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Lesson #19 Self-protection
Lesson #19 Self-protection
by Peter Farley

October 20
Dear Ones,

We are here to speak with you again this evening. We will speak
about Tyranny.

There have been many wars on Earth all slated toward control and
possessing of other countries, some of them in the name of religion.

In these wars, spirituality didn't enter the picture. Those who were
of a different mind were labeled witches, warlocks, `evil' persons,
etc. Most of them were women and usually they were murdered. This
punishment kept secret the abilities inherent in all people, and so
these people only passed on their knowledge to selected family

Today this type of punishment does not take place openly. Hidden
agendas are prevalent among darker energies. Often times those who
start to awaken may be targeted - either for possession of the body
or to shut down an individual to keep them asleep so they are unable
to become knowledgeable

It is imperative that one be protected before entering any type of
spiritual work, meditation or channeling.

Use of the white/gold stream of Light/Energy from our Creator is one
method....This stream of Light/Energy enters the crown chakra, comes
down through the rest of the chakras and continues down through to
the Earth's core.

This Light/Energy may be expanded from the center core to whatever
size is needed. e.g. expand to fill your body - to surround
yourself, another person or group of people - to fill a room to
remove dark energies - to surround your house/property - to surround
your car
when driving - to enclose the planet.

There are many uses of this Light/Energy. In time of need you can
visualize this at a distance and activate someone else's stream of
Light/Energy even if they are unaware or do not believe in this
source. You have seen this stream develop, two hands above your
head, to envelope and transform a dark energy form from someone else.

Be innovative with this stream of Light/Energy. Those with inner
vision will see this stream of Light/Energy at all times.

If you find this is not suitable for you or not strong enough due to
very strong outside factors, then a bit of research will come up
with another form of protection that may be of stronger energies.

Pay attention at all times as to your openness and degree of

Continue to live in your heart and use this heart energy in all that
you do. Your heart energy is the strongest energy available to you
and is one of the fastest ways to increase your frequencies.

--Aristenna of the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light

10/09/2005 16:33

Dear One,

The nature of those websites [one's on seeming New Age ideas about
the light and other `alien' subjects] often serve as a portal for
dark beings to possess or produce fear energy when they are opened
into people's houses. They open the web sites as a window to the
place where these beings reside. It can be a place in space, on a
ship, or somewhere in 4D, the darker realms. These beings will have
their energy connected to that of the web site (or even e-mails from
certain darker energy people), and then simply walk through it into
the auric field of those who connect to the web site, even if only
by looking, or hearing something from it. They are able
to come into the room, and as someone connects to them through
thought, then they are also able to use that person as a link to
this realm. Thinking about something is an easy way to bring it into
your presence, and when you think about those entities, you are
bringing them into your presence. They are smart and will stimulate
you so as to pull them into your space. And they will sometimes be
able to slide from you to other people [Watch the movie Fallen with
Denzel Washington]. These web sites with negative energies are very
dangerous, and much as anything else, carry a pattern that can be
sensed [even before opening it], and should be avoided when it is
sensed as harmful...

--Aristenna and Erzthen of the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light


Spiritual self defense

Dear worker for the Light,

There are many ways to open portals to conscious energy forms or to
polluting energy patterns. Keeping a clean mind and aura is even
more important than showering. If your soul becomes surrounded with
pollution, so will the body take in the damage. Soul gives shape to
body... Your body is a pillar, but what stands above and around it
will determine how it is able to hold out instead of becoming
damaged and collapsing.

Sensing will not be enough sometimes, and will let people take in
patterns and become linked with energy they would not appreciate if
they were fully aware of how it will affect them.

Guidance is essential as it will give, when properly summoned, the
Highest information and lead to best results when followed with pure
intent to serve... The pick up of invading energies, of other forms
of controlling or limiting patterns can be avoided with far greater
ease than it can be removed.

Television shows are a portal to those energies linked with what is
displayed on the screen... So are movies, songs, books, objects,
anything up to certain places will be impregnated with auras that
may be of a contaminating nature.

The world exists on more than the 3rd dimensional level, and you all
would do well to realize that what exists here, is even less than a
small fraction of what is on the "upper levels". If there is
deception here, up there is more. If there is sickness, or there are
bugs and viruses and people that will try to exploit you, so there
are the same in the higher worlds too, and even more.

Ask where to go, where to look at, and how to do it so that you are
led along the highest path to you. It is not easy and takes
training, but it is the only choice to be taken if one desires to
walk through and towards service to Creation with the true Light.
Even with pure intent, accidents sometimes are bound to happen.

Realize that everything is connected to something else, and that
some things are connected to darkness, or will cause it. Find out
what that is, and then you will be aware of it, and it will be
easier to avoid it or remove it/find means to have it removed.

