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living through the heart part2
Living Through the Heart Part2

through S.

Q: Please talk more about living in the Heart.

Aristenna: Living from or through the Heart is something most of your population knows very little about. The way the darkside has had control for so long is through getting everyone to live in their minds. The World of the mind is easily influenced by the darkside as they can construct a world of their liking; one based on fear of death. By keeping the population disconnected from their Hearts and the LOVE that is available there, they can separate and isolate
everyone from the Source of Universal LOVE - the FATHER - and from the rest of HIS Creation. This isolation makes the population into a slave race which is then easily controlled and manipulated into giving up their power and energy to the darkside through fear.

When a person makes the switch from living in the mental world to living in the Heart/LOVE dominated world, control by the darkside is automatically severed. When one gets their answers and directions for living a life of LOVE from the Heart, the regimentation of the mind no longer has control over their daily activities. Their decisions are not longer dominated by their need for physical survival for they are now in touch with the continuity of their Soul. They no longer fear death for they can feel the wholeness of life and specifically the continuation of their own Soul, lifetime after lifetime. This 'knowingness' of the continuity of their Soul existence releases them from the hold the darkside has over them; much like Neo, in the movie the Matrix, waking up from the constructed dream world of that matrix.

This re-orientation from the mind to the Heart is just such an awakening; it is opening the door to a brand new and wonderful world of LOVE and Soul immortality which releases you from the fear of death which all self-willed behavior is based on. By living from your Heart you enter a world where you are a part of everything, and everyone is an extension and a part of you. It is easy at this point to care about and LOVE everything as you are aware they are simply an extension of yourself. LOVING them as yourself and treating them LOVINGLY becomes a natural way of interacting with your environment. Of course you must have already forgiven yourself and LOVE yourself before you will be able to see others as LOVING extensions of yourself.

When you live from your Heart, life takes on the aspect of a game, playing. Living from the Heart allows you the freedom of being able to interact with others in a playful and spontaneous way all the while knowing you will not inadvertently hurt them or step on their toes beyond that which you are directed to for their own highest good. How could you? With your Highest Guidance guiding your every action (even when you must be stern) it is not possible to do the 'wrong' thing. This release from 'proper' behavior allows you even better communication with Us, which in turn creates better and better interaction with others. This creates a fun and playful existence regardless of the circumstances you currently live in. This is the environment where change and soul growth for everyone thrives and flourishes. This is the complete opposite of the darkside's mental world of regimented behavior run by the constant fear and threat of death.

It is easy to live from your Heart; just keep returning there whenever you find yourself mulling around in you mind. Action negates thinking. Go out and be. You will know you are in your mind as soon as you become fearful. Release your focus on your thoughts and fears and re-focus on your Heart and on LOVE. Reconnect with Us and restart Our conversations once again. Continue to do this each time you find yourself in the fearful mind and eventually it will become a new habit. (After all focusing on your mind and dwelling on fearful thoughts is just a habit as well.) You are going to focus your awareness somewhere, so simply switch from your mind to the LOVE that is available through your Heart.

Do you want to have fear and the mental world of the darkside controlling your behavior or do you want Universal LOVE influencing your behavior and guiding your life? Do you want a life of fear and regimented behavior or do you want a playful,spontaneous , ever-changing and growing life filled with LOVE? It is as simple as choosing to live from your Heart moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, year by year.

With Great LOVE and an invitation to play,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light