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Lesson #15 What is Service?
Lesson #15 What is Service?
By Peter Farley

A little while ago a person e-mailed me to say he was sorry for the pain I was going though related to one of his family members, some Higher Level work because she is connected to the Trinity One energy of the Creators.

The pain was great, but my reply was ?Don?t ever be sorry for me. I serve.?

In the recent movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, based on a true story, young Emily discovers from her angelic Guidance that the unbelievable pain she is suffering through will help others by letting them know there is such a thing as evil and demonic possession. Offered the chance to end her suffering, she decides to stay and endure it simply because it will help others. This dovetails very well with the last lesson where Mary Summer Rain explains why she came back to serve in this our hour of need.
Not many people know anything about me. Some think I live some kind of nice normal Matrix life and therefore reap the rewards of such a life. It?s hard, almost impossible, for people to relate to someone who lives so totally outside the Matrix that you can?t pay him for the work he does in any normal fashion other than cash?if you can find a place to even send that to him.

I am now going on my 8th year ?on the road?, without a place to call home for ever more than a few weeks or a month or two at best. It?s the price one pays to do this type of work, to know what they know about the New World Order, and to ?put themselves out there? as one who will talk and write about it. UFO and conspiracy conferences won?t invite me to speak. Coast-to-Coast and Jeff Rense won?t have me on their programs (no matter how many people request it--they don't wnat answers, only more questions to keep people guessing), and the fastest way I?ve found to get people to stop e-mailing me is to ask them to help with the work. It?s kind of like the one lady in Texas the other day who said if I?m ever in her area she?d love to have me stop by. I said Guidance leads me to go where ever someone will set up something for me to come talk at or teach the healing work or whatever. Of course I never heard any more from her.

In the past 8 years that is the one thing which has held me back the most from getting this work out to more people is the serious lack of those willing to step forward and help arrange something in their area. Does it have to be 1,000 people? No, don?t be silly. In San Diego it was 4 people; but one of those four arranged something else at which 20 came and so it built up. I?ve spoken in the middle of apple orchards in upstate New York, and in the dry dust of the San Luis Valley of Colorado to a few people camped out there in the middle of summer.

The things that have been accomplished in the past year are too many to list in terms of how they have helped the grander picture of Creation. Most of them are detailed to some extent in past postings and channelings to the group and on the website. They were ways I needed to serve because of who I am, what I have done in past lives, and because of the level of commitment I have made in this lifetime. And always the only question I ask is Will this help others? And when they answer is yes, then that is enough to keep me doing whatever it is They have me doing.

My mission is not your mission. My level of commitment is not your level of commitment. No one asks you to compare the two. Anyone?s life can only be an example for others, not some type of guilt trip or standard by which to judge. We all came with a mission to serve. As said so many times before, it is only 2-3% of people who ever complete that assigned mission so well do the dark side opposition know how to shut us all down.

Over these 8 years I have only twice asked for donations; once to help support the finishing of one of the volumes of the book (all of which will soon be available on the website), and the second was this time last year when Gerald and I needed to drive 3,333 in 3 days to de-activate a bomb planted on the grid system of the southwest of the United States, a ?grid bomb? that had the potential to wipe out all free consciousness in the peoples of this area. Other than that I have managed to survive by doing some healing work here and there, selling a book here and there, doing whatever Guidance led me to do to stay alive and keep on moving. I have been blessed to have one or two supporters who were more than helpful financially when it was most needed.

I wore out one car, and even ended up walking/hitch-hiking to do what was needed in shutting down some of the darkside facilities in southwest Colorado (see the articles on Dream Wars). A 12 year old car Guidance led me to last year has 60,000 more miles on it after doing the work of this past year. It?s now passing 200,000 miles and hasn?t hiccupped in all those miles with simply being gassed and oil-changed once in a while, but I know intuitively it?s time for a change.

You do the work and Guidance will take care of your NEEDS (not necessarily your wants). That is the true meaning of Maslow?s Hierarchy of Needs. ?Seek ye first the Kingdom of heaven and all else shall be added unto you.? Doesn?t mean a life of luxury, but when you live this way it?s amazing how little you really need. Service is its own reward.