There are times when carelessness will bring about undesired visits
and unfortunate connections. These may be the opening of a portal.
When it opens and you feel it, it must be dealt with. Ask your
Guidance how to do the clearing of the area you are dealing with
(usually closer than anyone would like to have it). First thing to
be done is to guarantee one's own safety.

To protect yourself visualize and feel that you have a
shielding "balloon" of golden color, unless you are guided to have
it be colored differently. Have the balloon be surrounded with
space that will not allow any opposition to reach even the balloon,
as if you have infinite space between your balloon and whatever you
are about to deal with.

So you will have a golden sphere filled with golden Light
surrounding you. Around this golden sphere there will be a second
sphere composed of infinite space which will serve as a barrier
against those who you are up against.

After you are protected, command that you are shown, by the highest
Guidance, what you are dealing with, what it intends to do and how
to deal with the situation properly.

Often there will be means to isolate the Being that invades your
territory, but sometimes you will not be meant to remove it. When
that happens, then command that this is then resolved and that it is
in favor of Creation or the Higher Will. But have no fear, for you
are protected as you COMMAND that you are. Have your energy linked
to the highest and direct things with your thoughts or if that does
not work, then speak out loud your intent to be protected.

When you feel that the invaders are about to cause harm to your
environment, and you do not know how to act upon such a situation
out of being nervous, then there are countermeasures which will help.

Make an envelope of infinite space around the subject, then fill it
with Light—that will have it dealt with properly. Then have it sent
out to the Highest that will take them to a place where they will be
further taken care of.

Sometimes the Beings will resist being enveloped and isolated, then
send golden Light that will weaken it and make it numb, so that it
will be possible to remove it through the envelope tactic.

If you feel or are guided that the Being is too dangerous [and there
are many of these for true spiritual workers], then you will have to
open up a link for help to come. Make a portal for
Guidance to send help, to heal the situation, and command that it is
done immediately. Then there will be Angels of Light to help you, if
it is the Will of Creation that it happens.

ALWAYS give thanks for the help you receive, thank yourself for
dealing with what caused you trouble, and allow joy to fill you with
the learning that you acquired and the release of all that would be
of negative effect pertaining to the incident. Let only Love and
Light and Sound coexist with you within your auric fields and
thoughts, so that you have ultimate positivity in your life. Let the
Highest take place with you in your life; it is the path of
evolution, Creation taking you by the hand into the highest level of
existence and awareness.

If there is a portal that has been opened, You can cut out its
connection to the area by enveloping it with infinity, and then
directing the enveloped area to be taken care of by Guidance.

The removal of the portal may be useless if you let it reopen by
doing again what brought it to come previously.

If the portal is a connection to you, then you may simply command
that the link is removed and see it being detached in your inner
vision. Always ask Guidance whether it is to be done or not, and how
to do it. The removal of connections is similar to cutting a thread
that links someone to someone else or to a certain object.

You will be further led to understand the workings of such measures
as you ask and connect with personal Guidance and learn about how
stepping up and taking up the service put ahead of you will take you
to more and more ways to be of service...

You are always included in Creation's best Interest, as All are part
of it. The difference between self will and the Highest Will is that
self will is an attempt to control and limits the flow of Light,
while Creation will expand and create more, with and through Light
and Sound, with freedom instead of control.

Aristenna and Erzthen of the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light

P.S. The house thingy is easy. When you put protection around your
house, take that golden Light or whatever you use and make it go
underneath as well! Totally surround yourself, your house, your
family, or whatever it is you seek to protect. The house and all
its occupants should be in a bubble of protection with `filters' or
Masters or the Hierarchy set up at each doorway like an airport
screener to remove any unwanted visitors or entities from entering
that may be attached to any of you.

Ask who of your friends, relatives or others are actually
controllers or handlers placed in your life by the dark side to
further shut you down or limit your effectiveness in doing your
spiritual work here. Then deal with them as your Guidance sees fit.
Experience has showed me women are willing to see ex-boyfriends and
ex-hubbies as handlers and controllers but rarely if ever are they
willing to see those who are more subtle in their ways
of `attaching' or `connecting' to them, especially the meek and
mild people who insinuate themselves into our lives—the predators
disguising themselves as the prey. The first thing all of you must
do is accept responsibility for who and what you are in being
connected to the Higher spiritual energies. It means you are
aircraft carriers instead of PT boats. If the darkside can draw on
your energies or influence you to not do what you have to do then
they have won a major victory as opposed to influencing Joe Blow on
his spiritual journey? IS this understood or do We need to clarify
something else for you?

For those of you with teenagers, station one of these `screening
devices' at the bedroom doorway to your child's room. See it as a
cleaning station so that whatever your child picks up in browsing
the net or through phone calls or whatever other negativity comes
through them, does not then enter the rest of the household and
bring with it ongoing dissention.

Be well. In service, Peter