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Lesson #7 A Little Light-work
Lesson #7 A Little Light-work
by Peter Farley

Guidance and I have decided to call these series of lessons, Personal Lessons
Learned Along the Way. Why? because most people's ideas about spirituality suck,and religion has been a joke since our alien ancestors foist it upon us. For thenew paradigm we all need (those who will be returning)a way to live life every moment in Spirit, walking hand-in-hand with our Guidance on the smallest of details, and walking with our feet very well planted on the Earth while our head is stuck not to far up in heaven, just high enough to stay in contact.

As peoplea round me know I do not do anything without Guidance, and that
includes cooking --did I tell you? Amazing how many times I've heard, I didn't
know I could use Guidance for anything so trivial. *Smile Nothing we do is
trivial. Everything we do is spiritual.
Now back to lightworkers.

I recently received a request for assistance from a gentleman who
started his e-mail this way: "Greetings, My name is Grant, and I
rarely have a chance to check this list [another list], my unread email total
over ten thousand in this address alone."

It brought up memories of a ?Light-worker' who spent her days
reading the hundreds if not thousands of e-mails from all the yahoo
and other groups she belonged to, like so many others I know. Unfortunately, in
her case, there were 3 weeks worth of dishes in the sink with fruit flies
buzzing around them, a science experiment growing in the refrigerator, the
five-year old son was walking around in wading boots because he had no shoes,
and like an old Route 66 motel room, the odor of stale marijuana and cigarettes
permeated everything inside the four walls.

Then there's the ?Light-worker' who chased down every one who owed
her a penny while herself owing hundreds and hundreds of dollars to others who
allowed her grace to pay when she could.

Then there's the ?higher initiate' I worked with who knew he was responsible for creating the technology the aliens use to suck the life-force out of the
children they ?harvest.' Last I saw him he was giving a talk on exactly that
topic, ?Grace', to a ?spiritual group' no less, but had not accepted Spirit's
offer to help him undo that which he had created. He had not learned and failed
to mention to his audience that the funny thing about Grace is that one has to
accept it when it is offered.

The list goes on an on of people calling themselves Lightworkers. As most people know, I like to call them Light-buttsitters. The excuses I've heard for not doing their work range from "I have to get my Soul Mate before I'll do my work" all the way down to "I have to take care of my dogs ?they need me first." and of course there's the most common of all --I'm waiting until I have the money.

When it comes to Light-workers, I always plan on doing the work alone, just in
case . . . and usually that's the way it ends up happening. It's kind of like
Deepak Chopra and the Dalai Lama always talking about love, and making lots of
money for their pretty words too. One recent event I was at the lady knew she
needed help. Her home was a shrine to the Dalai Lama, yet every time she went
near him she was so drained of her energies she had to take to her bed for days.

She kept blaming it on her own inability to ?deal with his vibration," even
though her sense of those surrounding him was so very much that they were

The problem with the Matrix we live in and the Light-workers is that every one
of us likes to say ?well, the matrix is a lie . . . well, except that is for
this little part or that little part', whatever it is we're personally attached
to. Light-work is all about being responsible for one's own self, standing in
one's own Power, and helping others. Yet every Light-worker I see wants to bring in their past saviors from this religion or that religion?the old slave paradigm of control trying to infect the new paradigm of endless Freedom. And it's not going to work for them unless they let go --of everything!

A few years ago Guidance had me write a list of the alien
affiliations of the politicians in the US Senate and House of
representatives. I also did it for the Australian government for one
Aussie lady. A week ago Guidance had me separate a list of ?New-Age'
channelers into those that are bogus, those that are ?for real',
those that are sitting on the fence or being manipulated, and those
who are just downright dark. Pissed off a few people, yes. But
these are the very same ?gods' and saviors of the New Age religion
who people so easily give their home-grown power away to so, so
easily. I've rarely seen a High Light-worker I've dealt with who
is not far and away a higher Being than those they look to around them.
Light-workers make very good batteries for charging the darkside ?vampires'.

