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Lesson #17 The Supermarket of Soul
Lesson #17 The Supermarket of Soul

By Peter Farley

Simple problem here, Mark. You are looking at this mentally and not the
bigger picture. There are SOOOOOO many aspects of a soul's
experience in each and every level of existence that one can never take
a soul as a generalized unit and say this is true or that is true.

Soul (the fragment of the One Soul that each of us is) goes through all
the experiences possible as it winds its unique way through Creation and
through the various incarnations and manifestations possible in all the
worlds and `jobs' available to it.

In Eckankar they have a God Worlds chart that lists the various lower
`worlds' and then those above the Soul level which then become
vast, infinite and limitless. On the highest levels of this chart Paul
Twitchell makes the comment . . . Where few souls ever reach."

Each one us manifesting into one or other of the particular
SuperUniverses through the twin aspects of the Creator Son and Infinite
Mother Spirit of that Universe, bring with us uniquely original
experience patterns created by what are described as `soul
symbols'. Like a giant Supermarket of soul inspirations, each
manifesting Soul initially chooses 12 of those soul symbols which will
then guide it on its unique and totally individual path through the
heavens and on each of the 14 (going on 15) dimensions of this
SuperUniverse. Each `soul symbol' relates to various
intellectual, emotional or soul qualities, really multipurpose symbols
whose effect runs down through every aspect of our Being since they
truly create our individuality as that fragment off Soul.

Each and every experience we then have on all levels adds to the depth
or complexity of these soul symbols and the library of information which
they contain and which then helps us choose new experiences and also
makes us respond in one way or another to the situations that arise in
our many and various lifetimes on all levels of Creation.

We are ALWAYS the sum total of everything which has gone before us in
all our lifetimes on each and every level. As a small particle of the
Light and Sound which Creation and Soul is, every experience we have
that no one has ever had before, adds to the larger library of
understanding for all fragments in general, like a database to draw upon
in times of need. This is the grander picture of the Hundredth Monkey
scenario, the macrocosm of the microcosm we experience everyday in any
group of souls we share a space or level of consciousness with.

Paul's assertion that there are levels of Creation where few souls
ever go is not unbelievable when one takes into account that all souls
are created equal, but from that point on, each and every one finds its
own level of drive to participate, to experience, and to push forward
and `boldly go where no Soul has gone before.'

Some people add a great deal to the library of Soul (the idea that God
grows as we grow), some add little or nothing, lifetime after lifetime.
Anyone who has taught almost any type of class or subject knows the
experience of having C grade students who work their butts off to get
ahead, and A grade students who sit in the back and coast. Souls are all
created equal, but that's where it all ends.

I can't tell you how many higher level beings I have worked with
content to sit back in this lifetime and NOT do what it is they came
here to do. As one of these higher level people once said to me,
"All I want to do is to learn to bend spoons."

The honors class which planet Earth is in this lifetime is Soul's
greatest opportunity EVER to move ahead spiritually in great leaps and

The Akashic records of the planet are `recorded' on the etheric
layers surrounding each and every planet just as the `akashic
records' of each and every person and all their past lives are
recorded in the etheric fields surrounding them. That's how healers
see the past lives and the causes now leading to the effects transpiring
in their patient's lives.

This is the `intellectual' morphology that goes along with that
person's current morphogenetic or alien energy field. But it is also
the emotional and spiritual morphology as well. One could also say this
is either their baggage or the wealth of their experience too since so
much of what we are in this lifetime and what we are here to learn are
the intellectual or emotional lessons we haven't learned in other
lifetimes. There is no getting out of it. Just as with University and
High School there are required courses and basics to get out of the way
before we are able to lay down our own tracks through the Universe and
choose our own directions. Most of us are still working on these basics,
basics such as unconditional love, service to others, and the biggest
one of all, Surrender to the Higher Will.

Two people I recently detached from their `alien energy forms',
instead of becoming human, both started growing energetic wings -- which
many of their friends could feel and identify with without being told.
Thus these two, one a former `sea turtle' Being, the other a
simian, were both entering different phases of the learning process
known as `angelic'. Did everything change for them over night?
No. The sea turtle person still maintained many of the attitudes and
ideas from before the change, the simian still maintained what I liked
to call some `gorilla tactics' in the way she viewed and
interacted with the world. Everything is a process, stages of spiritual
evolution of those individual particles of Soul.

