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Lesson #11 There are no gifts -- only learning and responsibility.
Lesson #11 There are no gifts -- only learning and responsibility.
By Peter Farley

?As long as you are willing to pay for being manipulated, there will be plenty of so-called artists who will happily serve you.? Kryon

Now that ?gift-giving? season is over, it?s time Guidance wants to talk about the fact that there are no spiritual ?gifts? per se, only learning, awareness and self-responsibility.

Many times I get e-mails referring to ?the gifts? I seem to exhibit:

"I am currently reading your [first] 2 books and want to thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I am hoping that . . .

"The talk show I just finished listening to (your most current) reminds us to be aware of the war that is going on around us. People with dependencies that I have known seem to change personalities and do it quickly. There are so many forms of dependencies rapidly now it?s overwhelming. These are all grown adults-- not teenagers. This increase must be part of the ongoing war and why everyone is so out of touch with themselves.

"Thank you for all your help sorting this out for us
Flo in Michigan"

Anyone who has known me more than the past 10 years will tell you although the potentiality was always there, there were no exhibited ?gifts? at all , only selfishness, manipulation of others, and pure self-will.

The abilities I now have come purely from learning and self-surrender; the ability to get myself out of the way and do the bidding of That to which I am connected.

Because none of these things are ?gifts?, because I have learned step-by-step everything I now can do, I can also teach these things. If people simply have gifts, they cannot then teach those gifts. This would be like you were born with it and don?t know how you got it. To call things 'gifts' is to deny the many, many years of 24/7 practicing and learning and struggle it sometimes takes to learn to do what it is I can do.

Talking about others? ?gifts? though, gives us an out for making the effort to learn for ourselves that which we ?wish? we could do or want to do. It is the ?aging whine???oh if only I had been born different . . . given this gift or that gift,? instead of earning it.

As has been said in so many other articles, you have to pay to serve, not BE paid. That payment comes in the form of surrendering your own will to the Higher Will, to do what it is you are asked to do when you are asked to do it, whether or not you want to personally?whether or not it is inside your own ?comfort zone?.

Everything you needed to do your own spiritual mission you came into life possessing. The only thing lacking with most people is the drive to do that mission at all costs, no matter what one has to sacrifice to do it, no matter what obstacles one has to surmount. If so many people have now run too late to do the mission they came into life to do, doesn?t mean that with a little inner fortitude and ?true grit? they couldn?t pick for themselves a higher and even more important mission, instead of saying ?oh well, maybe next lifetime? and just giving up. There is greater karma sometimes in not doing anything than in at least doing something. You are the cause and effect of what you are capable and are willing to do with your life this time around.

As Barbara Clow says in Eye of the Centaur,

?You don?t experience time, you only experience the passage of it. But you do experience cause and effect even though you create great religions and theologies in order to avoid that truth. Christianity is designed to ignore cause and effect: the Law of Karma. You could alter all experience in what you perceive to be a moment if you just could hear what I say . . . the reality of time is subtle. Let it go, and suddenly you will be God. . . You carry within yourself, in your body, the timeless awareness. Therefore, since time is form, you know how to manifest; that is, to make one thing happen at the right time.?

All the training we have gone through in all our past lives (and those are almost innumerable), was all to lead us to this place in time, this lifetime when the biggest battle of all would take place. This import was driven home in the The Lord of the Rings trilogy when the opposition forces kept repeating, ?the time of man is over?. So you still have all those abilities you have learned in all those lifetimes within you, all those things which make you unique and led you to ?volunteer? to come here to assist in this most critical hour. Now what are you going to do with them if not use them to overcome the darkness that threatens to swallow all life on this planet and so many others as well?

Saying you don?t know what your talents are is just another way of copping out or buying into the low self-esteem the New World Order likes to breed into us to keep us impotent in this moment. This is why every spiritual path says self-realization must come before God-realization.

Spirit uses who you are in order to achieve its necessary goals. It will NEVER ask you to be something you are not, or to go study something that goes against your own will or ?grain?. Everything you are and have been doing in this lifetime is usually only enhancing the ?skills and talents? you brought into this lifetime. All you need to do is cut through the veil of the seeming unimportance of the job you are doing in terms of its effects on the bigger picture. See the all-important talent and skill that job requires that can be applied to the greater spiritual war taking place. An army is never JUST comprised of soldiers. Every means of support is required to put any kind of army in the field. Feel good about what it is you can do. Do not look to other people?s ?gifts? but know that whatever is required of you, you can do. Know that whatever Spirit/Your Guidance needs of you, They will lead you to do/learn/acquire . . . There are no spiritual gifts, only a lot of smoke and mirrors used by those other people wanting to make money from you or control you or to make you feel inadequate. What have you got to lose by not doing what it is you are best at? Connect with your Guidance and They will lead the way and everything you are will only make you better at what it is you do.

In service, Peter

P.S. Yes there is grace, but ask yourself what have you done lately to even be ?worthy? of Grace? And then go out and do the work anyway, grace will come as you have earned it.