Ever wonder why the New Age section in Barnes and Noble has so many
books in the section on Wicca/Black Magic/Tarot [based on
Freemasonic symbolism] etc? We're so caught up in the past that most
of us will never, never show up to the battlefield when it comes to
the current crisis facing us. We've ALL been on the darkside. We've
all dabbled with the only true battle taking place in all of Creation ?that of
Power vs Love. And yes we've all fooled ourselves into believing that what we do is ?Light-work' when in fact it's only for our own self-edification or to
satisfy the need we have to justify our very powerful state of denial.

Once again, the Council of Nine from The Only Planet of Choice have
a nice way of putting things: ". . . obedience doesn't sacrifice
free will, it in fact promotes it because you don't give obedience
that importance . . . Conscience arises as a result of having
erred . . . we (in this Universe) have now developed a habit, an
addiction to error. . . Perversely, further error makes previous
errors more comfortable to live with. . . we might feel helplessly
impelled to step into yet further error, since not doing so implies
facing up to all the previous errors. . . it is we who need to
forgive ourselves . . . the real importance is the exercise of free
will in obedience."

Why is it so hard to let go of the idea of Jesus as a savior? Or
even to let go of the idea of a personal savior at all? You guessed
it, it saves us from having to take responsibility for who we are,
for the mission and personal spiritual growth we chose in coming
here, and most of all it helps us not stand out in the crowd . . .
we can be prison camp guards just doing what we're told; we can sit
on our fence more comfortably until the tide comes and washes it all away, so
very very soon.

We in the West have been taught to be tolerant of every religion and every other
belief, but we've never been taught nor supported in saying from our deepest
inner knowingness ?this person, this teaching, this path is dark. That takes
courage and conviction and more strength than most any of us have.Most spiritual paths in the West are simply made up of Christians trying to pretend they're something else, meanwhile not doing either proper service.

David Icke has said it. I've said it. Everybody has said it. There's a lot of
good people making up a lot of very bad New World Order conrol organizations and religions. We've ALL been duped.

I've been fortunate in my training to have taught every level of
school from elementary up through University, and don't doubt it,
the education system is now perhaps the biggest and most effective part of the
military/industrial/educational complex known as the New
World Order. There is NOTHING about it that does not at least
covertly preach and teach and support peer pressure, the ability?the
necessity?to conform. And outr kids know and rebel. Can you blame them?

This is not about judging others. It's evaluation, pure and simeple. And
experience. And about having done your homework.

There's no judgment here about what we choose to do or not do in the
days, weeks, years to come, either. Nobody knows better how many ways we as
human beings are controlled, programmed, shut down, in attempting to do what we
came here to do. Crystal Implants, biological implants, propaganda, peer
pressure, ?paying the bills' ? Millennia of taking over other such planets in
Creation has taught the New World Order well what works best in how to win this
war. Smoke and Mirrors. But how easily we surrender.

Ask anyone who has their own personal Guidance, those who really are
in contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy or the higher echelons of
Guidance available to us ? none of these ?higher level' Beings wants
to do anything but serve US in what we have volunteered to come here
to do. There is no hint of worship and often not even any hint of
reverence, just a loving fun-filled but deadly serious "here's the
adventure ?let's go for it ?attitude. They'd rather go out for a beer with you
than have you go worship them in church.

It's always been a saying Guidance has had me pass along that ?you
get the level of Guidance depending on your level of commitment."
Less aware people, less committed people, have the ?lower' forms of
Guidance whose job it is simply to help with our own spiritual
lessons here. Generals have no time for soldiers who are not here to

The trick though is that also none of even these Guides will ever
denigrate, lessen or deny the experience and the work we came here
to do in helping stop the darkness in this, the most important
lifetime of all, here at the most critical pass of all ?the pathway
to the rest of Creation.

In service, Peter