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Lesson # 20 -- A Vital Gift for Grounding
Lesson # 20 -- A Vital Gift for Grounding
By Peter Farley

Volume 6 of my 9 volume series is titled The True Nature of Planet
Earth. Its central theme, besides detailing all the various `alien'
cultures inhabiting the planet, is all about crystalline energy and
its golden heart in the Matr-ix or `mother energy' and how energy
works and can be used or transmuted. This is the basis of `The
Secret' going around –how to manipulate energies for one's personal

Andre from Brazil channeled the following information for the work
on crystals' ability to store and transmute energies from the

"The Earth planet has reserved a special darkness that is kept away
within a core of diamond-encrusted caverns in South America and is
even kept away from the dark eyes of the New World Order. These
diamonds include much of the darkness that has already been
cleansed, and they need time to be removed from the planet as a
whole type of new energy, then sent into the Sun for transmutation."
Perhaps everyone reading this piece has their own peculiar way of
grounding and transmuting their negative energies. If not, as Louise
Hay work attests, you'd probably be dead by now or so sick you
wouldn't be able to turn on the computer.

Everything is energy. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only
transmuted from one form to another. Hence everything THE FATHER is,
is still in existence, only eternally transmuting or shifting from
one shape or form to another. Anyone who does real healing knows
that everything the patient is or has ever been is still present or
available to be seen through the vehicle or the energy form their
client now manifests.

Orions are shape-shifters, having learned how, in their higher
dimensional realm, to manipulate the holographic nature of reality
to either disguise or suppress their original form. Sometimes it
seems easier to accept these understandings about aliens than it is
to believe there is and was and always will be an Original Source
from which all this energy in existence sprang. The religion of
Eckankar talks about the Sugmad as its correlation to the Christian
idea of God. Paul Twitchell, its founder, wrote however about
something there was beyond the Sugmad and this he called "First

Man's mind needs concepts which it, in its smallness, can grasp with
some type of finite form. What Paul realized was that man needed a
more immediate goal to shoot for rather than something so nebulous
or above this dimension that his followers would immediately give up
trying to achieve.

It is the smallness of the human mind that allows for the lazy
minded concept of God as an old bearded man sitting on a throne like
the Wizard of Oz proclaiming each man's fate as if it suited his
fickleness to play such an intimate role in controlling each man's
individual steps. Of course this whole concept negates the Prime
Directive of all Creation, the Law of Free Will.

Someone wrote to me the other day with a blanket dismissal of ALL
channeled materials as ultimately being corruptable. Unfortunately
this silliness does not give credence to the fact that Inner
Guidance needs to be written down to share with others, and yes, as
stated throughout most of my works, even the biggest names in the
channeled material business have had their time when they came to
the point of falling. Not all, but so, so many.

So should we just trust our minds to guide us through what it cannot
even see in terms of the multi-dimensionality of existence?
Everything I and others who have worked with me seek to do is to get
people to connect with their own inner guidance and NOT to have to
rely on anyone else. Until then, sharing the information given by
those in the process of learning or seeking to have faith and trust
in what it is they are getting is always a good way to help
stimulate people to their own efforts to connect.

One of the most common things I am asked to do is to make it easier
for a person to trust what it is they themselves are hearing or
receiving internally. This is mankind's inherent programming towards
laziness. If it were easy to be a Master, then everyone would be so.
It's not easy to learn to trust, but like anything else, it gets
easier the more you do it. New Age laziness just makes it seem as
though everything should be simple . . . Just Love. Nice
refrigerator magnet, but sometimes Love takes work, and faith, and
surrender, and sacrifice; and so very, very few people are willing
to do these things for another, let alone for some nebulous "God' in
the sky.

I've watched the masters over the years do their utmost to get
across simple messages about trust and faith and doing something to
make things happen. And people still do not understand simply put
because the mind believes it all has to be so complex rather than so

If you are willing to put in the work, all things will eventually
come to and through you. If you stick with the mind you're going to
get hung up on the "words" and miss the whole Great Shift in
Consciousness event.

Keep doing a gold light exercise and grounding. Energy WILL NOT flow
unless it is grounded into something that neutralizes or balances
it. Look at every power outlet and realize that energy would not
flow if it were not grounded into the earth. Keep thinking about
your physical body being bigger because you need to be less dense as
this energy flows through you. All of our work has been developed
and is being directed for this particular time. As the new vibration
comes in you will have to deal with the issues that you have not
dealt with in the past. You can no longer avoid these issues and the
patterns that have been set up by the different societies we live
in . . . Can you remain centered and balanced—grounded-- while there
is chaos going on all around you? If not, look at the things that
draw you away from being centered. They may be the things that you
may need to work on first, particularly `letting go'.

Since day one of moving forward on this my mission, my Guidance have
had me tell people that just being here on planet Earth is a great
gift of service to the world since Spirit works through people. The
one caveat there is to this, however, is that the person has to
be `awake' to be of service. They also then have to be committed to
grounding the Light and Sound of the Creator into their lives and
that of those around them. Like walking, this is easy until you
start thinking about how to do it. Just be. You are all, no matter
what alien energy form you are carrying, in the family of Humans

In service, Peter

From L and D. Mickelson:

Gold Light Exercise

Imagine a golden shimmering tube of light that extends a hands-width above your head to a hands width below your spine. This light never goes out, it always remains lit. Turn the wattage of this light up so it first of all fills your body with gold shimmering light. Once your body is filled with this gold shimmering light, turn the wattage up again so it pierces through your skin and extends about 2 feet beyond your body. Now mix it with love, however you perceive love to appear. Now, think your body open, allow the energy to flow. Take a nice deep breath and blow it out through your mouth.

Do this as often as you think necessary – but at least every morning. The first few times you do this exercise, take time to really feel the light. Afterwards, it can go “on” as fast as turning on a light switch.

Energy Exercise
I would like you to imagine sending a shaft of your light through all the different layers of earth. Just before this light gets to the center of the earth, imagine your light going through a prism branching into a rainbow of colors. Anchor your energy in the center of the earth using the rainbow of colors. All the different energies stored in Mother Earth can be broken down into a vibration or color. Then ask Mother Earth for the amount of energy you need for the rest of the day and allow this energy to flow up the shaft of light you have created. As this energy gets closer to your physical body, imagine bringing in earth energy through the bottom of your feet; allow it to flow up both your legs and circulate in the lower stomach area. We imagine this energy as cool, crisp, and refreshing. Now, send a shaft of your light to what you consider God, Source or the Universe. When your light arrives at the place you believe it should be, ask God, Source or the Universe for the amount of energy you need for the rest of the day. Allow this energy to flow down the shaft of light you have created. Next, bring in universal energy through your crown (top of your head), down into the upper part of your stomach area. We imagine that energy as warm and loving. Mix these two energies together and circulate it throughout your body and place it back in the stomach area. This is your energy source for the day. Never use your personal energy. Bring in just the amount of energy you need for the day.