It?s amazing how many people e-mail for healing work thinking because it?s spiritual it should therefore then be free. Like the lady who said ?God led her to me to get some healing work done.? When I led her to my healing work price list she e-mailed back, ?That?s okay, God says he will heal me instead.? No Benny Hinn or other evangelist or healer does his healing work for free. Those magnificent crystal cathedrals don?t come cheap. And all I ask is a warm meal once in a while and occasionally a warm bed rather than sleeping in the car.

At a New Age convention in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, I worked with some people to show them the amazing abilities I have to see and diagnose their problems, and quoted them a bargain-basement price to do the work. In truth they were amazed at the accuracy and simplicity of what I saw and could do. Then they lined up to pay the robe-shrouded, bejeweled new-age healer his thousands of dollars to do nothing like what it was I could have done. It?s all about smoke and mirrors isn?t it?

My motto of ?if it ain?t cheap and it ain?t simple then it ain?t spiritual? serves me well in understanding and doing the things I can do. Others who have to complicate everything in order to be able to charge ridiculous prices show who it is they serve.

*?Thank you....I begin to see and feel what this is will take some work but I know I can do is not about me, it never has been...I feel like I have been in storage and the dust has collected ... my head feels like it has been packed with those packing peanuts...what is that? Something has been calling me since before manifested itself through dehydrating my body and putting me into a panic attack of sorts, it felt like I was being mood was not upbeat and actually I was quite cranky with myself and ho hum from others....replenish, revive, redirect, remember? The calling to remember? Take care Ang

*I seek to understand the purpose of existence and the means by which that purpose may better be fulfilled. I have begun to think....and feel more....than I have for a long senses had grown numb...and in just this short amount of time that I have conversed with you via the internet I have noticed different things in my life that have clarified me if you will to reopen my channel.....ang

No one has ever been charged for the guidance given by e-mail, though often times people want so much and are only sent to drain a person of their energies without ever offering fair value for what it is they receive in return. As Brenda was told when she had her ?control devices? removed and offered to pay for the work: ?Your debt is to life, go out and help others the way you too have been helped.? Sometimes money is the easiest way to settle a karmic debt. As with some I have dealt with lately who are more than willing to offer their money, however, sometimes the learning is in the giving of one?s self and one?s work in payment for the energy exchange. Always taking the easy way out does not strengthen the true spiritual nature we must all go through in order to claim the higher levels of awareness and reality.

After 8 years of dealing with ?spiritual? people I would rather go camp out in the woods far away from anyone, only coming back to civilization during football season to satisfy my one addiction.
None of this is about me. It certainly is about the things I can do, the things I can teach, and the level of Guidance I have connected with. And yes it is all about you and how I and They can help you understand and fulfill the mission you came here to do. And it is all about helping free you up from those things you don?t even know that control you.

Ang asked for help. Over these years I have noticed and admired that strength in some people that is humble enough to ask for assistance and/or help. They are the ones who I find move forward in their lives and with their missions. Spirit and Guidance start working with them as soon as they admit they need help and are stuck. This is Step #1 of the 12-step programs ?the admission that we have a problem and that we need some help to overcome that which holds us back. There can never be a healing without the admission that we are ?sick? or have a problem. I call this buying into the healing process. It is the ?surrender process? I myself had to undergo before I was able to move forward to do that which I have done, and still continue to do.

It is the arrogance of the New Agers that convinces them they already possess all they need to learn to move forward in their ?infinite state of wisdom?, which never allows them to simply surrender to that help which is always waiting there to help. True help?that which strengthens our own connection with Spirit in order to be able to heal within us that which we have helped create or have through some flaw in our own understanding, allowed to happen to us.

It?s not arrogance to say that a long the way in my travels I have often heard people say ?I was just asking the Universe for help and then you came along.? As a vehicle for Spirit that?s how we get our assignments. We go where people need us, because Spirit/Guidance sent us, because someone asked. And hopefully because someone also helped facilitate this meeting.

Oz has arranged a payment/donation plan through the website we hope will facilitate payment for healing work and the buying of the books as soon as we can get them loaded. I don?t ask anyone for anything. Do only ever as you are guided to do ?measure for measure?always.

In service, Peter