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lyran follow-up‏
Mike received this from his Guidance before the first message sent out
today. My Guidance also let him know there are one or two of you in
the group who are associated with Mike and the Lyrans and may have
things in common to share and to pursue:

Dear One,

You are interested in knowing what you roots are so to speak. Where
you came from originally before your human incarnations on earth
began, isn\'t this true? We can help you with this matter and can tell
you with certainty that you are Lyran. But, there have been many, many
incarnations as a Pleiadean for you and as a result you have picked up
some of their traits which you, as a true Lyran felt was a weakness.
You have now been working many lifetimes to rid yourself of these
traits and to become more of a true Lyran.

Your Team from the other side.

from Vol 6: Pleiadeans - The Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, is the star system from which most of the \'animal-like\' beings derive. Being 6th dimensional their lessons particularly revolve around the heart, though too often they are mushy hearted, rather than what I call the pre-Pleiadeans (Lyrans, etc.) who have already learned much about the heart and are now more directed in terms of their emotions as well as being more in control. They have become overly involved with this planet and now have great karma which must be worked out during the coming ascension process.