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love vs. need
Love vs. Need

Dear One,
WE want to talk about Love Vs. need. You asked what it is that makes
you think and feel you love another and do not want to be apart.
That when you are a part you ache and long for the other. This is
need, not LOVE. This is not a healthy situation for any of the
people involved. When you \'love\' in this way you attach your self
(energy) to another and think and feel when you are apart you are

This is complete nonsense for many reasons. First, in Reality there
is no separation. This is merely an illusion in the physical world
that bodies create and sustain. Beyond the physical it is only ONE
even though there is individuality it is all part of the Great

Second, there is no such thing as incompleteness either. We are all
complete Beings at any time in ones existence. We are simply
learning and evolving. There is never any incompleteness in anyone,
ever, just an ever increasing growing and learning.

When individuals, find someone to \'love\' they send their
thoughts/energy \'out\' to that person to connect with them. The more
energy and time invested the more intense the connection.

With Grandest Love, Aristenna