. And you have to always be aware of that and find ways to narrow down the selections to the right one.

Many people rely on pendulums to ´dowse´ an answer, but that rarely allows for the subtleties to the yes or no answers possible. In the healing room while working on a person I am asking a hundred questions a minute to narrow down the answers to what the problems facing the person are and the various causes possible to any health issue I am dealing with.

Best to find questions that go from the broad point of view to the narrow to find your answer quickly. My example is of sending someone into Barnes and Noble to come out with exactly the book Guidance wants for them. In 5 minutes or less! The way to do that is to walk in the front door -- first question --Is it to my right or to my left? Okay, left. Turn your body. Is it to my left or to my right? Etc, etc . . . Is it on these shelves or those shelves . . . this shelf or that shelf, this half of the shelf or that half . . . and so within a minute or two you can narrow it down to the one book Guidance wants you to have or at least to find for some reason or another. And this process can be used to buy anything . . . a used car without problems, the groceries you need to keep you healthy, the bottle of water on the shelf which does not have critters in it as opposed to the bottle next to it that does . . . and eventually to where it is you will be safe and your family will be safe from whatever is to come.

It all starts out as a game but when things get deadly serious, your game and practicing your game has made you the master of any situation.

With love, Peter