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Lesson #4: Finding and Maintaining Balance
Lesson #4: Finding and Maintaining Balance
By Peter Farley

The word ?equilibrium' is often used as a synonym for balance.
Equilibrium, however, implies two aspects of balance maintained in
their place by a third point or fulcrum. Simply said, it is the male
and female aspects of Creation maintained in their particular state
of balance by a pivotal point?in this case, the third or neutral
force in the Universe, Spirit.

A spiritually-aware woman in the 4truthseekers Yahoo group sent me
an e-mail recently in which she included these words: "I am being
told, you are a pivotal point in the re-creation of this new 5th
world earth . . ." This is not because I am anyone special, but
rather because even though Spirit has me often go to extremes in
what I must do to assist people or the planet in this its hour of
need, I always use my connection to the Spiritual Hierarchy to act
as a counter-balance to whatever Guidance has asked me to do.
Recently, Guidance had me reply to an invitation to join
a ?channelings' group by characterizing the Beings channeled in that
group as to whether or not they were connected with the true Light,
sitting on the fence, or connected or being used by the dark side ?
knowingly or unknowingly.

Out of the ethers came an e-mail from a person I did not know
questioning my ?ability' to so characterize such well-known New Age
channelers and entities. Even though Guidance had been absolutely
correct in categorizing these people and entities, the whole purpose
of having me do this as I found out was to connect me up with this
particular person.

Many times lately I have been led to work with someone who, the same
as myself, has had a very strong connection with the dark side in
many past lifetimes. The point of the re-connecting with them has
been to offer them, as I was once offered, the chance to make up for
our past lifetimes by helping to correct things here in this one.

Many times in my work Guidance has had me mention Edgar Cayce's
suggestion that so many of us were co-opted into using our powers
and abilities for the dark side at the sinking of Atlantis. Some of
us just did it out of sheer lust for power. His idea is, however,
that most of us are now back here with the chance to make different
choices at the rising of Atlantis, thereby finding the balancing of
our past karmic debt.

How much we are loved that Spirit would go to almost any length to
give us another chance. How sad it is that so few people actually
take advantage of this new opportunity to correct that which we have
done in the past. How little they understand how many tens of
thousands of lifetimes it may be before we get such an opportunity
again since this is the end of a grand grand cycle of time and of

Balance is not so much maintaining that center all the time, but
instead it is being able to use Spirit or our Guidance to
counterweight that which we are being asked to do in this so
important lifetime. So many of my clients over the past ten years
have heard me say that karma is suspended here in this lifetime if
you are doing what you came here to do. This lifetime is not about
karma, unless it is the karma of ?not doing what we came here to
do'. Many spiritual paths know and teach that anything done in the
name of the true Light and Sound of the Creator does not bring karma.
Balancing the male and female within us or the left and right sides
of the brain comes only by using the catalyst or fulcrum of the
Spiritual World.

All of us have had the experience of trying to maintain a balance by
thinking or using just the two elements without using the third. And
it has not worked, has it.

According to the Council of Nine, "There is One, of the highest
order, that is the purest of light, that is a composite of all, that
creates all. Each soul in the whole Universe came directly from the
true Creator, so each soul is imbued with this energy . . . Love is
God. And it is love that creates the energy which feeds God?and
makes God . . . God is . . . unified, infinite intelligence,
supported with pure love . . ."

Man's history is a search to replace what is seen as the lost
connection to the FATHER, that balancing force that can reunite the
fragments of our original selves. This struggle has only been
because of a lack of knowledge of the fact that we truly are parts
of the larger Oneness of God, and can never really be separated.
Some of this connection was stripped from us by our Annunaki
alien ?parents' along with our 12-strand DNA. Some of it as been
suppressed by the implants many of us carry within our bodies that
limit our ability to re-connect to our own Oneness, our Higher
Selves trapped in the outer dimensions of the planet. The rest we
have allowed to be stolen from us by the priesthood and by our
politicians who have used our own lack of self-esteem to make us
feel even more unworthy, and as though we really do not count. When
we separate ourselves from that Ocean of Love and Mercy in which we
feel the direct connection to the FATHER and to the Oneness within
us, we are always seeking to return. It is all a matter of intent
and self-will versus the Higher Will.

