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Lilith, Inanna and Hillary
Lilith, Inanna and Hillary
by Peter Farley (from The True Nature of Planet Earth)

. . . If we take a look back at the various entities involved with
the whole puzzle surrounding Jesus and the different bloodlines, only
one significant person remains to whom we have paid little or no
attention. Neither have we found out any more about her beyond what
the Bible says?until now. That person is James the Just's wife, Mary
Magdalen's sister, Jesus' sister-in-law, Martha.
Joseph's marriage to Martha, the Magdalen's sister and the sister-in-
law of Jesus, produced four children, three boys and a girl, all of
whom later married, helping spread the royal Davidic bloodline of
their father?and also the bloodline of Lucifer. What is it that is so
important about Martha that she would be included in these paintings
and given a title such as 'shepherdess', unless, like the Magdalen
herself she was critical to the entire process and someone important
in her own right.

Again, Lindsey channels the Spiritual Hierarchy for an answer:
"Martha was integrated into this entire process because she was a
high initiate in the dark side of the esoteric arts. She was directly
related to the Anunnaki. She had within her the knowledge of sacred
alignments and geometry. In her past incarnations and throughout this
entire process she has been that being known as Lilith. Her role was
and is to perpetuate her own bloodline and at some point bring the
Luciferian and Anunnaki bloodlines together. She is on the planet
today as Hillary Clinton. Her role here now is to bring the
bloodlines together. Chelsea Clinton, then, is the grail child?the
one who has the blood of both lines from the Anunnaki and from the
royal Davidic bloodline of Jesus and James. Hillary has to do with
Tori [see chapter 9] because she knew Hillary [Lilith] in a past
life. Those who want to merge the two bloodlines are the Anunnaki
because it would tie them directly into Lucifer. Hillary was also
Catherine de Medici [married to Henry of France]."

Following up on this very surprising information we could not believe
how well it corroborated with what we then were to come across

Caterina di Lorenzo de Medici (1519 - 1589), was queen of France,
wife of one Valois king and mother of three. Born in Florence, Italy,
she was a daughter of Lorenzo II de' Medici and a French princess,
Madeleine de la Tour d'Auvergne. Having lost both her parents at an
early age, Catherine was sent to a convent to be educated; she was
only fourteen when she was married (1533), at Marseilles, to the duke
of Orl?ans, who would later become King Henry II of France.
It was her uncle, Pope Clement VII, who arranged that marriage with
Henry's father Francis I of France. Faced with the possible
extinction of the royal house of Francis, it was Catherine who was
obligated to produce children, and Francis lived long enough to see
his grandchildren before he died.

During the reign of her husband (1547-1559), Catherine lived a quiet
and passive life but observed what was going on. Henry being
completely under the influence of his mistress, Diane de Poitiers,
Catherine had little authority. In 1552, when the king left the
kingdom for the campaign of Metz, she was nominated regent, but with
very limited powers. This continued even after the accession of her
sickly son Francis II of France at age 15. His wife, Mary, Queen of
Scots, little disposed to meddle with politics on her own account,
was managed by her uncles, the cardinal of Lorraine and the duke of
Guise. The queen-mother, however, soon grew weary of the domination
of the Guises, and entered upon a course of secret opposition,
manipulating the key alignments of royal marriages in and around
Europe for a long time to come.

[Catherine unwittingly had vast influence on fashions for more than
350 years when she enforced a ban on thick waists at court attendance
during the 1550s. For nearly 350 years, women's primary means of
support then was the corset, with laces and stays made of whalebone
or metal.]

On the death of Francis, Catherine became regent during the minority
of her second son, Charles IX of France, and found before her a
career worthy of the most soaring ambition. She was then forty-one
years old, but, although she was the mother of nine children, she was
still vigorous and active. She retained her influence for more than
twenty years in the troubled period of the French Wars of Religion.
She was zealous in the interests of her children, especially of her
favorite third son, the duke of Anjou [a key figure in the whole
Rennes-le-Chateau mystery].

The Medici family of Florence itself, can be traced back to the end
of the 12th century. It was part of the patrician class, not the
nobility, and through much of its history the family was seen as the
friends of the common people. They achieved their great wealth and
influence through banking and commerce during the 13th century at the
same time when the Templars were also gaining power, wealth and
influence throughout Europe in the creation of these very same
fields. Political influence came along with their wealth.

One ancestor of Catherine's, Cosimo (1389-1464), amassed the largest
library in Europe, brought in many Greek sources, including the works
of Plato, from Constantinople, founded the Platonic Academy and
patronized Marsilio Ficino, who later issued the first Latin edition
of the collected works of Plato [coincides nicely with the
Hierarchy's mention of her knowledge of sacred geometry. We tend to
gravitate to things we have been involved with in past lives as well,
and as an Anunnaki leader, geometry and the sacred grid would have
been a part of her understanding already].

