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lessons from american idol gives back
Lessons from American Idol Gives Back

I\'m an American idol fan. I love to see people living their dream a nd making
their dream come true. Of course I also love seeing people
who are out there willing to do something for others, therefore last
night\'s American Idol Gives Back was, as Fox wnated it to be, a tear-

The basis of controlling a peoples with propaganda and Matrix-like
subliminal programming is that the powers-that-be always like to keep
the slaves mentally thinking that they\'re not slaves. To this end
they allow and promote things such as charities in order to make the
slaves feel that they are actually doing something and have the \'free
will\' to change things, when in fact they don\'. It was of course all
the major sponsors such as Exxon, Newscorp, ATT and Ford who are some
of the the backbone of the New World Order, the ones who create the
very problems the charities address.

It\'s called social PR. When Waste Management Inc. or BP runs
commercials talking about cleaning up the planet while being two of
the worst polluters in the world, then what you basically have is a
case of \'living the lie\'. Captain Jack on the PAranormal Radio
interview I did the other night talked about the fact that every four
years (or basically all the time) we have politicians who promise the
moon, the stars and just about everything else to their constituaents
and yet nothing ever changes - at any level of government or society
affected by government. Unles sof course you believe that things
getting worse is the actual change meant to result from government

Many of the social problems addressed by American Idol Gives Back and
its charities do NOT need to be problems and could be obliterated in
the blink of an eye if Exxon gave even a small share of its obscene
profits to correct the situation. The government rightfully could
correct all these problems in the blink of an eye if they took even a
small part of the defense budget feeding the war and business profit
machine and instead diverted it to address these social problems.

These social problems NEED to exist in the the Matrix\'s view so it
gives people a feeling that things are chaotic, random, and beyond
most people\'s control. They aren\'t, they\'re just made to look that
way to keep the slaves in slavery. Government and business\'s
billions could make this planet the paradise it was meant to be.
People\'s hard earned pocket change should not be what it takes to
save a child\'s life.

If you\'ve watched the excellent documentary on Showtime getting to
the bottom of the cause of AIDS, or watched the movie The Constant
Gardener, you\'ll know that medical companies as well as Western
governments look at Africa as just a place to run their medical
experiments without fear of reprisals because, at heart, no one
really cares. Africa is too far out of the western consciousness to
be a reality to them. hundreds of thousands of people being hacked to
death makes for a good movie, but then again \'it\'s just a movie\',
right? Nothing needs to be done. Genocide in any part of the world
where people aren\'t white, don\'t speak english, or aren\'t Jewish, is
of no importance to either the powers-that-be or to the average man
in the street worried about his $3.50 a gallon gas.

It\'s the Matrix folks, the old paradigm that\'s dying but willing to
take the planet and all of us with it when it goes. There\'s a
commercial runnign frequently on regular TV lately talking about
how \'America didn\'t wait to go fight the enermies inw ar, to give
black people human rights, to go to the moon (at the expense of every
living soul on the planet) and we won\'t be the ones who ait to clean
up the planet. Nice sentiments but of course all of them untrue.
America\'s history is duplicitous with rce murder, racial prjudice,
suppression of the working class, and worst of all, callous cold-
blooded rape of both the people and the environment.

Give back all you can, but neevr lose sight of what this war is
really all about, overcoming the MAtrix and setting the slaves free,
if not physically in this lifetime, then at least spiritually as the
ascension process progresses.

In service, Peter