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Little Black Things
Note: Rarely do I write things about my own life or myself because
the work I have to do here and now is more about you and what it
will take to move you on to what you should be doing. I have been
blessed to be able to work with the Highest level of Beings possible
and many are incarnate on the planet now helping solve the dilemma
of how to heal the flaw in the creation of this particular Universe.
They are people just like you, for always in my life people have
been brought to me to work with who are the healers and the teachers
and the heroes and heroines of today, just trying to find a way to
come out of their fog and find out what they need to be doing. MY
experience, however, mirrors what most of you have been going
through and I hope in some small way this more personal vision of
things may help you to lift yourself one notch higher to see above
the clouds and break free of this planetary illusion.

Little Black Things
by Peter Farley

In the movie Ghost, Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze deal with the
effects of one screenwriter's vision of the afterlife. In that after-
life, bad people are beset and tormented by little black squishy
things that take the Soul to, we presume, the place that it has
earned though its deeds in this and other past lives.
The biggest problem with this scenario is that even good people are
also beset by such entities and do not understand why:
"Anyway, I have been guided by my guidance to ask your help in some
matter I am struggling with for a long time. I was guided to write
after I read your last story about Tori. I was not aware of the fact
that you can help to deal with psychic attack coming from different
sources. The thing is that I have been under heavy psychic attacks
for 2 year now. At least I am aware of this issue, 2 years. I have
identified the main human sources through which the attacks are
performed but I feel this is not the end of the story."
Another woman's dream from her childhood sounds very familiar when
one remembers this movie:
"I have clear memories of a recurring dream when I was probably 12-
14. I'd be alone at night on a wide street in an unfamiliar town
and a horrid black thing smaller than an adult would lift the
manhole cover and come toward me. I was frozen with fear each time
and couldn't move but always I wakened before it could touch me."
For those of you who have read my version of the story about the
nine-months I spent with Tori fighting off every kind of 'entity'
and 'alien energy foce' one can imagine (The real War of the
Worlds), the reality of such things might take on more of a
possibility. And one needs to believe for, not to bring any more
fear to an already overloaded planet, but this is the way of the
multi-dimensional world in which we live. So many various types and
qualities of energy forms.
Another movie called Sphere with Samuel L. Jackson and Dustin
Hoffman dealt with an 'alien' sphere which made people's fears
manifest in the worst possible way --in reality.
While doing the radio interview with Kevin Smith the other day my
Guidance had me mention the reality of the dark thought forms this
planet is manifesting in the Universe, and for which we have been
quarantined from other areas of Creation.
Mila writes about this in my article about the Annnunaki thought-
forms left behind in us which are causing this very pollution (Zero
Point Time and the Healing of the Human Form
"All toxicity in
biochemical form," she writes, "is related to thought form." This
goes along very much with the basis of the spiritual healing work I
do, and is also the basis of Louise Hay's work, what I like to
call 'the Bible of Healing'.
In my experience, dark thought forms stem from a lack of
acceptance, usually of one's self and the predicament they have put
themselves into in order to learn one very important lesson--self-
love. As I've had to say to a great many people who are looking for
their spiritual partners in this lifetime, one can never love
another person until one learns to love themselves. The myth of
Soulmates makes this a very difficult understanding for most people
to accept. Lack of self-responsibility in a person makes it almost
Self-love, as Don Miguel Ruiz writes in his Prayer of Self-Love
begins with accepting one's self;
"Today, Creator of the Universe, we ask that you help us to accept
ourselves just the way we are, without judgment. Help us to accept
our mind the way it is, with all our emotions, our hopes and dreams,
our personality, our unique way of being."
I have not given a talk before an audience where I did not let my
audience know that once upon a time I was not the nicest of people,
certainly arrogant, selfish and manipulative to the extreme. When
the time came for me to step up and do the work I had come here to
do, I used this as an excuse not to move forward with the work. "I'm
not good enough to do this because I've been this way, and done
these acts, and so on and so on." And I perpetuated this idea by
continuing my actions not knowing that there was another way to do
things, even though I believed and felt and thought that there was
another Peter who was this nice, loving, divine and giving person.
Fortunately I had some supporters who helped me accept that
everything I had ever done, both 'good' or 'bad', only made me
better at what I was now doing. And it's now true that very few
clients of mine can ever bring something up out of their lives I
cannot in some way relate to, or say to myself I've been there done
that. And this is only so true for many of you.
It is the lie of Christianity and so many other religious
teachings that tell us one should be perfect like the image built up
in the Bible about Jesus, or similar portrayals of so many
other 'divinely-sent' gurus or Masters. If you have not been in the
gutters and have not been through some of the darkness and despair
of this planet, you can never relate to the true human condition,
one of sadness, loneliness, and lack of fulfillment. It also becomes
nigh impossible for one to help others find solutions to such
problems unless one has struggled to overcome the problems and found
solutions of their own.
Once upon a time I was priviliged to work with the finest counselor
Betty Ford Center had to offer, and she herself had been through
years of suffering from prescription drug abuse. Because of her own
experience she knew what her clients faced, and how difficult it was
to overcome such addictions. However, she also knew the meaning of
working her way through the Twelve Step program and finding that
true Higher Power we all have a connection to. She was responsible
for teaching me how though the spiritual connection we had, and she
helped countless others to also come to terms with a tangible God
that lives within each and every one of our hearts.
Spirituality is not so much about purity as it is about getting
down in the trenches and slogging one's way through the muck and the
mire, and stumbling and often falling and picking one's self up
again and continuing to put one foot in front of the other not
knowing the odds but knowing that somehow there is a way to fight
one's through to that Higher Goal existing in the not too far off
realms of higher dimensionality.
In Tom Hanks speech to the graduating class of Vassar College this
spring his messaage was very simple and to the point: Help. In a
world turned topsy turvy by a planned chaos instituted by the
longterm agenda of the New World Order, the only way to bring real
order to the situation (besides the Order planned by instituting a
Big Brother dictatorship) is to reach up to Heaven and pull down a
slice of it and put it in our own hearts and offer it to each and
every other person who will take it.
People who know me or who have worked with me knowthat I do not
make a move, eat or drink something, go somewhere, or even write a
word, without first asking Guidance. I have worked diligently to
make Guidance a 24/7/365 reality in my life, and occasionally what I
do may not always make sense either to me or anyone else, but living
this way has made me know that what I do is only for the Highest
Good of all. This I have proven to myself, and I can show it to you
as well. It took my former partner Lindsey only weeks to be working
on a day-to-day basis with her Guidance. Sam and Erica in this group
channel daily as preparation for the work they are to do in serving
the Spiritual Hierarchy.
It becomes a simple task when one lets go of the judgement of
themselves and others to then move forward and begin helping heal
this amazingly awful predicament we have created on this planet at
this time and up until now.
We have all been responsible for helping create the Darkness that
threatens to destroy this planet, me probably more than most. We can
now all accept the responsibility for helping it now to heal, or at
least to help those others trapped here by their own lack of self-
acceptance and self-responsiilty. Will you help?
With love, in service, Peter