The Medici family dominated Florentine politics for two and a half
centuries and presided over a cultural achievement that is equaled
only by Athens in the golden age. The family also got its genes mixed
with those of most royal families in Europe. Medici women included
Catherine (1519-1589) who married Henry II, King of France and ruled
the country after her husband's death; Maria (1573-1642) married
Henry IV, King of France. Maria's daughters became queens of Spain
and England. Cosimo II's wife, Maria Magdalena, was the sister of
Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor.

The Medici Coat of Arms, unusual for its time, is symbolic of the
Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

What is especially interesting about Catherine's chateau, Chenonceau
Chateau, is that it is the only chateau also built as a bridge
[symbolic of her role in bridging the two bloodlines, and also
bridging heaven and Earth]. It is also the most visited chateau. The
Chateau was also designed by women. Catherine as queen, lived in
another chateau while the king's mistress lived at Chenonceau. When
the king died, Catherine removed the mistress from the chateau and
moved in. Catherine was a very unhappy person and wanted to decorate
in black. Her third floor bedroom is painted black, and the bedroom
is still the only part of the chateau which has been left painted so

The Black Mass was apparently invented by Catherine de Medici and
practiced as a kind of bizarre party gag in the court of Louis XIV,
but things degenerated and culminated in the horrific Affair of the

The Black Mass is a parody of a Roman Catholic mass involving the
worship of Satan, or the Devil. Accounts of the black mass come
primarily from literature and legend. They describe a number of
rituals that generally contradict the message in a proper mass.
Participants may suspend a crucifix upside down, recite traditional
prayers backward, perform a mock blessing with filthy water, use a
naked woman as an altar, sacrifice animals, or perform a variety of
bizarre sexual acts.

Hillary Clinton fits the role of Catherine and Lilith to a T, and
also explains the regard she is held in for her potential political
power and influence on the political agenda here in the United
States. She certainly seemed to know exactly what she was doing when
she chose Bill to be her husband, as if the whole thing was planned
to happen for her and her handler's higher agenda. From her own
biographical website comes the description of how she met Bill
Clinton after entering Yale Law School. The former President often
recalls how they met in the library when she strode up to him and
said, "If you're going to keep staring at me, I might as well
introduce myself." The two were soon inseparable?partners in moot
court, political campaigns, and matters of the heart. She was elected
United States Senator from New York on November 7, 2000. She is the
first First Lady elected to the United States Senate and the first
woman elected statewide in New York.

No words could better describe Lilith's agenda than as 'First Lady'
of the reptilian bloodline, with her task to blend the two bloodlines
involved, that of the Anunnaki of which she was supreme first lady,
and the Luciferian bloodline of Jesus, of which William Rockefeller
Clinton was a leading member.

Although seemingly infertile for a long time, Catherine sought also
to integrate the reptilian bloodline into the royal Merovingian
bloodline of Jesus and the crowned heads of Europe [and later the
United States] through her 9 children?a synchronicity in and of
itself since she was once the birth goddess for the Anunnaki and
would have access to fertility techniques not available to others.
Lilith, "she of the night" or "the howler", said to be Adam's first
mate, had wings [symbolic of an ability to fly ?in a craft as the
Anunnaki were able to do] and was always portrayed with owls
[described earlier in this volume as one of the chief symbols of the
Illuminati and the reptilian bloodlines]. Lilith was said to have
left Adam because he tried to dominate her [now there's an archetype
for you]. In all likelihood, she too was one of Enki's experiments in
genetic mixing.

The Black Madonna has her roots in this pre-patriarchal first partner
of Adam, Lilith. She thus represents the strength and equality of
womanhood?a proud, forthright, and commanding figure?as opposed to
the strictly subordinate image of the conventional White Madonna as
seen in church representations of Jesus' mother. It was said that
Lilith knew the secret name of God [a secret held also by Mary
Magdalene, ´the woman who knew the All']?in this case it would have
been Lucifer's original name Be'el-zebub. She is black because in
gnostic thought Wisdom (Sophia), is black, having existed in the
darkness of Chaos before the Creation.

In ancient Sumer, the key females of the royal succession were all
venerated as lilies, having such names as Lili, Luluwa, Lilith,
Lilutu and Lillette. The fleur-de-lis [the emblem of the House of
Anjou, Catherine de Medici's son] was introduced in the late 5th
century to denote the royal bloodline of France, later included in
the Royal House of Scots along with the Davidic Lion of Judah and the
Desposynic Unicorn. The Christine Unicorn, believed to be the only
thing that could purify the false doctrines that flowed from the
Roman Church, is often shown being chased, imprisoned, persecuted,
or at least chained by one leg, often as a direct replication of

While we may speak of Lilith as one of this being's incarnations, it
would be more correct to say that is the name she was given in her
role as Adam's first partner. Prior to this role we often know her by
two other famous names as well, Inanna and Ishtar, here described in
one of Sitchin's earlier works: "Some of the principal deities,
members of the sacred circle of Twelve, were themselves in a way
Earthlings: Nanar/Sin and Ishkur/Adad, Enlil's younger sons, were
born on Earth; so were of course Sin's twin children, Utu/Shamash and

Inanna speaks of her role through Barbara Clow: "I was the first
Nibiruan female to give birth to the child of an Earth father. In
fact, at the time this was the only way to ensure that the children
of Nibiru would remain on Earth. Their Earth fathers would force them
to remain and build families. Unfortunately, though, this need also
created the patriarchy. And the patriarchy would later destroy the
very Goddess culture that had created it."

