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Dear Peter, this email popped up in the K-list of which I am a member
of. André recommended me to get in touch with you about it so I
will! My name is Gustaf Grefberg, and live in Sweden.

I find it wonderfully provocative, especially since the New Age
community tends to become very \"everything is a dance on roses and
you don\'t have to do anything\" I\'ve been there too and I have many
aquaintances who rely 100% on different types of channeled
information. I\'ve often wondered myself how accurate it really is,
since it is likely to be filtered through someone and if it is an
entity of sort, have a viewpoint of its own. =)

Since your mail was very direct and provocative it very much provoked
some questions of my own. You don\'t have to answer anything and I am
not writing this to prove anything as right or wrong. It is sheer

How do we know it is 2-3% that are fullfilling their mission, and what

From the Spirutal Hierarchy, through Peter:

Dear Gustaf, The New Age teachings are simply, like many romance novels in the United States, simply the same old teachings recycled with a new cover, and inherently darker than ever since as you so wisely see, they ask people to do nothing to help the current situation except to sit and wait for \'higher
powers\' to take over and do it for them. Someone also asked Peter recently about the Buddhist teachings and how they should be accepted in the Light of current events.

The greatest idea to keep in one\'s head right now and in one\'s heart
is the ideal of the spiritual warrior, he or she who would use their
inherent and acquired spiritual talents not only to alleviate the
suffering of others around them, but also to help overcome the
extremely dark situation this planet currently faces. Anything which
promotes a passive position towards what is going on can and should
be seen for the darkness it is. Many of the articles We ahve had
Peter write so far speak of the word \'collusion\'--the situation of
allowing things to happen simply by doing nothing.

A very wise man once said that the only thing darkness needs to
spread is for people to do nothing, and that is currently the
situation you all find yourselves in, Lightworkers and others as
well. So many have come here to be of service at this time and have
found themselves buying into the New Age teachings that promote one\'s
looking at self for al the answers to all the problems and promoting
the idea that one\'s own spiritual growth is what is most important at
this or any other time. One\'s spiritual growth can truly only be
achieved through the sertvice one gives TO others, while maintaining
a healthy balance of wellbeing within one\'s self.

Know that at this time the ascension of this planet rests soully on
your shoulders and those of you who are vitally awake and seeking a
way in which to serve. Nothing else can be achieved if the work is
not done here and now by those of you who chose to come here tos
erve. As Peter\'s words to many audiences reiterate, one\'s spiritual
medals are won here on the battlefield of Earth.

As for your question relating to the percent of people who fulfill
their spiritual missions here on the planet. One need only look
around themselves to answer this one. Looking at the situation as it
declines further on the planet and the numbver of those who are truly
out there serving the higher will only reinforces this figure when
one looks through the eyes of Spirit and not through the rose-
coloured glasses of religion.

You are always so dearly and grandly loved.