Anyone who does true spiritual healing sees that there is really only
ever one energy form which goes from lifetime to lifetime, simply
changing garments. The physical body dies and the personality changes
except for where we have formed deep grooves in our patterning from
traumas and events left unresolved. This is why it is SO important to
bring relationships, events and experiences to a close or to resolution
before leaving each lifetime, otherwise we only carry them forward like
left over homework. That is why suicide is useless, just as the movie
Groundhog Day shows us, because we just come back to repeat the same
lessons until we get them right.

Thus there is no intellectual morphology as such, just the complexity of
the multidimensional soul and the individual soul's experience as it
travels through the multidimensional worlds of the true FATHER.

In service, Peter

P.S. For further reading on how DNA processes Light read the article on
Understanding Our DNA at the website.

Dear Peter,

Thank you for posting the information on morphologies recently. The
timing is a bit of a synchronicity as I've been receiving information on
intellectual morphologies and I'd appreciate your take on it if you feel
guided to reply.

Just as we can carry physical morphologies from previous incarnations,
would it also not make sense that we can carry intellectual, emotional,
and spiritual morphologies as well? For example, you described the
woman who had an insectoid morphology and who flitted from person to
person as if she still has an insectoid way of thinking and behaving.
Her butterfly-like behaviour shows that her morphology goes beyond the
physical. Maybe some people who have ADD or dyslexia or autism are
still using their old intellectual morphologies which show up as
disabilities now that these people are in human form. Just as a
different physical body doesn't overlay a human body very well, perhaps
a different intellectual template doesn't overlay the human intellectual
template very well, like running software on an incompatible system.

The question is, should we seek to heal these incompatible intellectual
morphologies? Don't they provide a richness that we would not want to
lose? The woman with the insect morphology has an attitude and way of
behaving that is an integral part of her personality. Would she and her
friends feel that they had lost something special if they were to lose
that flittiness that they've probably come to appreciate? Would a
dyslexic's unique way of processing information become mundane and less
rich if his or her old morphology was cleared?

Or, are these intellectual morphologies no more a part of us than the
old physical morphologies were? Is our deepest self so rich and
wonderful that we wouldn't even miss the old intellectual morphology if
it was to be cleared? Perhaps some of our old intellectual morphologies
are even the result of dark intervention in past lives, such as crystal
implants that changed our intellectual process and left a structure
behind that does not serve, or an overshadowing of dark energy that
lasted a long time and left an imprint that colors all our thinking. No
one in their right mind would consider such things to be part of our
deepest identity.

Some habits and even apparent personality traits can be a result of such
morphologies. Even dyslexia can cause someone to relate poorly to other
people and create an immaturity because of an inability to process
information freely. I've come to realize that some problems which we
consider to be emotional, behavioral, or even problems of the will can
have their roots in information processing problems. As we know, light
carries information, and an information processing problem may be
expressed as an inability to carry Light. If we are able to clear the
processing problem then we can carry more information and more Light.

As you know, when we are implanted by the dark, some implants are there
with the specific purpose of changing the way in which we process
information and impacting our behaviour and even our spirituality as a
result. But information processing problems aren't restricted to
implants. Maybe when implant removal and other energy work still leaves
a problem behind that needs to be addressed, the problem is an
intellectual morphology that needs to be removed. I suspect that when
you clear old physical morphologies with your clients you've seen
changes spill over into intellectual morphologies so that some clients
have a new clarity and freedom in their mental world. But how does one
best work with the intellectual morphologies that persist? Are they
templates of some sort? Or simply neural nets? It would be great to
learn what to do so that we could become free of this and carry more

I'd be interested in your thoughts on this and any further information
you have to share on this topic. Maybe you could post this note in your
group. (I'd have posted to the group myself but as you know your
Guidance asked you to remove me from it. For some reason I still feel a
connection to you and your work and wanted to continue sharing
information). Thanks for all the excellent things you continue to share
with us.