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Lesson #16 - Tom Hanks and Pure Intent
Lesson #16 Tom Hanks and Pure Intent
by Peter Farley

If you watched the Golden Globe awards this past week you?ll know that the subject of Tom Hanks tribute to Warren Beatty was all about the subject of this lesson ? balls. He used the word many times to remind us what it takes to make a success of one?s self in Hollywood as Warren Beatty has.
Unfortunately ?balls? is also what it takes to make of one?s self anything in this world, that or very good connections. In the spiritual worlds of this Creation, however, good connections mean nothing and balls are everything, absolutely necessary to make anything real of one?s self spiritually; those and pure intent.

A few weeks ago someone posted in my yahoo group some ideas about spiritual self-defense based on Native American practices. Unfortunately when it comes to spiritual self-defense or much of anything else, most people don?t have the pure intent which makes their words and their use of the higher spiritual energies plausible or effective. Native American shamans and those who can use this type of power have mastered that pure intent that as Mohammed may have once said, ?When you say to the mountain ?Come! the mountain will come,? and there will be no question or doubt.

The ?balls? referred to is, of course, courage. Unfortunately, just as wild animals born in captivity will do, people born and bred as slaves grow accustomed to their chains and the security provided by their cages. Even when you undo the shackles and open the cage door as many healers can help do for people, that courage to step forward and face an ?insecure? world or fate takes more ?balls? than most people have, and certainly lots and lots of pure intent.

I started out with many people who all knew we had a mission together; some who were ascended masters back here to work together to help free up humanity and overcome the darkness rampant in this world. When the time came to begin the work in earnest, these ascended Masters ran for the cover of their excuses, not enough money, too many family, can?t hear well enough, I?m too selfish, and the one I shudder most at ??I?ve always been a leader so I don?t know how to follow.?

I?ve always given a lot of credit to some healers who helped clear some of the blocks in me so that I could move forward with what it was I had to do. These people helped many others however and so few of them are doing much of anything but focusing on their own needs and wants, rather than on the wants and needs of others. Guidance tells me not to give them so much credit because it was the courage I mustered that led me forward into doing what it is I do.

Along the way of working with so many people over the years, courage is still the number one factor missing which prevents people from doing anything about what they should in terms of a mission. It takes courage to sacrifice time and personal comfort to do the research and homework which are essential to understanding the bigger picture of what is taking place. It takes courage to step forward with a brave face to stand up for what is right, to speak out for what must be done in terms of helping the planet and helping other people.

It takes courage to sacrifice all the comforts of home and family to go out on the road and do what must be done for the greater good rather than for the concentrated few. It takes courage to go against ALL established religion and spiritual norms to try and lift people up into something higher and more real ?something beyond the veil of Maya, something beyond the veil of illusion, something beyond the common Matrix beliefs and New Age fairytales.

Perfect intent comes only with the knowledge of what one is connected to; and often lots of practicing doing that as well. Watching people do reiki I ?see? that they do not know what they are doing because they only have some vague idea of what they are connected to, and often it isn?t even that. They believe all the energies out there are good energies and that saying something about ?the higher good? will protect them and their patients from anything negative using them. But again, they have no perfect intent to make those words so. No understanding of the war going on in Creation between the darkness and the true Light. More often than not they are dumping or channeling more negative stuff than that which they initially hope to remove.
Massage people are the same, and any type of healing or healer should be very thoroughly questioned to one?s Guidance before being allowed to even enter one?s space, let alone lay hands or energies upon one for healing sake.

It?s all about courage. Television calls Jack Bauer of ?24? an American hero, but Jack Bauer is just a fictional TV character. The true heroes are very rarely recognized for anything they do because they are not usually larger then life characters, but rather those who work behind the scenes mastering and performing the spiritual deeds so vital to this planet?s existence and the forward progress of all who are able to lift their faces and not flinch in the blinding Light of the true Creator?s glory.

In service, Peter