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Lesson #18 Cherry-picking God
Lesson #18 Cherry-picking God
By Peter Farley

Cherry-picking God is deciding to listen to and do what you want to
do out of your life contract and service rather than doing
what `God' and Spirit want you to do.

All the time I have been doing this, working with helping others
connect and serve, it is the predominant feature of the people
working with me. "I will do this, this and this . . . but not this
or this or this." When we get together under advisement with our
spiritual councilors between lifetimes (see Journey of Souls -Dr.
Michael Newton), we are in a purer, more realistic state of mind and
understanding of what it is we came here to accomplish, both in
terms of personal lessons and of service to humanity.

When we get down to planet Earth, however, it is so easy just to
deny that we hear our Guidance, that we all have a spiritual and
personal mission to accomplish in coming here, and that we are not
just kindergarteners who don't know anything coming here to learn our
lessons. This is the New Age BS that makes me so darn mad. Most of
those I came to work with are advanced souls who are here to help
save the planet and change the course of Creation in his corner of
the Universe. Unfortunately, this `kindergarten clause' in their
thinking allows them to opt out of doing any of their work because
of any one or two of the ten thousand reasons they can find, every
one of which I've heard over and over again, and so have you in past
articles and lessons. Each one is simply a case of `sailing up a
river in Egypt' denial denial of the facts of spiritual growth
as they truly are rather than as the children still following alien-
conceived religions conceive them to be.

"Any port in a storm" is an expression which would best be
translated as "any excuse rather than do the work"; but the storm is
coming and there are no safe ports in this coming storm. Those still
sitting on their fences will be washed away. Those who do not make a
choice to serve, thereby make a choice to not serve and to let their
energies and their spiritual growth falter and decline like a player
in the old children's game off chutes (snakes) and ladders. If
you're not moving forward then you ARE moving backwards. Rest points
in eternity do exist for everyone, but during the height of battle
that's only a five-minute break and then back to the fighting, and
the fighting has hardly yet begun.

Two channelings this week from members of the 4truthseekers yahoo
group of the Spiritual Hierarchy reiterate the fact that this war
has only just begun:

". . . yet what We showed you was a prologue for what may and will
occur throughout humanity if those who see and know what is
unfolding and what is at stake do not act. . . The words which We
pulled your attention to that came out of the longer slogan
were "Create A New Culture," which is clearly what the larger
mission is. It is up to all of you to fulfill the many individuals
missions that will determine this outcome."

" . . . We emphasize that these shifts and changes are not something
waiting in the future but are and have been in process for centuries
of your time as the insidious and dark intentions of the adversary
have been meticulously prepared, staged and implemented throughout
all levels and facets of your world. These events are now at a
critical mass and the outcome of the battle of Light and dark will
be determined by you . . . "

Cherry-picking is what keeps people locked away in slavery and in
misery; searching through the fine print in their soul contracts to
find any way out. Service to the Higher Will, solid grounding in
your Guidance, and the feeling and knowledge that you are doing
exactly what you came here to do, are the only things which will
ever set a man free.

In service, Peter