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Light-ening the Load
All of us seek a conscious understanding of Ourselves as the grander
beings that we are. That is precisely the nature of our quest and
also that of the Creators as well. Just as anyone seeking power is
really only searching for fulfillment, a misdirected seeking for
Love, so too did Lucifer seek to fulfill himself this very same way
in his quest to become God of his own Universe. Just as the Creator
Father sent out the atoms of HIS Universal Body to gain awareness,
so too did Lucifer split himself into two to better be able to be a
part of the grander strategy of control he had in mind. A part of
Lucifer's energy was then incarnate on the planet waiting for the
second half to come to fully realize its potential here in this time
of changing on the planet. Lucifer too, sought to know himself.

In both writing and reading these books, we all must seek to
understand the bigger picture taking place in the Universe, and
thereby accept responsibility for who and what we are, and what part
we all have to play in the grander events taking place.

In a White Paper by Neil Freer titled The Alien Question: An
Expanded Perspective, C.B. Scott Jones of the Human Potential
Foundation states it this way: "For the most part, UFO researchers
try to deal with the micro[cosm], they are event oriented. That is
important, but someone also needs to be looking broadly, excluding

We are the only ones seeking to understand and share this bigger
picture here within these works.

Allan Bloom (The Closing of the American Mind) says that 'the most
successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure
uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of all other
possibilities, that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are
viable, that removes the sense that there is an outside."

In the modern-day fantasy movie Pleasantville, when one of the two
intruding teenagers asks the question What's outside of
Pleasantville? everybody laughs, never having even conceived of the
question let alone the answer.

What's outside this matrix world you have created for yourselves?
the Spiritual Hierarchy asks.

Everything . . and We do mean everything you have an attachment to
will only serve to keep you enslaved in this old paradigm as We All
now step forward into the new and exciting worlds created for you by
those brave daring few who have worked so hard to see that the old
did not remain to hinder you. Now it is only for you to take that
bold and adventurous step forward into the new letting go of the old
and worrying not that nothing of it will remain for it is by
spiritual law that one must first give up the old before receiving
the new.

Stop for one moment and ask yourselves what is it I no longer need
of the old? In this moment what one more thing can I proceed to let
go of so that my flight into the new will not be burdened by the old
baggage I still carry with me?