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let me tell you a story about truth . . .
While most yahoogroups I deal with get one or two new members a week or even a month, we've had upwards of 22 new members join over the past few weeks. Most have been attracted by articles posted elsewhere, particularly the article titled A Final Warning. Everyone is asked to add some comment why they want to join the group and most have something to say like the following one taken from a recent new members application:

Comment from user: I'm into truth and enlightenment. I want the real truth about everything..."EVERYTHING"!!!

In 1994 I was led to go back to Australia where I met an American woman who helped put my feet upon the path that has led me to this point. She helped me begin to channel my own Guidance, to deal with my own checkered past, and to prepare myself with Guidance's help to do the work that would help fight the New World Order's constructs that I myself had helped put in place.

In 1999, after teaching High School and Middle School for a couple of years, I was instructed to take my summer paychecks, buy a new computer, set myself up in a rented room in Tuscon, AZ, and there for four months, working between 11 and 15 hours a day, often 7 days a week, Guidance had me write the first four volumes of the history of the New World Order and Creation that became Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? - the first two volumes of which are free to download from the website.

More than hundred books, articles and magazines gave me the puzzle pieces that were then turned into the first four volumes. Most of the books were not even read by me, some simply adding a sentence, a paragraph or a page to the grander work. There I sat with pages and pages of puzzle pieces wondering what to do with them all. Over the next four months Guidance showed me a way to put these pieces together to begin telling a story, a story of what I was not sure of at first. Many times I was stuck, sitting there gazing at the computer screen, sure that this piece of the one piece of the puzzle could not possibly connect to the next piece of the puzzle.

Now at the time I had, like most of you, some background in spiritual matters and the higher dimensions, but like many of you, great gaps in my knowledge of how everything fit together. It probably wasn't until the last few pages of volume 4 (since I was writing all four volumes simultaneously) that I truly understood what it was Guidance was having me put together. Along the way Guidance had given me many 'ah-ha' moments when things just simply fell into place and I knew things that seemed to be the essence of what most people had been searching for for lifetimes. All of a sudden I experienced, what many readers have described experiencing as well, history - the most hated of all subjects on any school campus - all of a sudden made sense.

Now how one determines truth varies and is a very difficult thing to determine when one does not have all the facts or any real foundation. That's usually because people have only a few pieces of the puzzle and like Wheel of Fortune have to guess at the bigger conclusions. In putting together all these pieces of the much grander puzzle something like 98 percent of the puzzle pieces were already out there. somewhere, and Guidance had simply led me to collect them and put them together in a recognizable form. When you have 98 percent of the puzzle pieces then the other 2 percent are a simple deduction of what is then evident from the bigger picture one can now see.

All of a sudden history had a theme, a story, connecting bits that helped make sense of it and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have all been controlled since day one of our first birth upon this planet . . and even upon other planets. All the secrets of the New World Order that I had once headed up in a past lifetime came to Light, particularly why history had been so covered up so we would not understand that life as we were living it was all contrived, our own personal Truman Show.

With Vols 5-9, each written in about a month's time from scratch, more and more puzzles came to Light, secrets of things that people sit night after night watching the Discovery Channel or the History Channel to find out but never do because the Matrix keeps us prisoner by feeding us more and more questions and very few answers.

Yes, pieces of the truth are out there for your seeking, but if you don't have my kind of Guidance, if you don't have all that time and energy to spend writing your own history of Creation from those pieces, then why not try the first two volumes free, downloadable at the website After all it is your Creation story, and that should be free because it has been kept from you for so long when really it is your birthright. So go for it. If it doesn't help you in this lifetime then don't forget you have an eternity to go . . . .