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Lesson #8 Pain Relief and the Power of Togetherness
Lesson #8 Pain Relief and the Power of Togetherness
by Peter Farley

Ever notice that the largest section in the drugstore is the ?pain-reliever? aisle? Life is a pain and we all just want to ?get through? it as fast and as easily as we can. Ever heard the saying that ?pain is nature?s way of telling you there?s a problem which needs your attention??

Time and time again I have to say it, Louise Hay?s book You Can Heal Your Life is the bible of healing for it let?s you know where the energy is being blocked in your body and by what mental or emotional attitude. Everyone seems to have a copy of this book but so very few people ever use it the way it was intended. Instead we grab for the nearest ?pain-reliever? and hope to avoid looking at the problem. Think of the worst grade of school you ever suffered through. Now extrapolate that to your life and repeating that same grade over and over again, tens and tens of thousands of lifetimes into the future. Now some people liked school because they accepted the fact that they needed to learn some things in order to progress out of that unlovely grade and go on to graduate to a place where they were the sole cause and effect in their lives. For the rest of us, it was suffer through the class, avoid learning as much as we could, never realizing that lessons MUST be learned in order to progress, and that ?avoidance? only prolongs the lessons UNTIL they are learned.

The greatest release in my life came when I accepted the slogan, ?Just do it!? as my mantra. Still so much of what I have to do to fulfill my mission here on this the ?unloveliest planet of all? I do not want to do. But I ?just do it?. By the time I get to the other side I have helped a few people along the way and there is relief available to me in the form of downtime or recuperation time provided by my Guidance, and sometimes a good laugh or a genuine treat as reward for a job well done.

It?s never easy but you just do it, and as I?ve found with driving through blizzards and dust-storms and torrential rain and hail storms, if you keep on going, eventually you get ahead of the storm instead of remaining bogged down in it.

The one thing that makes it all easier is having someone to share it with. Unfortunately too many people are waiting for that ?partner? before they get to going with their work. Both Light and Sound have particle and wave properties. Bose wave sound is the pinnacle of listening appreciation. Like a tsunami that washes everything away before it, we as particles of Light and Sound work better in co-operation with others, that is when we form a wave of the many instead of being the individual particle ?trying? to get something big accomplished, something big like the overthrow of the New World Order.
What stops most of us from ever finding that partner is again we have too long taken pain relievers to avoid learning the lessons that Love has to teach us:
?True love is never the result of how another person looks, behaves, or interacts with us. It is a choice to be loving no matter how that other looks, behaves or interacts.? Neal Donald Walsche

Synergy is when the power of those working together is greater than the power of the one alone?a mutually advantageous conjunction or compatibility of distinct business participants or elements (as resources or efforts).
We would all like to think that one person can be the superhero that saves the world, but in truth it truly does take a village of superheroes all working together to get the job, job #1, done.

In service, Peter