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Lesson #21 Defending Your Life
Lesson #21 Defending Your Life
by Peter Farley

It's not surprising that for lots of people the movie Defending Your Life is their favorite movie. We've discussed this situation in a little detail in the group as it seems now to be coming a major plague as the veils begin to lift and more people begin to see. Those who refuse to see, like in the Day of the Triffids (1963), are even more desperate to hold on and hold back those who are leaving on the boat without them. This is the metaphor from that movie which more than ever relates to today. The blind keeping the sighted prisoner to lead them around and do their bidding for them.

It needs addressing again, however, because some have recently been through it, but with every new person awakening others are finding it happening in their lives as well.

Sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, husbands and wives . . all questioning us on what it is we believe -- or more appropriately, what it is we are experiencing -- for it is those who will not do the work to experience things for themselves who criticize us the most. Good Christian attitudes where you tear the splinter from someone else's eye and don't even notice the telgraph pole sticking out of your own.

I noticed this syndrome full well helping start the Mormon Church. A dark deed indeed, but one which served me in good stead in learning how to do things in this lifetime, and certainly what to expect. The 'tarring and feathering' of those bygone days has its modern day conterpart in this one.
It was one of the first things Guidance had me learn was NOT to defend myself because this is the way people suck upon your energy and drain you of all resolve to do whatever it is you came here to do. Mainly because they won't, or because they are . . doing their mission for the darkside in keeping the Matrix prisoners inline, as described so well by Morpheus in the Matrix series of movies.

When I first started out writing for a monthly magazine in Roswell I was one of only a few brave enough to tackle the alien question with any type of clarity.

After a year of writing monthly articles (many of which formed the basis for the article section now on my website) my editor/publisher decided that the advertising dollars of the local Christian churches was more profitable than my simple articles could ever be. hence the very next issue found a 3-page article on Peter Farley and how he belonged to every known space alien cult etc., everything you could imagine. The article lambasted everything about me and yet was written bya new man in town who (after speaking with him) admitted he ahd never read any of my works or any of the people I cited in my works.

This gentleman had moved to Roswell to set up an alien-rebuttal group and he was sponsored by a large Christian church out of the US South. Tough pill to swallow . . yes . . but when I asked my Guidance what should I do, They replied . . nothing.

Suing, counter-attacking, anything I could have thought of would have split my then focus and sapped me of valuable energy it would take to get this whole project started.

Since then, hardly a day or week goes by without the nasties finding something to bitch about in me, my work, or anything I do. Even former 'freinds' and certainly relatives have all chimed in, and saddest of all some of thsoe I worked with have also chimed in. When you look at these people's lives however they are the ones who could not and would not put out the energy to do the necessary work to lift themselves totally out of the mire and find the spiritual freedom some of us KNOW we have found.

Debating with them, arguing with them, defending what it is I do or have done, is simply a waste of time. they have made their choices and , even though often you love these kind of people, one MUST honor their decision not to follow through with their spiritual goals and with the whole upcoming ascension process.

Internet-groups, message boards, anything online or in the media has 'assigned' reptilians, reptilian wannabes, and nay-sayers who will try tear down anything of any value for the others. And like Michael J. Fox's character in Back to the Future, they will try goad you into an arguement or worse still in 'defending your work and your life' to them when reality says they will not listen, have no intent to change, and are only there for one purpose -- to stop you from doing yours.

These are the real 'energy vampires' Aristenna talked of in a recent channeling. Those who steal and seduce your energies to the darkside because the darkness has no light of its own except what they can steal from you.
If these people who want to make you defend your life are 'friends, relatives, or loved ones' then you really have to take a fearless inventory of what these people mean to you and how much you cherish your freedom and own spiritual growth. If you get into defending your life and your decision-making process, then you have already lost for you have not the willpower to stand in your own Light, wield your own Willpower, and be firm in your commitment to Life, to Spirit and most of all 'to your own self be true'.
With love, in service, Peter