It has been said that ?Man is never closer to God than when in the
arms of a woman'. As explained by the Nine, we have taken this to
mean that we can reunite with this oneness through sexual
intercourse, and the more sex we have the better:

"For in the moment of sexual exchange it is the one moment in your
physical life when you attain the oneness of your Creator. It is
that time and moment which is sought . . . (and) has debased the
purpose of sex . . . And because the founders of religion knew the
truth of this returning, and did not wish the masses to attain it
also, they forbade it, and thereby made it dominant."

It is the uniting of the two energies of male and female with the
neutral force of the FATHER (LOVE/spiritual connection) that can
make us whole again. This, however, needs to be done within our own
beings, each and every one of us, for we cannot find HIM outside
ourselves, nor through any other person as so many of us try to do.
So the first step to achieving this is self responsibility. The
second step is to find that balance by going within, for we are
never really separated from the FATHER.

Guilt and fear and judgement are the three factors most used against
the human race by those who would seek to enslave it and keep it
always out of its balanced state. They keep us off balance by making
us feel guilt for what it is we do, fearful for what may come if we
do, and judgement, self and otherwise, for everything everyone does
not realizing the diversity of Mankind and the need for individual
experiences. The Catholic Church gets its powers from the doctrine
of original sin, when the word ?sin' simply means ?without'. There
is no sin; there is only the Universal Law of Balance or ?the
reaping of what you sow'. This idea of maintaining balance in one's
life is expressed in The Philokalia:

"For these reasons every man should make it his whole concern to
guard his senses and his thoughts, so as not to devise or do
anything that does not seem to be in accordance with God's will. Let
him prepare himself patiently the things that befall him at the
hands of men and demons, whether these things are pleasant or
unpleasant. Neither the one nor the other should excite him or make
him give way either to senseless joy and presumption, or to
dejection and despair.

"Such a person knows that nothing in life is unchangeable, and that
all things pass. Thus he is not troubled, or anxious about any of
them, but leaves all things in the hands of God . . . (cf. 1 Pet. 5:

In service, Peter

Lesson #4 Exercise

"The universe was not set up to have an imbalanced opposition which
fundamentally broke the norms and laws of the Universe. The
imbalanced opposition arose because some Being somewhere made an
error?which is not so bad in itself, for errors do arise. The erring
Being then omitted to acknowledge what it had done: his was the
major error."

So say the Nine, and fortunately, they also offer suggestions as to
how to deal with the presence of negativity in our lives, negativity
that creates imbalance, to which the author and the Spiritual
Hierarchy have also added a couple of their own:

? Always look for the golden light. Those angels working for
evolution always radiate a golden light.

? Accept the negativity within you, and permit it to be
dispersed with this recognition; if you thereby come to know your
fears, this can be useful negativity.

? The opposition works through the emotions?release your fears
to your own higher power and let them be dissolved. If you can
consciously connect to your spiritual guides or angels, then you
have an even greater power?coming into knowledge and truth does not
make your path easier for to be in service is also to pay dearly for
that right to serve.

? Respect them if they create difficulty for you. With your
mind see yourself from the ground to your head being swept with
Divine love, Light, and the FATHER's joy in you. Do not hesitate to
ask for help. Because of the Law of Non-intervention, THEY cannot
help you if you do not ask.

? Do not blame yourself when you have erred, but make a
position to not repeat it. Always function from the center of your
being, in integrity. What is important is to attain a state of being
in which you cannot view yourself with dislike. Also it is important
that honesty is functional.

? Do not take on anything or anyone you know you do not have
the strength to pull away from.

? Forgive yourself. . . Each one of us needs to use our
personal sovereignty to re-join the human race, from a background of
decision and commitment. Love starts with ourselves. The way to
start loving ourselves is to omit doing things which make us dislike

? And always remember: There are those upon Planet Earth that
were created by ?the opposition'.