Her subsequent role as 'shepherdess' to her children here on Earth is
further explained in the ancient Sumerian Tale of Etana where Etana,
the "strongman," was selected for the position of king after "Ishtar
was looking for a shepherd and searching high and low for a king" in
the rebuilding process after the Flood. The one who was
chosen ´Shepherd" king was awarded the tools that would allow them to
keep in contact with their masters the gods in the 4th dimension?the
orb, the scepter, the crown, even the throne itself? all the
trappings of royalty, all made of gold and all inlaid with precious
and semi-precious stones such as diamonds and emeralds (such as the
gods spoke through in an earlier chapter to lead their people), and
lapis lazuli (the 4th dimensional stone)?all of which acted as
crystal receivers for the god's commands from the higher dimension,
as well as transmitters of the king's thoughts and those of his
surrounding subjects in return.

Inana/Ishtar was also called Luluwa, described as "a pure-bred
Anunnaki princess," in the role of also being Cain's 'wife'. This
answers one of the greatest problems with the Biblical account of
Adam, that is if Adam and Eve were the first man and woman, and Cain
and Abel their first two sons, who was it then that Cain married to
sire his children? Although not giving the name of Cain's wife, the
Bible does name their younger son Enoch (Hen?ch), while the Sumerian
records cite his elder son and kingly successor At?n, who is perhaps
better known as King Et?na of Kish.

So, just as St. Paul came back to repeat his performance in a later
life as Brigham Young to help control the religious aspects of
control over the people, so too did the Anunnaki birth-goddess,
Lilith keep on returning to help integrate the Anunnaki bloodline
with that of the royal bloodline of Jesus-Lucifer. In this regard one
might think of he as indeed the 'shepherdess' of the bloodline, but a
little more still in being 'mother' to the race of human slaves as it
were. While not happy with her 'husband' Adam, she did make a fertile
producer of a race of Anunnaki/human children. As the Hierarchy said
through Lindsey, "Her role was and is to perpetuate her bloodline and
at some point bring the Luciferian and Anunnaki bloodlines
together...Those who want to merge the two bloodlines are the
Anunnaki because it would tie them directly into Lucifer."

This also helps reinforce what Rayelan Allen wrote about Hillary
Clinton's part in shying Princess Diana away from potential husband's
here in the United States: "Di had her eyes set on being the First
Lady of America" [uniting the two bloodlines]...Diana would be
allowed to choose her new husband from three men that had been hand-
picked for her. Each man represented a powerful New World Order
family [the bloodline of Jesus]: Jay Rockefeller and George W. Bush
represented their families respectively. The other candidate was Bill

It is according to Allan that rumors had circulated in Arkansas since
the time Bill Clinton's mother was born that she was the illegitimate
daughter of Winthrop Rockefeller [royal bloodline] but it was the
Rothschilds [Anunnaki bloodline] who bought the hand of the Princess
Diana and would marry her to a man of their choice.

"On Tuesday, September 24, 1996, President Clinton was in New York
signing the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. This meeting had
been planned for months, and the President could not get out of it.
Knowing this, Hillary made sure that Princess Diana was invited to
the White House on that day. The White House meeting between Hillary
and Diana was only two days after the sudden, swift and secret
marriage of John F. Kennedy, Jr. to Caroline Bessette. Could Hillary
have been afraid that now that JFK, Jr. was no longer available,
Diana would settle for Bill?

"At the White House breakfast, Hillary told Diana something that made
her leave the United States immediately. What could Hillary have told
Diana that would have made her turn and run?...Whatever Hillary said
to Diana at that September White House meeting, Diana left the United
States and never returned."

If this bears an uncanny resemblance to the Alien vs Predator movie
where Mankind is trapped between two warring alien races, then
perhaps we are not too far wrong, for alien they both are, and
warring we are just beginning to find out.

What is it that made such painters as Poussin incorporate her image
and her sadness into their geometrically precise paintings, even
though in the end they were also keepers of her secret?
"Christopher Cornford has pointed out that one of the most impressive
confirmations of Poussin's conscious manipulation of the geometrical
structure of the painting lies in the significant placing of the
centre of the controlling pentagram. It lies, with precision, upon
the forehead of the shepherdess. He makes the comment that 'It
suggests?that the whole scene is somehow emanating from her
meditative consciousness, or pivoting round it?It is her mood of
gentle sadness that dominates the picture.' Now that the pentagonal
structure has been found in the Rennes-le-Chateau landscape, the
identifying of the central point is both logical and inevitable. It
is also very easy to do. The attempt releases a new torrent of
possibilities." (Lincoln)

Not possibilities, but like everything the New World Order does, a
confusion of smoke and mirrors to have people chasing their own tails
rather than understanding the true meaning behind the symbology and
their relentless pursuit of power. . .

Peter R. Farley
Roswell, NM 88202